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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Vault Statues
Collecting all of a mansion's gems will unlock a statue that can be seen in the vault's gem collections. Collect all gems for Gloomy Manor, Haunted Towers, Old Clockworks, Secret Mine, Treacherous Mansion.

Surprise Mode
Beat the single-player campaign, then select the Scarescraper option from E. Gadd's bunker to unlock this mode.

Scarescraper Mode
Beat the mission "Visual Tricks" in Gloomy Manor.

Endless Floors in the Scarescraper
This option creates a Scarescraper with infinite floors as well as its own difficulty, also named "Endless".
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Hunter Endless --- Beat a Hunter mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".
Polterpup Endless --- Beat a Polterpup mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".
Rush Endless --- Beat a Rush mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".
Surprise Endless --- Beat a Surprise mode in a 25F Scarescraper, then "Create a Scarescraper".

Bonus Missions
Capturing Boos are introduced as early as Gloomy Manor's "Visual Tricks" mission. However, the game does not explicitly tell you what is the reward for capturing them all.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Gradual Infiltration --- Capture all 5 Boos in "Gloomy Manor"
Hostile Intrusion --- Capture all 5 Boos in "Haunted Towers"
Outlandish Interruption --- Capture all 5 Boos in "Old Clockworks"
Severe Infestation --- Capture all 3 Boos in "Secret Mine"
Terrifying Invasion --- Capture all 5 Boos in "Treacherous Mansion"

Saved game file icons
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.
Medal #1: Complete Dark Moon Quest mode.
Medal #2: Earn a 3 star rank all levels in Dark Moon Quest mode.
Medal #3: Complete E. Gadd's Vault Room (all Gems, Boos, and Ghosts)

Unlock Gold Frame
Gather all the 3-E. Gadd medals and you'll open a gold frame that appears around your save file.

Getting through a2
Ok its very easy if you get stuck inside the studie it easy blow the carpet walk onto that pressure plate and go into the fire place and boom ure done with that and done with.

Hidden items
For this Shine your dark light on an un-colored painting for a couple of seconds and cash or some various other item will appear.

The D mansion
If you notice the house luigi is in at the start is the D-rank mansion from the 1st game and on the wall inside the house is the map from the 1st game luigi put up like...(spoiler)at the end of the game.

Hidden king boo
In secret mine d-3 after killing the strong ghosts go to the high wires. Noticed the frozen balls? If you look around the mansion you should find a cannon that shoots hot coal aim at the frozen balls to melt them. Then go back to the high wires. Then ride the first moving balls then the second. On the second one if you look closely at the background you should see king boo!!

Funny Dancing Luigi
Okay for this Rotate you circle pad in a tight circle numerous times consecutively, ensuring that Luigi finishes 360-degree turns on each rotation. If you doing this rapidly enough, Luigi will lastly stop spinning with a fast pirouette step, like a ballet professional dancer.

Mario Strikers Easter Egg
Get in the elevator in the last level of the first mansion. You must hear songs playing in the background. That songs is from the game Mario Strikers Charged.

Subliminal Message!
Once you are in c-1, see through the telescope. next to the tower, a pattern of stars say: 19-5-24. 1=a, 2=b etc. note: it may be for mine only, and, no i am not lying! check if it appears.

Showering, dancing Luigi
Place Luigi under a stream of falling water and watch as Luigi "takes a shower". Move the Circle pad (C-Pad) and let go. He will spin in dancing form. Note: Luigi will dance ONLY when he spins in circles, not in place. In other words, he needs to move his legs, not just his body.

Moon Easter Eggs
1. At d-1 when you cross the ice to get to the fishing hut, look up to the moon.
2. D3 - when you cross the godala ropes manualy, look at the moon while crossing the second set and you shall see it!

Hidden King Boo2
When you are looking for the Toad in Secret Mines, go outside towards the fishing place. Stop when you are half way towards the room. If you see close enough in the background, you can see him floating away from the area.

Luigi's third-arm glitch
This is the only glitch i know, and it's called the "Third-arm" glitch. When you are near a door push the "call" button on your control pad(+) and push the "X" button at the SAME time. When you get a call from Professor E. Gadd, Luigi will only use one arm to get his DS out of his pocket. (This also happens when you pick up a crystal.) This glitch has a limited time before it ends, it ends at the mission result screen, and Luigi will use both of his arms again. I recommend using this glitch on every door you have to use in that mission.

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