Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Mario Kart 7

Unlockable Characters
To unlock the following characters, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Unlock Daisy --- Win Mushroom Cup 150cc and become first
Unlock H. Queen --- Clear 150cc Leaf Cuo
Unlock Lakitu --- Win in Lightning Cup 150cc and become first
Unlock Metal Mario --- Win in Special Cup 150cc and become first
Unlock Queen Bee --- Win in Banana Cup 150cc and become first
Unlock Rosalina --- Be first in Star Cup 150cc
Unlock Rosalina --- Win in Star Cup 150cc and become first
Unlock Shy Guy --- Win in Shell Cup 150cc and become first
Unlock Wario --- Win in Flower Cup 150cc and become first
Unlock Wiggler --- Win in Leaf Cup 150cc and become first

True Ending
Become first in all cups in all kart classes to unlock true Ending.

Hidden title screen
To unlock a new title screen you have to view the true ending.

Mirror Mode
Complete every Cup in 150cc and get first place with gold to unlock mirror mode.

Body, glider, or new wheels
By collecting coins you can unlock new things for your car. For every race you receive 10 coins and for every cup you win you receive 40 coins:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Random Kart Part 1 --- For 50 coins
Random Kart Part 10 --- For 700 coins
Random Kart Part 11 --- For 800 coins
Random Kart Part 12 --- For 900 coins
Random Kart Part 13 --- For 1,000 coins
Random Kart Part 14 --- For 1,200 coins
Random Kart Part 15 --- For 1,400 coins
Random Kart Part 16 --- For 1,600 coins
Random Kart Part 17 --- For 1,800 coins
Random Kart Part 18 --- For 2,000 coins
Random Kart Part 19 --- For 2,500 coins
Random Kart Part 2 --- For 100 coins
Random Kart Part 20 --- For 3,000 coins
Random Kart Part 21 --- For 3,500 coins
Random Kart Part 22 --- For 4,000 coins
Random Kart Part 23 --- For 4,500 coins
Random Kart Part 24 --- For 5,000 coins
Random Kart Part 3 --- For 150 coins
Random Kart Part 4 --- For 200 coins
Random Kart Part 5 --- For 250 coins
Random Kart Part 6 --- For 300 coins
Random Kart Part 7 --- For 400 coins
Random Kart Part 8 --- For 500 coins
Random Kart Part 9 --- For 600 coins

Profile Stars
You can earn stars that show up next to you nickname while playing the game:
1 Star - Finish all cups in all modes with 1-star rating or higher
2 Star - Finish all cups in all modes with 3-star rating
3 Star - Finish all cups in all modes with 2-star rating or higher

Unlock all gold parts
Golden Glider = 10,000 coins
Golden Standard = 20,000 coins
Golden Wheels = Use gyro sensor 80% in game.

How to Unlock all of the Cups
NOTE: You can do this in 50cc, 100cc OR 150cc. Once you unlock them once, they will appear in the other CC's.
Flower Cup - Come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Mushroom Cup.
Star Cup - Come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Flower Cup.
Special Cup - Come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Star Cup.
Banana Cup - Come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Shell Cup.
Leaf Cup - Come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Banana Cup.
Lightning Cup - Come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in Leaf Cup.

How to Unlock ALL of the Characters and Mirror Mode
To unlock all of the characters, win every cup in 150cc. Each cup will unlock every character. When you play all of the cups at least once, you can play as your Mii. To get Mirror Mode, win every cup in 150cc.

Have Gold wheels on your car
To unlock gold weels you have to get 1 star in all 100cc Cups.

Fast start
At the start when the countdown show "2" press and hold A button or Y button, this will give you more boost.

Items hold
You can hold items behind you, carrying you hold down the L button. This is very helpful if you bombard your opponent with a tank.

Banana classic item
The banana is a classic item of the Mario Kart series. She gets her either individually or in packs of three equally. Throw the banana peel on the road. Once someone is driving it, he just comes into a skid. In addition, bananas tanks, etc. hold. It is therefore advisable to keep them behind you.

A major innovation is the glider in the game. The slider will be activated once you ride over a blue arrow acceleration. Presses the sliding pad down, so it flies upward. Presses the sliding pad upwards, so you're flying down. Fit when sliding on the obstacles that you want to make life difficult on the kart track. On some routes there are air currents that carry you up. Flying through them to stay longer in the air.

Have Wooden Wheels under your car
To unlock Wooden Wheels you have to collect fifty coins in Grand Prix mode.

Have Golden Steering Wheel on your car
Play 100 recent matches and use the first person gyro controls 80% of the time.

Have Gold Glider on your car
Collect 10,000 coins or as alternately connect with 100 people via StreetPass

Huge Maka Wuhu shortcut
On Maka Wuhu, before the tunnel right after you start section 2, there is an opening in the fence. Turn around, and drive into the water. Lakitu will put you on the other side of the track(!), and you wil finish about 20 seconds faster than normal.

