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Playstation 4 Cheats - Shovel Knight

Cheat mode
Select "Start Game" and create a new character. Enter one of the following cheat codes as your character name. Select "Yes" to confirm the code, then you can rename your character as desired. Note: Achievements cannot be earned while using your cheat mode character.
Code: --- Result:
XTIQMQGE --- 1,000 Gold
LBSHEAOQ --- 10 hearts
PNXPAVYY --- 10,000 gold
BQAMNMPT --- 10,000 gold
XRCSEOIL --- 40 magic
IFDSMQGZ --- 5,000 gold
BUUUEREK --- 50 magic
XDDYNOUD --- 50,000 Gold
CZSIFVOM --- 60 magic
MNOIGUZZ --- 70 magic
JRDWDZGN --- 8 hearts
UACCHCUH --- 80 magic
RUJRHIZL --- 90 magic
ZNSKNTGG --- 99,999 gold
GRESJWXN --- Alchemy Coin
LLFICYDZ --- Alchemy Coin that always yields gold; unlimited ammo, and instant fire rate
SXXKGZWE --- Alchemy Coin with unlimited ammo
KZXIVKAE --- All 46 song sheets (not turned in yet)
BXFGUEKM --- All armors unlocked
AMNVJKJQ --- All enemies drop a red ruby
NHBRCQCE --- All enemies drop higher amount of gold
FTNRCLNG --- All enemies drop more gold
BQOSCHJA --- All enemies drop slightly higher amount of gold
QJRSSKOT --- All surfaces are slippery, turning causes little water droplets to kick up
EJBHZACP --- All three shovel abilities
UWXYBGAX --- All types of enemies drop a fixed amount of gold
SVHMMLYN --- Always blowing little air bubbles out of your helmet
TLZYAPLO --- Armor color changes when you get hit
VBFDBFFG --- Armor color changes when you jump
USAKCVHU --- Automatic Treasure Ichor
DFPIDWVT --- Basic armor with blue horns
ZTKQMPKQ --- Black armor with purple horns
INCJMBQE --- Blue armor with orange horns
YLFBUMJC --- Blue armor with orange outline
RLQFLLOW --- Bluish armor with mint green horns
QWXELSUK --- Bosses start with half health
SFZHLNLG --- Bossws start with half heart; dies with one hit
SLDXVRTZ --- Bright orange armor
RTZCEQNW --- Brown armor
KCRULXOV --- Brown armor with teal horns
BINOKOAF --- Chaos Sphere
FHOYIZYI --- Chaos Sphere with unlimited ammo
JDTIYMUW --- Charge hit shovel ability
OWHFYQTW --- Chester sells all relics from the start
UPSOYSRA --- Chester sells all relics from the start
PCNIDOFR --- Coat changes color when you jump
WRCJDOWG --- Coat changes color when you jump
KOGXSIPL --- Completely light orange armor
TEIGCABP --- Conjurer's Coat (Purple Armor)
NQEFOFHU --- Dark blue armor
PJDRGKUC --- Darker purple and grey horns
PXXARADP --- Default armor with no yellow parts (all blue)
ZXNGYVWY --- Dig piles in one hit shovel ability
SODLMWTW --- Double damage from normal enemies
FBRVCJUV --- Drop all gold on death; die again without recovering your gold it is gone
RHZVMKMG --- Drop half gold on death, no checkpoints, enemies drop a lot of items
OUMIKOVR --- Dust Knuckles and Alchemy Coin with unlimited use
JBSZELSC --- Dust Knuckles with unlimited ammo
ISIQCFDN --- Dynamo Mail (Gray Armor)
ECXDASGN --- Enemies and damaging obstacles go through you without any damage or recoil
JRJEYIBG --- Enemies do quadruple damage
QMPGLCRA --- Enemy hits do four life notches of damage
IGJKKPCK --- Enemy hits do two notches of damage
UDBPKFFX --- Enemy hits will not reduce your health
GYMEPHLM --- Every time you begin a level with less than 1,000 gold, your gold is set to 1,000 gold
THVZQFLN --- Every time you begin a level with less than 10,000 gold, your gold is set to 10,000
CXZLOHGP --- Every time you begin a level with less than 100 gold, your gold is set to 100
QWNLPQDL --- Every time you begin a level with less than 2,000 gold, your gold is set to 2,000
ADYSOYBB --- Every time you begin a level with less than 500 gold, your gold is set to 500
GGWBUCFV --- Everything except music unlocked
MNAVPDHT --- Everything up to Lich Yard completed
NEBBOZPP --- Everything up to Pridemoor Keep completed
SJXDPXEP --- Everything up to the Explodatorium completed
MXYAREAL --- Everything up to the Flying Machine completed
