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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - New Super Mario Bros. 2

Play Luigi (single player mode)
Effectively finish the game. Highlight one of your saved game at the file option display hold L + R and press A.

Unlock Luigi
If you wanna play as Luigi in single player mode, you should very first complete this game by defeating Bowser in World Six. Once you do this, when in the file select screen, keep down the L plus R buttons while choosing a file with the A button. Luigi will now become your selected character.

Unlock 2nd Title Screen
If you collect 1 million coins, you will unlock the second title screen with more coins and gold mario.

Gold Mario title screen
For this you have to find one million coins to unlock Mario's Gold title screen which has a number of coins. Pick up 9,999,999 coins in order to maximum your coin counter to un-lock a different title display screen having a Tanooki Mario statue.

New coin rush levels
On the coin rush menu,press shop.on this date,you can get 3 coin rush packs.
- gold rush pack: collect a lot of coins in this pack!!
- coin challenge pack A: recommended for starters.
- nerve wrack pack: this pack has super hard levels!!!

White raccoon suit
If you keep dying in a level a block with a white and gold leaf will be shown hit it get leaf (or in coin rush) white raccoon suit makes you invincible to almost anything and fly meter fills quickly.

How to find coin rush canon pack 6
See the block up jump on that then do a ground pound then the block will be flying then you go up to the canon.

Unlock rainbow levels
To unlock secret rainbow levels you have to jump on the flagpole when the timer shows the correct time.
World 1 - 11 sec.
World 2 - 22 sec.
World 3 - 33 sec.
World 4 - 44 sec.
World 5 - 55 sec.
World 6 - 66 sec.

Limitless 1 ups
Visit Mushroom World course One, where the 1st star coin is. Get up on top of the stairs and then wait for a noko noko. Move lower to the 2nd or the third step and wait for an noko noko to contact you. Jump on that lightly (not hitting jump once you hit it) and after that it will bounce off the wall and Mario will continue jumping on it, helping you to obtain Three crowns during first minutes.

Easy 6000 coins in one level
- Beat the final boss
- Get a gold flower from a toad house
- Play level 1-1 [do not use your gold flower until you get to the end where there is a goomba tower.
- Shoot the goomba tower near the end of the course with gold fireballs and then go back to where there is a block in the ground, jump up then press down in mid-air and hold down the button you will slide down an underground passage way exit it and all the enemies will reappear shoot the goomba tower at the end of the course again and repeat this step.

Infinite coins on coin rush mode
Get a golden flower and go to world 2-4 and go in a yellow pipe and bounce on the goombas and that's it.

How to get all 5 shiny stars
There are 4 warp cannons. Now if you have the 4 warp cannons then you get another shiny star. You can get 5 shiny stars TRY TO GET THEM ALL !!!

How to collect coins fast
Get a golden flower and go to 1-2 or star-1 AND SHOOT GOLDEN FIREBALS !!! oh the best level is star-1

Tips for if you ended the game
If you ended the game and you got 5 shiny stars ten go to star world ten you see a golden mushroom house but maybe you think: its a golden flower !! BUT thats wrong its a star if use the star in a level ten you wil be starman. Ok and you got unlimed mushroom houses and you can get more coins witch starman mario or starman luigi (if you wil play as luigi ten choose a profile and pres R + L + A) ten you are luigi

9,999,999 coins and other things
If you have 9,999,999 coins and 5 shiny stars on your profile ten you can go to peach's castle = new levels, if you have all coins in the castle and beat all levels ten you can go to mario's house, and again witch new levels! if you have everything there ten you can go to a big castle of bowser (67 levels) IF YOU BEAT THE CASTLE OF BOWSER TEN YOU CAN PLAY AS BOWSER JR AND OTHER HELPERS OF BOWSER... i choose everytime that guy with blue hair in w-5

Infinite Double Jump
There is a way to do double jumps constantly! I'll tell you how. You need to be Raccoon Mario. First, do a double jump. Then, Hover!Jump, and you'll do ANOTHER double jump. Repeat the second step, and you'll do infinite double jumps!!