"Lucky 7" not so Lucky
If your opponent manages to get a Lucky 7 (Where 7 items spin around them) a star will be spinning around them, if you hit only the star you can use it against them.

Bowser castle 1 trick
When you see the sign that says forward, right and forward use a golden mushroom and steer to the left so you land in the lava, you should be further ahead. WARNING: I only tried it in time trials so it may (not) work online.

Temporarily boost
Its annoying when you fall off the course is'nt it well when Lakuti puts you back on track as you touch the ground touch the acceleration button ( A or Y ) to get a temporarily boost.

On Wuhu Island Loop on the 3rd Section near the gliding point go on the grass and go straight across the boost and into the sea. You should end up in front of the finish line. ( This has been patched on online play, it still works on local and singal play.)

Thats it from me Terminator 5000 today! Expect to hear community news soon OOSH!!!

Getting a new character
If your having trouble getting a new character ... enter the 150cc cup and if you don't get 1st do it again using the character that did win first and try ur best it worked for me i done mushroom cup to unlock daisy this works on all games of mario kart "reenember" this might not work for you" and join bob-om blast and go on friend list after u give up and it should say hayley click on me if u got me and join my club this is on online multiplayer hayley# hope this helps lots.

Red shells
Once you are gliding, it is possible to push b to let go of your glider when you're gliding. Be sure to try this above land so that you will not die. This can be done to stop red shells which are heading for you or any item except blue shells. Once you push b, you'll go slow once you land

Mirror race for Miis Only
47-4808-7535-6101 for Mirror Miis Only.

1. No hacks, glitches or tricks.
2. No Items.
3. Choose your Mii.
4. If you use a hack, glitch or trick you will be eliminated.

Join to Play
Internet required to play online.

Wii U comming November 18, 2012.

Easy Shortcut
To find this shortcut go to the third section in Wuhu Loop, then use your mushroom make a perfect drift without using your circle pad of your controller.. If done correctly you will be teleport to the end of the game!! good luck.

Manual Hints
If you want some simple yet effective cheats, just have a quick look through the built-in 3DS manual. Here you can find interesting hidden tricks and funny treats that you never knew. Works best for beginners!

In wuhu loop near the speed bumps theirs a tree go and use a mushroom and jump from the tip and land in the water and you will save about 5 sec.

Quick recovery speed boost
So when you fall of an edge in a course lakitu picks you up and after 2 seconds hold down A for a recovery speed boost! (note: the boost is only like using 1 mushroom.)

Red wriggler
If you unlocked wriggler (complete 150cc leaf cup) and get attacked he will turn red and go slightly faster for a bit (this also happens if you lose a race/battle)

Easy 3-inch jump (over something)
When your at a L-turn, see a L looking thing? when your at it, PRESS R!then you'll do a 3-inch jump. This could also be done in the "Big Dounut" battle course, well, on the flat parts if you do it when its up, you stay there a "/" of a second, and BAM! you fall. Note: You could go farther like 1-6 FEET with a mushroom, 7-14 Feet with 2 mushrooms, 13-16 Feet with 3 mushrooms, and 14-19 Feet with a gold (super) mushroom.

How to get Gold Mario
This is how to get gold mario!
- Get 900,000 vr
- Get 20,000 coins.
- Get all gold parts
- Unlock all characters
- Get 3 stars
- Play all glitches
- Get version 2.00
- Get all parts
- Get 300 play coins
now, you're done!

Make wiggler red without being attacked by enemies
If you have bananas, (1 or 3), throw them forward and drive into them. This only works as Wiggler. Anyhoo, he'll turn red for about 3 to 5 seconds. You'll go slightly faster, and it's hilarious, too, because he'll be angry at himself.

The Slick Screws
If u use a small player e.g. shy guy, toad, koopa troopa or lakitu, and use the koopa clown with slick wheels when u enter gyro controls the slick wheels will have the same sprite as the roller wheels.

The Unidentified Gyro Racer
If u go on Neo Bowser City AKA Koopa City and go to the first turn and hit the giant block in the middle. Then switch to Gyro controls and sit their for a few seconds and it will switch back to 3rd person view but steering is still controled by the gyroscope. This only lasts while your on the oil surrounding the block.

Little Big Planet
On Rosalinas Ice World around the beginning when you turn you can see a planet it is best to use trial for this but it looks just like Little Big Planet with all the stuff its made of or it could be a walle easter egg but i think its a Big Planet easter egg.

Rainbow road easter egg
When you go to the blue ramp and land on the circle if you go under it you will see item boxe$

Weird banana glitch
If you have a banana go behind someone throw your banana forward and see what happens.

Weird Shell Glitch
If You Have a Shell And You Go Behind Someone But You Dont Hit Them That Red Shell Turns Into A Green Shell Note: This May Only Work On Grand Prix And Online.

