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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Mario And Luigi: Dream Team

Unlockable modes
Beat the game once to unlock Jukebox mode and Hard Mode.

Expert Challenge Rewards
Beating an Expert Challenge will reward the number of points attached. Earn enough points to earn rewards.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Reward: Birthday Boots --- 450 points
Reward: BP Knockout Bangle --- 200 points
Reward: Duplex Crown --- 1000 points (beat all challenges)
Reward: Expert Boots --- 20 points
Reward: Expert Hammer --- 300 points
Reward: Expert Wear --- 90 points
Reward: Golden Hammer --- 600 points
Reward: Master Gloves --- 800 points
Reward: Perfect POW gloves --- 140 points
Reward: POW Scarf --- 50 points

Character Ranks for bonuses
Luigi and Mario will both start at Mushroom rank however as you level up they will obtain brand-new ranks which will offer them privilges and rewards. Listed below the ranks and the level that they need to reach to obtain it.
Shell Rank: Reach Level 8
Flower Rank: Reach Level 16
Star Rank: Reach Level 26
Rainbow Rank: Reach Level 40

S-Rank Rewards for Mad Skillathon
When doing particular Bros. And Luiginary Attacks in the Mad Skillathon in Wakeport and you get enough points, you will make ranks credited to your rating. The following benefits are made when you reach 'S' Rank which is the greatest rank.
Action Boots: Get 'S' Rank Dropchopper.
Bare Boots DX: Get 'S' Rank Bomb Derby.
Blunt Hammer DX: Get 'S' Rank Luiginary Flame.
Coin Boots DX: Get 'S' Rank Luiginary Ball.
Excellent Boots: Get 'S' Rank in ALL Luiginary Attacks.
EXP. Bro Gloves DX: Get 'S' Rank Slingsniper.
Flame Hammer: Get 'S' Rank Fire Flower.
Lucky Gloves DX: Get 'S' Rank Luiginary Wall.
Master Wear: Get 'S' Rank in ALL Bros. Attacks.
Perfect Bro Gloves: Get 'S' Rank Star Rocket.
Rally Belt: Get 'S' Rank 3D Green Shell.
Sap Hammer DX: Get 'S' Rank Luiginary Stack.
Strike Gloves: Get 'S' Rank Bye-Bye Cannon.

Rescuing Pi'illos Rewards
When you have really rescued a specific range of Pi'illos from their prisons you will recieve rewards like (Gear and a Bros. Attack) from Eldream in Brickle's upkeep hut. Below the rescue list..
Bare Hammer: Rescue 6 Pi'illos.
DoB Hammer: Rescue 7 Pi'illos.
POW Gloves: Rescue 12 Pi'illos.
DoB Ring: Rescue 18 Pi'illos.
Golden Use: Rescue 26 Pi'illos.
POW Gloves DX: Rescue 37 Pi'illos.
Zee Egg (Last Bros. Attack): Rescue 52 Pi'illos.

S-Rank Luiginary Mini-games
Luiginary Ball - Coin Boots DX
Luiginary Stack - Sap Hammer DX
Luiginary Flame - Blunt Hammer DX
Luiginary Wall - Lucky Gloves DX
All S-ranks - Supreme Boots

Experience trick
When you level up, click the home screen button on the bottom of your 3ds. Try to get your spinner on a high number as you keep doing this. If you started playing, this is a good trick.Keep doing this untill you get a 5 or a high number. This can help you with bosses you need help on or enemys that are tough.

Fastest route for bean grinding
If you have already beaten Robo-Drilldigger, then chances are you have already messed this up. You see, the fastest route possible (and this is after 2 weeks of testing) is in the dream world where you took on Robo-Drilldigger in Dozing Sands (where you chased down the Dream Stone spirit).

There are a couple of areas where you are required to go into the Luiginary Stack form to hit switches and some areas they give you the Luigi Constellation for no apparent reason. These are the areas many people defeat the enemies in this form.

But what many people don't know, is they never ever return after that. So running into an enemy while in the stack form will destroy them for good. And these are the enemies that make up the fastest route. Having said that, here is the route:

Go into the dream world where you took Robo-Drilldigger. Go to the right and defeat the two Skipdrills. Keep going right until to get the area with the two drills. Defeat the Dreamy Sandoon on the other side of the drill. Ride the bottom drill and enter the area just on the right and defeat the Skipdrill there. Go back the drill area and go up to the top, then into the next area. There are 3 Sandoons in here.