QZNSPDVO --- Everything up to the Iron Whale completed
YQCNPHFT --- Everything up to the Lost City completed
XYLHOXNG --- Everything up to the Plains completed
ULFKRDIA --- Everything up to the Stranded Ship completed
EJYYXOCY --- Extremely bright yellow-green armor
XZZCJNNP --- Falling into pits does not kill you
URCICMLP --- Final Guard (Red Armor)
LFGQCRMP --- Fishing hook
HWOXRVEF --- Fishing rod and flare wand, unlimited ammo
SOXQCGJR --- Fishing Rod that acts as a heavy anchor; deals double damage with unlimited ammo and instant fire rate
SBYHIZRA --- Fishing Rod with unlimited ammo
SZKWAIKV --- Five hearts
UUPEKOQG --- Flame Wand
NILTKPBA --- Flame Wand and Phase Locket
SJPACXWH --- Flame Wand with unlimited ammo
PVZPEETF --- Flame Wand with unlimited ammo and instant fire rate
BJDNKUIQ --- Flame Wand, Phase Locket, and Dust Knuckles
SJHNLAID --- Flame Wand, Phase Locket, Dust Knuckles, and Throwing Anchor
ZMDMMXOO --- Flame Wand, Phase Locket, Dust Knuckles, Throwing Anchor, Alchemy Coin, and Mobile Gear
FVDNOSYB --- Flame Wand, Phase Locket, Dust Knuckles, Throwing Anchor, Alchemy Coin, and Mobile Gear, War Horn, and Propeller Dagger
SLFVNLJB --- Flame Wand, Phase Locket, Dust Knuckles, Throwing Anchor, Alchemy Coin, Mobile Gear, and War Horn
WPTPKIRF --- Flare Wand and Dust Knuckles with unlimited ammo and instant fire rate
QXXFCRCA --- Flare Wand with no limit on projectiles and unlimited mana; Shovel Knight is invisible
ETWBGRTH --- Full glowing purple armor and horns
JNSYJKGE --- Gastronomer, magician and chester are missing
GEQGAROE --- Giant mode
QNXIITJY --- Glowing brown armor
SUPLJZHD --- Glowing dark teal color armor and horns
LJCPWRKQ --- Grass Green armor
LYHSDNUX --- Green armor
FKKLYZKU --- Ground spark shovel ability
AZUIAOPF --- Have Alchemy Coin, Trench Blade, and Throwing Anchor; Shovel Knight breathes bubbles and all treasure floats around in bubbles
KJWSLXLJ --- High knockback from being hit
KYRNMAPC --- In a Boss battle, both Shovel Knight and the Boss have half a heart
STQQTXVX --- Invincible, spikes and pits will not kill you, fast swing speed, super jumps, regular movement speed that turns into running, start with all relics (except chalices), all unlimited ammo rapid-fire, treasure is attracted to you
TVSVUEIO --- Invincible, spikes and pits will not kill you, fast swing speed, super jumps, regular movement speed that turns into running, start with all relics (except chalices), all unlimited ammo rapid-fire, treasure is attracted to you; also player model is giant, changes color when jumping, bubble effect as if underwater, can pogo off the ground, 10,000 gold, starts with every armor, upgrade, shovel, relic, chalice, HP, mana up, and at Tower of Fate: Entrance
ALTFMMOW --- Invisible
GABMXVDP --- Jump screen height with momentum armor speed/slide effects, but with knockback
ESQEHMQL --- Light blue armor with lavender horns
GNUCVKND --- Light blue palette-swap armor, unlimited ammo Chaos Sphere, super jumping
JSAJEOQL --- Light red armor
GGTUHHUZ --- Light red armor and yellow horns
FFDVPBPF --- Lime green armor with pink horns
FZGZWEBA --- Lose 50% of your gold upon dying, can be recollected
HZWOYMNU --- Lose all gold upon death; can be recollected
CNOWICRU --- Lose all gold upon death; can still be recovered afterwards
HMOGVRDH --- Lose all gold upon dying; can be recollected
ZZGCHFTV --- Magician missing, every kill recovers magic
AGLHVAFR --- Mail of Momentum (Black Armor)
GWFCCFHP --- Mail of Momentum (Black Armor)
MCGHMAHT --- Max screen height jump, pink armor, Propeller Dagger with unlimited magic use
XQGRITOH --- Mint armor
MKIDKVFY --- Mobile Gear and Warhorn with unlimited use
IGIUIETR --- Mobile Gear with unlimited ammo
J&!JSMP --- Moon jump
QITSUGJT --- Moon jump and high speed
OLGSHXIN --- Moon jump with bouncing loot
X&BUTT --- More words in dialogue is replaced with "Butt"
PKHNIBIF --- Much faster shovel attack, increased treasure from enemies; will glitch game
