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Nintendo Wii U Cheats - Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Multiplayer guns Diamond camo
In order to get Diamond camo for your multiplayer guns you ave to unlock the gold camo for every weapons within a group.

Fast Revive Perk
When you are in Tranzit mode, revive exactly the same teammate a minimum of 15 times within the same round. A green-colored flash shows up from the revived teammate to point the perk continues to be permanently unlocked to be used in Tranzit mode.

Nuketown 2025: four classic Activision arcade games
In order to to play those four classic Activision games , you have to shoot the heads off all of the mannequins under the 2 min. of beginning a game. Visit the Nuketown population sign and press (Action).

Undead Man's Party Bus Upgrade Location
You'll unlock Undead Man's Party Bus achievement whenever you upgrade your bus with all of three possible additions within the Tranzit campaign. Note: Once the 3 parts are attached to the bus you'll unlock the "Undead Man's Party Bus" achievement. Essentially, to obtain this achievement you ought to get three upgrade parts, that are hidden through the Tranzit maps. These 3 upgrade parts are: the grill, the rooftop hatch and also the ladder. These items at random spawn on four locations. Note2. Before you decide to upgrade your bus, you have to build a turbine. For that you have to grab a mannequin in the central map, a wing of the toy plane in the nearby payphones and lastly, a fan that is right behind the work bench. Place all of them on the work bench and you've got produced a turbine. These locations are:

Gril Part Upgrade:
Place the turbine you've produced right near the door towards the right from the work bench and the door is opened, inside you will find a grill. You are able to attach this grill towards the front of the bus. Using this method you won't permit the zombies to go in with the front window of the bus. Make sure to keep your turbine along with you.

Roof Part Upgrade:
After adding the very first upgrade part, go completely towards the shed close to the diner. Make use of the fan to go into. At that place is the roof hatch. Take it back to the bus and get it into the bus. Visit the center of the bus, lookup and jump so that you can attach the hatch towards the roof. With this particular roof hatch attached, now you can jump up anytime in the bus towards the roof.

Ladder Part Upgrade:
Location. After locating the 2nd upgrade part, visit the Farm and mind towards the rear of the farm to a different shed. Make use of the turbine to go into there. The 3rd and final piece the ladder is within here. Return to the bus and attach it to the back of your bus.

Note: If one of these parts is unsuccessful to appear on these locations, there is a fourth place you should check. The fourth place can be found in the terminal. Use to the bank vault area and go in. Go left, then right, stick to the pavement to a different locked door. Make use of the turbine to open that door and inside will be the final part.

Pack A Punch Parts Locations
For this you require to build a Pack-A-Punch machine. This machine generates power-up for your weapons in order to defeat all the zombie hordes. You can build this Pack-A-Punch machine with three items!!! gather 3 items from the Bank in the Town - (the Table, the Battery, Head Piece) Within the power station there is a door having a lightning symbol on it, you have to place a turbine near here. Next visit the bank and in to the vault (open the vault doorways with your grenades). Eventually you'll find another door having a lightning symbol, which will open when the turbine is not destroyed yet. Go in the room and collect the 3 items, construct on the encompassing work bench and employ it to change your weapons for your hearts content.

Thor Easter Egg in Mission 2
When you are at the mission called "Celerium" go to a small cave and use your fire our may some flash bombs to make some light in this cave. when you look closely you will see the hammer of Thors from the movie "Marvel's Thor & The Avengers"

Credits Ending Easter Egg
At the end of this game the credits will start to play. Watch this credits till the end to view the "Treyarch" developer funny video.

Mini CLAW Easter Egg in last mission
You can find this "Mini CLAW" in the last mission (On a desk) of this game.

Teddy Bears Easter Egg on Tranzit maps
You will have to locate three special items (teddy bears) scattered over the Tranzit maps to discover this Easter Egg. Once you discover each one of these three teddies you're going to get to listen to a secret Dubstep song.

1st Teddy Bear
The very first teddy bear is positioned on a bench within the Bus station near where you start.

2nd Teddy Bear
The 2nd teddy bear is located on the farm, the third stop on your bus ride.

3rd Teddy Bear
You'll find the teddy bear upstairs on a blanket. The 3rd and final teddy bear is incorporated in the Town, placed close to the billiard table within the building where you can buy perks.

Thor's Hammer on rock
At the beginning of mission 2 called "Celerium" you will locate a bunker entrance. Turn around an walk along the left wall. Now search for a small cave on your left and within it Thor's Hammer is going to be baked into the rock. You should utilize a thermal-scope and flash-bangs otherwise you can't see it.

Untouchable for Zombies

To find this place where zombies can't hurt you. Go to the Power House and go down to the Power Core. No search for the faceplate and pick it up and put it on the work bench. Wait till this face plate positioning in the corner of the bench. Now try to get under it and move a little to the left. Watch this video guide how to be invincibility for Zombies...

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