Friday, January 22, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Apotheon

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Gift for a Goddess (Silver Trophy) --- Access Kleio's gift in the Acropolis
A Hero's Due (Gold Trophy) --- Find all lockboxes on Olympus
Aegis of Athena (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Aegis of Athena
Apollo's Lyre (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Lyre of Apollo
Apotheosis (Gold Trophy) --- Acquire the powers from all twelve Olympian Gods
Bounty (Silver Trophy) --- Root out the assassins in the Acropolis
Bow of Artemis (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Bow of Artemis
Cloak and Dagger (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Assassin Stash in the Swamps
Crest of Ares (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Crest of Ares
Demand for Supply (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Merchant Stockpile in the Acropolis
Divine Wrath (Gold Trophy) --- Find all rare weapons on Olympus
Fence (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Refugee stash in the Forest
From the Grave (Silver Trophy) --- Meet the Necromancer in Hades
Inebriate (Silver Trophy) --- Aquire the Kantharos of Dionysus
Irresistible (Silver Trophy) --- Aquire the Cestus of Aphrodite
Just a Taste (Silver Trophy) --- Access Apollo's nectar cellar
Master Huntsman (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Hunter's Trove in the Forest
Message Lost (Silver Trophy) --- Aquire the Sandals of Hermes
Mount Olympus (Bronze Trophy) --- Ascend to Mount Olympus
Nature's Blessing (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Secret Grove at the Shrine of the Nymphs
Olympian (Gold Trophy) --- Beat game on Olympian Difficulty
Omnipotence (Platinum Trophy) --- Unlock all other Trophies
Panapoly (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Agora Armoury
Party Crasher (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Symposium of the Sun in Apollo's hall
Precious Metal (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Gold Mine in the Sea
Sheaf of Demeter (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Sheaf of Demeter
Smithy (Silver Trophy) --- Aquire the Artifice of Hephaestus
Tallyman (Silver Trophy) --- Access the Agora Market Scroll-keeper's Office
Thunderbolt of Zeus (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Thunderbolt of Zeus
Treasure Hunter (Silver Trophy) --- Access the sunken wreck of the Euphemia in the Sea

Trident of Poseidon (Bronze Trophy) --- Acquire the Trident of Poseidon

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