ENTSSYSQ --- New Game+ mode
BJLHZXED --- New Game+ mode with everything unlocked and fully upgraded
RQQYUKIJ --- New Game+ mode with no upgrade
STGZURSC --- New Game+ with everything unlocked except music
VQPBDZHM --- Nine hearts
XTMUZCBS --- One chalice
XJRZZWAK --- One-hit death and no checkpoints
HMJECSMB --- Only drop one bag if you do not have much gold
MNWAWWDZ --- Ornate armor, unlimited ammo Alchemy Coin
NRXNCIBS --- Ornate Plate (Gold Armor)
CRQHXNWO --- Pale Purple armor, New Game + mode with no items, fast movement, no checkpoints, dies with one hit
AKMTJHTW --- Peach armor color with cyan horns
ZPZDKLYF --- Phase Amulet and Dust Knuckles with unlimited use
HDANEGGJ --- Phase locket and flare wand with unlimited ammo
UNUJIQXG --- Phase Locket and Throwing Anchor with unlimited ammo and instant fire rate
ZXXFEDJC --- Phase Locket with unlimited ammo
DEYAGLTE --- Phase Locket with unlimited ammo and instant fire rate
JRUWHQUA --- Pink armor
LAHODUHG --- Plains cleared with a chalice
FCCKJOIQ --- Pogo off any surface
EEHGZSSL --- Pogo off any surface, high bounce
JLPWUFJT --- Propeller Dagger
NXTXIZMV --- Propeller Dagger with unlimited ammo
AQJDHEUM --- Purple armor
PYRAMYUZ --- Purple palette swap armor, all enemies drop magic
XIZIWMUK --- Purple palette-swap armor, unlimited ammo War Horn, fast movement, icy physics
TVSPKGAT --- Purple-pink armor with creme horns
TZWXNAXM --- Quadruple damage taken
HSDGYZMT --- Random Relic and set of armor, mana at 30 or 80
QJNDZPDZ --- Random Relic, set of armor, and armor color; Mana starts at 30 or 80
YFZNRZOP --- Recoil in both enemies and player is bigger
CUFROLJP --- Red Armor color palette change
HRCKMYHQ --- Red armor with silver horns
EKJOVNLF --- Red palette-swap armor, Infinite Ammo Fire Rod
ALRLXUQC --- Red-yellow armor in New Game+ with Infinite Ammo Phase Locket, fast movement, no checkpoints, dies with one hit
YCHMXBAD --- Red/purple palette-swap armor, unlimited Ammo Dust Knuckle, fast movement speed, takes x4 damage from enemies
QAGFXTQN --- Reddish-orange armor
RXYABXTA --- Regular ground tiles have ice tile physics; you also move faster
KYQZGLEX --- Run instead of walks, but dies after one hit
HWZPCLGL --- Seven hearts
UOMBGSDR --- Shiny purple and fluorescent green horns
ACFQXMIK --- Shovel Knight looks like Vile from Mega Man X
JHEIJDLR --- Silver armor
VIVCCBJP --- Six hearts
RLIHFVFI --- Standard Shovel Attack is much faster
IM&SGC14 --- Start at the first checkpoint of Mole Knight stage with all relics, silver armor, and three-minute timer
NMHOALKO --- Start at walking speed but quickly accelerates
RSUGCEOG --- Start with 10,000 gold, all relics, max HP, and fully accessible map
TNFCGUGO --- Start with 99,999 gold, can pogo off the ground, enemies do quadruple damage
YJYFLBYZ --- Start with Flame Wand, Phase Locket, Dust Knuckles, Throwing Anchor, and Alchemy Coin
J&2JMP! --- Super jump
DIFUUQDE --- Super jump and pogo bounce higher
EOSOUYJW --- Super jump and speed
FZEEPOZB --- Tan armor with orange horns and green shading
MWRFJPYZ --- Throwing Anchor
PLEFFJSN --- Throwing Anchor with unlimited ammo
MHFGRQXE --- Tower of Fate: Ascent cleared
EAEJRGWJ --- Tower of Fate: Entrance completed
DSHHKILX --- Treasure magnetically attracted to you
LKYOABSL --- Two chalices
CSJZPYHA --- Up to the Clockwork Tower completed
WSWWAEAW --- Various words in dialogue is replaced with "Butt"
PGPHIJJH --- Very fast attack speed
QHGOILFF --- Very fast attack speed
JEKGSNJT --- Very fast shovel attack
OXLKJCGV --- Walk on spikes
EOYALQJU --- Walk through enemies including Bosses without harm; spikes still hurt
NRDUIWCW --- War Horn with unlimited ammo
GJAFJFDR --- War Horn, Propeller Dagger, Fishing Pole and Chaos Orb, all with infinite use
RQVFYUUB --- When you jump, you change color
BAFNOODV --- White armor with creme-colored shading
AUBQODIO --- Yellow armor
IZETYNHQ --- Yellow armor