Go right again to the next area and you will encounter a whole mess of enemies here. Defeat as many as you want (although, it might be quicker to defeat only the ones you can stomp on, so you don't waste time with the Luiginary Ball). This is a long area. Go right to the next area, drop straight down and left into the pipe. From here on in, you will need to continue to go left until to reach the area with the black background (where the dream spirit first ran off to).

In this time, you can fight a whole lot more enemies, so there are plenty to go around. When you reach the area with the black background, go down the pipe, and you will be taken to the item shop area. Simply take the pipe on the left next to the shop and you will return to the dream portal. By this point the enemies will well and truly re-spawn.

On a side note, if you only have one pair of Wellington Boots, equip them to Mario. That sounds blooming obvious, but if Luigi wears them in the dream world and he stomps on and defeats an enemy, no beans will be given.

Skipping the opening fight
If you're thinking about speed running this game, you simply have to memorise what to do and where. There are a couple of tricks and glitches, but there is something you can do to skip the entire introduction battle with Antasma and start on the Blimport, past where the Brock teaches you how to move and jump (yes, apparently you need to be taught how to move).

This is not really a trick, but it requires you to reformat your 3DS. You see, you actually have to remove the save file from your 3DS and the only way to do it, is to reformat. This is only recommended for those who have just got a 3DS. Why do you reformat? Well, this means that the next time you load M&L Dream Team, a file will be created on your 3DS, and the first time it does, there is already a game saved on file 1. It has no records (no coins, no play time), but you will be taken directly to the Blimport area. This only saves about 6 minutes of cut scenes, but still.

Survive the Zeekeeper's Dimentional Rift
Ok. So you attempted to fight the Zeekeeper then watched your 3DS as it flew across the room at 60km/h. Yes my minions, you know what I'm talking about. Those idiotic Dimensional Rifts.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, let me elaborate. During the battle against the Zeekeeper, you are forced to fly through two Dimensional Rifts and avoid his orbs, then avoid him. The only problem, you need to use the Gyro system here and this is where the glitch is. Sometimes it will not respond properly sending Luigi in all different directions, or it will completely lock up to the point where turning your 3DS upside down does as much as good as a politician.

The September 5 patch "fixes" this glitch. I had no trouble with this battle in normal mode, but it was not fixed in hard mode. And even if you're on full health as you enter the rift, he can KO you with this one attack.

The only way to deal with this is to hold you 3DS completely horizontal. You will need to memorise (ise because I'm Australian) where the safe areas are before he shoots these orbs at you (left, right/ top left, bottom right, bottom left/ top, bottom, top) and get in position early. Tilt the softest you can as it's very responsive. If it glitches and you are stuck, you are stuck. But if it's moving in a different direction, quickly tilt it in the direction Luigi is randomly going and then quickly tilt it in the direction you want to go. This normally works. There is some luck involved, hoping Luigi doesn't freeze completely.

How to beat torkscrew without getting killed :D
Ok here's the secret when he does that drilling attack where you have to hit him with a hammer you just hold down A and B and then when he is close to you you just let em fling and bam he is dead.

Final antasma battle bug
Now you are maybe wondering when you are at the final antasma battle that the battle is going on longer than it should right? right now if you are going for hours trying to defeat him you might wanna try this step 1: go to Eshop step 2: go to bestsellers step 3: if the title says Mario and Luigi dream team it is actually an update for your game step 4: tap on it and read the description for the update it will say: fixes bug that occurs on mount pajamaja where the massif bros use the spin or drill attack whatever it was called to break the icicles and the player cannot proceed without making certain actions also fixes bug that prevents the player from finishing the final battle with antasma. another thing it also fixed something in the game that I couldn't go to the eighth attack piece because an enemy was in the way and after I killed it it came charging at me again over and over until my screen corrupted so I turned my 3DS system off and turned it back on and went back to the game and the enemy was gone thank god.

The Boy who wouldn't stop running
When you enter Wakeport, there will be two kids who are running on the fountains. If you time your A button push correctly, the left kid will keep running for a second, moving out of the speech bubble, while the right boy will keep running for a second and then talk to you.

Luigi half underground
(Note:to do this very funny glitch the ball hop or ball jump is required. Also you need to be in the real world.) First get under an attack piece block. Then hit the block using the the ball hop.As soon as you hit the block Mario will hold the attack piece while Luigi is from his waist to his feet underground. But once you move Luigi will not be under the ground any more. Please try this cool glitch. :)

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