Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nintendo Wii U Cheats - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Unlockable Outfits
Complete one of the following jobs to unlock the matching outfit. To change outfits, use Peter Parker's closet at Auntie May's home. Open the "Wardrobe" menu and you can cycle with the readily available outfits.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Amazing Spider-Man (2012) --- Start the main campaign.
Amazing Spider-Man (2014) --- Start the main campaign.
Big Time Suit --- Clear one Hideout.
Cosmic Spider-Man --- GameStop pre-order bonus.
Electro-Proof Suit --- PlayStation Network DLC.
Flipside Suit --- Clear one Hideout.
Hornet Suit --- Complete all 15 Race Challenges.
Iron Spider Armor --- GameStop pre-order bonus.
Noir Spider-Man --- GameStop pre-order bonus.
Ricochet Suit --- Play through the main campaign.
Scarlet Spider --- Clear one Hideout.
Spider-Armor MKII Suit --- Clear one Hideout.
Spider-Carnage --- Complete the main campaign.
Spider-Man 2099 --- Clear one Hideout.
Superior Spider-Man --- Complete all 12 Combat Challenges.
Symbiote --- GameStop pre-order bonus.
Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) --- Complete Chapter 6.

Vigilante Suit --- Start the main campaign.

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