Monday, January 4, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - LEGO The Lord Of The Rings

Cheat Mode
When you are getting to Bree, there is a merchant card right in the very entrance. If you speak with the merchant cart, you can access the in-game shop. Now open the game shop and choose "Codes", then enter one of the folowing character codes:
Code: --- Result:
j4337v --- Bilbo Baggins
r7xkdh --- Easterling
A9FB4Q --- Elrond
avjii1 --- Gamling
lyqu1f --- Ring Wraith (White)

Character Codes
In bree or any of the other locations go to the caravan and then select the codes option and enter these codes:
Code: --- Result:
UE5Z7H --- Berserker
HTYADU --- Boromir (Captain)
RJV4KB --- Denethor
A9FB4Q --- Elrond (Second Age)
U47AOG --- Eomer
7B4VWH --- Galadriel
LG5GI7 --- Gondor Ranger
BU95CB --- Grima Wormtongue
73HJP6 --- Hama
IH7E58 --- King of the Dead
C2A58D --- Lothlorien Elf
QL28WB --- Lurtz (Newborn)
C19F3A --- Madril
F4M7FC --- Mouth of Sauron
5LV6EB --- Radagast the Brown
PJB6MV --- Shagrat

Various Unlockables
To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Elrond (2nd Age) --- Have a 100% game completion.
Newborn Uruk-Hai --- Have a 100% game completion.

Lots of Money

It's really hard to get all the necessary extras, but once you have at least the x2, x4 and x6 multipliers you can start getting more money for more extras and other things. Especially the x10 multiplier for a rather expensive 20,000,000 coins.

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