Ultimate glitch
In maka wuho when you get to the the beginning of the cave turn around and fly in to the water lakitoo will let you skip almost the entire first lap.

Wuhu mountain resort time trial glitch
When you are at the entrance of the dark tunnel, turn to your right and you will see a dark hole. See the rock? Use a mushroom and you will land in the water. Then, Lakutiu should drop you off behind the lakeside castle!

Blue shell
You now you can not escape blue shell but with this glitch you can first you must have a mushroom and just wen it explode you musr use the mushroom and then you will escape the blue shell.

Maka wuhu single ultimate glitch
At maka wuhu before the first cave, there's a hole on the right gate. Go in it and you will teleport almost past the whole first lap! it will save you about 20 seconds!

Streetpass for one
I discovered a way to get real streetpass hits with just one game!!! U need 2 3ds consoles and one game card. First get a completed game file on one console then put it in the other one and delete the save data. (instructions in game manual). Now keep it in the ds u deleted it in,and don't put it in the other one otherwise it won't work!!! Then have a streetpass hit and u will be able to compete against yourself. I discovered this so thank me for the most easiest way to get the golden glider!!!

Rip the brick wall
To do this you'll need to go to shy guy bazaar (glitch requires no mushroom) go on the 1st ramp that points upward now on the second boost pad hold L and R and head straight into the wall until you pass the boost pad now see the second blanket rug thing sticking out from the wooden plate form its a blue color turn to your right and back up you should head to your left on the blanket thing but not all the way off now hold B and look back and drive backward into the side of the wall and if done right you should have fallen right through the wall now thats a glitch!

Airship Fortress Glitch
After the platform that you fly off on you go to the fence and fly down on top of the fence. That will take practice but its cool!

Wuhu Loop Mix Up?
On wuhu loop (Wuhu Resort), There's a glitch near a tree on the right,right after the boost that goes on with 2 regular pads on lap (section) 2.use a mushroom and boost Left of it and you should respond near a glitch that I'm going to tell you next.

Another glitch:
On this glitch, on the 3rd lap(section), before the 3-4 boost pads on the right, before the 2nd boost pad, STOP! line up in the grass, beside the boost pad and go and press "R",right before you go off. Then you should be responded right before the finish line. Music Mix-up?: if you use any or both of these glitches, when you finish it will have the 3rd lap music and the ending music at the same time.

Batman glitch
If you press R button while saying I AM BATMAN in to the mic whoever you are will than have a batman or joker or robin etc. suit on the sky will also have a batsignal take note it wears off after 30 seconds P.S. it also plays the batman theme song so you can KIRBY DANCE

Unlimited Superstar
This may be the hardest glitch in mario kart 7, to do this you need obviously a Superstar but don't activate it yet, and you have to have all gold parts but you don't have to have the golden steering wheel. I would get some practice before doing this online, on any prix acquire a superstar and wait until an opponent gets a blueshell, then when they shoot it and its just about to hit you activate the superstar and the blueshell won't effect you. Now the hard part, while the star is still activated go in reverse and hit the closest opponent, than hit the accelerator and the star should give you a little boost, then if its still activated it won't deactivate so you'll be literally invincible. Note: Falling off cliffs will disabled its effect.

Maka wuhu time trail
When you do the maka wuhu time trial, use 2 mushrooms on the field after the first bidge. end up on the other side and do the glitch. but tu do it fast, use the last mushroom to end u on the other side. (make sure to end up in the water or it wont work!!!) if u dont have a mushroom just end up in the water. ( the recent update took that out of online play. so dont try the glitch or you will be sorry. you still can do it on singal and local multiplayer.)

All The Glitches I Know (Demo)
All the glitches i know

Maka Wuhu (wuhu mountain resort):
On the 2nd lap before the cave, turn right and use a mushroom to go over the rock.

Daisy Cruiser:
On the split path,go to the right, turn right, nudge left-middle-left, until you almost fall of that time you turn left. (this can only be preformed with Toad,koopa clown, roller or slick, flower glider)

Note: This is the demo. I need at least 50 thumbs up to release the full version.

Happy Glitching~

Ultimate glitch
This glitch takes place at Maka Wuhu. At the 2nd section at the end of the fence and theres a rock stopping the water and use a mushroom directly to the water and Lakitu will drop you at a different place in Maka Wuhu. This will save you about 20 seconds.
Toad Circuit Item Rank glitch
On laps 2 & 3, go on the glide ramp and fly off to the left past the mushroom statue and you'll see the item boxes you got before. Grab one of them and pull up.

VR Glitch for Mario Kart 7 online
I made this glitch online that you will win and also people freeze.

Heres how it goes:
Step 1: go to the internet.
Step 2: step away from the acess point (Be careful!)

Then people will come into a complete stop.

Step 3: Quickly go to the acess point.

If done correctly the screen will say: 'Communication error had occured. try again later' then you will gain some VR and others... Won't. Enjoy!

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