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Again! (Silver) --- Finish New Game Plus.
Another Dimension (Bronze) --- Collect 2000 worth of gold lying on spikes, while using the Phase Locket.
Arc of Iron (Bronze) --- Defeat 3 enemies with one Throwing Anchor.
Boom! (Bronze) --- Defeat 5 foes at once using the War Horn.
Checkpointless (Gold) --- Destroy every possible checkpoint in the game.
Clearing a Path (Bronze) --- Run over 5 enemies using the same Mobile Gear.
Decked Out (Bronze) --- Purchase or unlock all relics, equipment, and upgrades.
Dirt Poor (Bronze) --- Don't collect any gold for an entire Order of No Quarter stage.
Flare Wander (Bronze) --- Defeat an enemy with the Flare Wand from more than 25 blocks away.
Flying Feat (Bronze) --- Defeat 3 enemies using the Propeller Dagger without touching the ground.
Get the Point (Bronze) --- Destroy all checkpoints and finish a single stage.
Halfway (Bronze) --- Defeat 4 of the Order of No Quarter.
Hall Champion (Bronze) --- Solve the woes of the Hall of Champions.
Hooper (Bronze) --- Bounce on the Hoop Kid's hoop for 5 seconds.
Hurry Up! (Gold) --- Finish the game within 1 hour and 30 minutes.
I'm Alive! (Bronze) --- Finish any stage without dying.
Impossible! (Gold) --- Finish the game without dying.
Juggler (Bronze) --- Impress Mona with your skills.
Knuckle Down (Bronze) --- Hang in the air for more than 4 seconds using the Dust Knuckles.
Music Lover (Silver) --- Obtain and return all song scrolls.
Nice Hat... (Bronze) --- Help out all the moochers in the fancy shop.
No Damage! (Bronze) --- Finish any Stage without taking damage.
On a Diet (Bronze) --- Finish a level without eating any food.
Order of Hoarders (Bronze) --- Have 50000 gold on hand.
Penny Pincher (Gold) --- Finish the game without spending any money.
Perfect Platformer (Gold) --- Finish the game without falling into a bottomless pit.
Reflect Lord (Bronze) --- Hit enemies with a reflected projectile 30 times.
Reflected Riches (Bronze) --- Bounce the same Alchemy Coin 5 times in a row.
Relic Roundtable (Bronze) --- Defeat an enemy by using each relic.
Shovel Economy (Bronze) --- Finish a level and swing the Shovel Blade fewer than 20 times.
Shovel Justice (Platinum) --- Earn all other Trophies.
Sparker (Bronze) --- Finish off any boss using the Ground Spark technique.
Super Sphere (Bronze) --- Destroy 5 enemies within 5 seconds using Chaos Spheres.
True Shovelry (Gold) --- Beat the game without collecting any relics.
Untouched (Bronze) --- Emerge unscathed from a battle with any Knight of the Order of No Quarter.
Victory! (Silver) --- Finish the game.
Well Met (Bronze) --- Defeat all of the wandering travelers.
You're Fired (Bronze) --- Finish off the Black Knight with a reflected shot.