Hidden Secret Rainbow Levels
In order to find this hidden secret rainbow levels, you must jump on the flagpole as soon as the timer displays the right time. When done right you should hear an original NES world music as well as fireworks together with a rainbow. After you go back to the world map the doorway for the secret rainbow level will show up at the access point of every world at the far left. Hidden secret rainbow levels have zero enemies but a lot of coins and sometimes golden flower power ups.
- If the timer is set on 11 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World 1
- If the timer is set on 22 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World 2
- If the timer is set on 33 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World 3
- If the timer is set on 44 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World 4
- If the timer is set on 55 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World 5
- If the timer is set on 66 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World 6
- If the timer is set on 77 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World Mushroom
- If the timer is set on 88 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World Flower
- If the timer is set on 99 you jump for Secret Rainbow Level in World Star

World flower cannon
To get the flower cannon, you must go to world flower[duh] course one. when you pass the check point, jump over to the tiny green pipes with the snake blocks coming out of them, jump up to the top, then jump across the gap, to where there are two ? blocks, jump on them then go to the one on the right. do a groundpound on it, it will start to fly, stay on the block. then it will fly for a while, then it will fly straight up, taking you to the alternative ending. you can take it from there.

Bowser castle
When in bowsers have gold flower and don't lose it because when you hit bowser you get 50 coins.

Gold Mushroom
The only way you can get a "Gold Mushroom" is by playing Cion Rush, look in places where they're are 1up-mushrooms they will be Gold Mushroom.

10000 coins in one level
Get a golden flower and go to world 5 and try every level wich a golden flower there's one level where you can get 10000 coins! you can also play coin rush! tip for coin rush: take a golden flower and take some golden mushrooms ! you can also buy a bonus pack ! choose gold race there's a lot of coins!!!

Secret world unlock
Well, in world 2 when u beat the boss, u will walk off screen for a moment. if you look closley there is a small gap when u walk away. go redo the castle/boss level and to get in the hole, use a small blueshroom. as u walk away u will fall into the hole which leads to a new but VERY hard world. thanks for reading! :3

Triple crown lives (1,110)/ No hat
To get to triple crown lives... get 1,110 1-ups or any other way to get lives. Once you do this you get triple crown lives and no hat. Be careful though, because if you lose even 1 life you will get your hat back.

Get 7000 coins free
Get a golden flower and go in to w2-4 and then go to a yellow pipe and thar will be a gold ring do the golden flower and jump on the goomba and keep jumping intell you receive 50 coins and keep jumping for more hope you do it right.

Be on trees
Be racoon mario our luigi then go to world 1-3 then fly to the top of the tree that you start out with the level then if you want to stay on trees then keep on doing it to each trees then theres a warp tobe but not gona talk about it. Its a secret.

Golden flowers 2
To get two Golden flowers, get the Toad House one, then get another one from World 2-1 (you still have one at the end, the game changes you to Fire Mario if you used a Gold flower. I know, it sucks.

How to get 2 1-ups in world 1-1
Go to world 1-1 go where you got 1st star coin get of the line then walk forward you will see a crate breake it go in the walk forword you will get a 1-up the second one is get out of the hole then climb the tree turn mario until mario head is facen the big yellow block then press b when you got on it walk down then you will see a bird walk to then the bird will fly away and then a 1-up will appear.

Secret Rainbow Level
Hey guys, today i'm gonna teach you how to get to a secret level on this game. First, go to world 1 and choose any course. Run through the course as fast as you can and if the timer gets to 4:11, you have to try again. If you have remaining time, get to the pole and stand near the pole until it gets to 4:11. If you do this right, a diffrent music will play and there will be fireworks and a rainbow. When you exit the course, the arrow will turn in to a level. Hop in the level and you will see nothing but a tube. Hop in and you will land on a platform. Try and collect alot of coins on the platform and maybe get 100! When your'e done, it will not ask you to save so go to a castle, tower or cannon to save. This is a great way to get coins!

2-4 infinite lives
First have a raccoon mario and go to world go down a yellow pipe. there should be 2 pipes with goombas coming out. hover when there are goombas coming out to get 1 ups! have fun!

Mario hugest flip
While holding your run button press your jump button 3 times to preform a flip.

Mario without hat
To see mario without his hat you have to reach Triple Crown lives, (this means 1110 lives)

Red Coin Glitch
On world 4-A go past red coin bubble get star coin thats past red coin bubble then go back to red coin bubble and red coins will be there.

Koopa Troopa or Goomba in the Bricks
Step 1: Go to World STAR - (You have to do it in that level.) Step 2: Find the first P swich. Step 3: Go to where a Goomba or Koopa would be walking. And there you go!

Legless mario/luigi

Ok, first go to mushroom-3, flower, 3 or 8-3,1-b (I recommend 1-b for quick go-ers) (its faster) then at 1-b go to the last pipe WITH GOLDEN FIRE MARIO/TINY MARIO/EXTRA MM, then go in and there is 3 fire snakes, silver, gold, red, then touch the silver one and they all die except the silver, then jump on top of silvdr and get in middle and hit START, and quit,a nd on menu go to any lvl and youll have no legs! It is like this in all lvls that i said. Bye!

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