New Game+ mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode for the current profile. It features increased difficulty but you will retain your previously obtained armors, feats, magic, and upgrades.

DLC Trophies - Plague of Shadows
To unlock the following Plague of Shadows DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Master Alchemist (Silver Trophy) --- Achieve all Plague Knight Feats.
Victory! (Bronze Trophy) --- Finish the game as Plague Knight.

Pandemonium Cloak
Give the Pandemonium Chalice to the Troupple King

Pandemonium Chalice
Collect all 420 Cipher Coins, then talk to Percy or Mona (depending if Mona is in the lab or not).

Play as Plague Knight
Complete the original campaign to unlock Plague Knight (Plague Of Shadows)

Untouched - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Note: This only works with one of the main eight bosses, in the "Lair of ??? Knight" levels. Choose any Boss and attack them while using the Phase Locket repeatedly to remain invincible. With a fully upgraded magic bar, you will have plenty of magic remaining. Consider using this on King Knight. He has poor defense and does not have many invincibility frames. If you get hit, intentionally die and restart the fight from the checkpoint.

On a Diet - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Food only appears in a few places on The Plains and can be avoided. Both dragon mini-bosses drop an apple. Do not fight them and instead down-stab around them. There are a few platters of food in the level that are easy to avoid. Near the end of the level, a hidden area contains a dirt pile that drops a carrot. Leave that dirt pile untouched or avoid that area altogether.

No Damage! - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Play the first level. Get past the second dragon by rushing into the room and shovel down through the bricks as quickly as possible. When you hit the ground immediately use the Phase Locket and run through the bubbles. Then, bounce over the dragon and get past him. At the Boss, kill him by repeatedly hitting it with the Flare Wand. Note: You can also earn "Sparker" by getting him down to half a heart then finishing him off with a sword spark.

Impossible! - Achievement or Trophy Guide
If you die, pause game play and select the "Return to map screen" option to reset your death counter and any gold or relics that were obtained in the dungeon. There are enemies that are wandering on the map screen. Avoid these encounters, because if you die in one you will be automatically teleported to the map screen and the game will auto-save.

Flare Wander - Achievement or Trophy Guide
You must kill an enemy about an entire screen width away with the Flare Wand. This is difficult, because the camera usually moves to keep your character in the center of the screen. You must find an enemy you can defeat while standing at the end of a horizontally scrolling room. Consider using a room about halfway through the "Plains of Passage" level. It features a large mound of dirt blocks with a turkey platter underneath. Instead of using the flying green lizard to jump up to a diamond, leave it alive. Instead, destroy some of the dirt blocks that are in the way and stand at the very right side of the screen. Then, shoot at the lizard when it gets in range.

Arc of Iron - Achievement or Trophy Guide
Reach the room near the middle of King Knight's stage, just after fighting the first gryphon. There are four flying mice that are in a good position to get knocked down by a single anchor.

On A Diet and Shovel Economy - Achievement or Trophy Guide
During the first level, use the Dust Knuckles and down-stab to kill everything to progress through the level. Save at least 48 magic for the Boss, then kill him with the Flare Wand.

Defeating Tinker Knight
Attack Tinker Knight with the Mobile Gear during the first phase of his battle to immediately win.

Extorting Mr. Hat
After paying off the characters inside the Armor Outpost's hat shop, you can chase Mr. Hat around the outpost to get your money back. Immediately after winning the battle inside the shop, go outside to find Mr. Hat standing on top of the shop's sign. Use the airship to get on the rooftops and jump over to him. He will give you 1,000 gold and run off. Return to the airship to find him again for another 1,000 gold before he jumps down a hole. After the two-way catapult on top of the airship is available, go there to find him again. He will pay you the final 1,000 gold before catapulting away.

Regain lost money
After falling and dying in a pit, you can return there and use the Fishing Rod to drop a line into the pit. It will collect any floating bags that were dropped upon death.

Bomb Jump Blitz - Achievement / Trophy Guide
You must defeat an Order Knight without damaging it in any way other than the splash damage from the standard bomb burst. Bombs can be thrown, but none should cause any damage to it. Arcania can be used, with the same limitation, and do not cause any damage. Berserker Brew should not be used because it damages enemies on contact. However, Smoke Bomb is useful. You also cannot damage any of the Boss's destructible shots with anything other than the bomb burst. For example, when facing King Knight, you cannot allow your bombs damage any of the falling confetti.

Creep - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Complete the King Knight and Specter Knight stages and you will be brought to Mona's lab. Mona will be dancing to music. Remain idle until "Creep" is earned".

Defend the Lab! - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Use Lob Casing, Short Fuse, and Bullet Burst. Do not throw the bombs directly into a wall and they should never fall on the bricks. Do not constantly toss bombs at Shovel Knight. When he is low on health, he will begin shoveling your own bombs back to you, and they will fall and break bricks. Instead, aim Bullet Burst directly at the horns on Shovel Knight's helmet. He will always jump up into the shot. Bullet Burst will not break the bricks below you; also use it while you are standing. The Staff of Surging, can also help with some extra hits. If you break a brick, allow Shovel Knight to kill you and try again from the checkpoint. After respawning, collect the red potion in the blocks to the left. If you die frequently, save five red potions and use them all during the same attempt.

Get Out Of My Room! - Achievement / Trophy Guide
In the Explodatorium, do not drop down to the Shovel Knight battle. Instead, throw bombs at the far wall across the pit to open a secret passage to Plague Knight's room. Once inside, blow up a shelf to uncover some of Plague Knight's masks.

Hall Villain - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Complete the Hall Of Champions normally to become locked out. The knight at the entrance will ask for 500 gold for reentry and to test your might. Note: To clear it fully you must destroy all paintings and defeat every boss. This can be done easier with the following bomb ingredients and abilities:

- Casing: Lob
- Powder: Sparkler
- Fuse: Any (short fuse recommended)
- Ability: Big Bomb/Rush

Sparkler has a good area of effect that destroys in an "X" pattern in a 3x3 area, quickly destroying paintings. Lob results in an arc that can hit the high paintings in the rooms. The Big Bomb ability can eliminate most of the enemy guards easily. If you get short on time use the Rush ability to sprint to other parts of the hall.

Poor Oolong - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Collect enough Cipher Coins to unlock all of the upgrades that Mara has for sale. Purchase all of the powders. Oolong is found to the far right of the underground black market. He lets you listen to the sheet music that you have collected. Go to Oolong, then jump and throw one bomb of each type on top of his head.

Kickstarter campaign references
- Give Music Sheet #23 to the Bard in the Village and he will say "My first publicly performed lair theme. You might say it Kickstarted my career!"
- Enter the Hall of Champions and look at the portraits on the walls. Each of them represents someone who donated at least $200 to fund the game's Kickstarter project.
- During the ending sequence, you can see five enemies grouped together under the name "the Wandering Travelers". These enemies were actually created by five people that participated in a "Director for a Day" reward for contributing at least $1,000 to the game's Kickstarter project. They are the "Liquid Samurai" enemies, Reize, the Phantom Striker, the Haberdasher and Mr. Hat Boss, and Baz.

Game developer logo

From the start of the "Pridemoor Keep" level, go left to enter a secret area with a Music Sheet. Hit the top area with your shovel and the walls will come down to expose the Yacht Club Games logo.

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