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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Unlockable Guild card scenes
To unlock the following Guild card scenes, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Beach Weather --- Complete "Advanced
Capital C --- Complete "Advanced
Caravan Comics --- Complete "Advanced
Dream Match --- Complete "Skiff Competition".
Dunes (Day) --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Felyne Attack --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Frozen Seaway --- Complete "Advanced
Heaven's Mount --- Complete "Advanced
Light & Shadow --- Complete "Advanced
Lotsa Wachas --- Complete "Advanced
Lovely Poogie --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Meownster Mat --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Metal Emblem --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Monster Mural --- Complete "Advanced
Primal Forest --- Complete "Advanced
Puffy Zamtrios --- Complete "Advanced
Quest for Truth --- Complete "Advanced
R&R --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Roaring Tigrex --- Complete "Advanced
The World --- Complete "Advanced
Treasure Chest --- Acquired via download.
USJ --- Acquired via download.
Velocidrome Run --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Volcanic Hollow --- Complete "Advanced
Warning! --- Complete "Skiff Scuttler".
Zinogre Design --- Download "Down to Business".

Unlockable Guild Quest bonus enemies
To unlock the following Guild Quest bonus enemies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Basarios --- Complete the "Swinging into Action", "Kecha Wacha Wallop", and "Research
Kirin --- Complete the "Crazy Stupid Love", "Advanced
Yian Garuga --- Complete the "Remobra Remedy" and "Research (Note: The Source I have found this unlockable on wasn’t completely written)

Mario and Luigi costumes
Note: This is a time limited event that ends on March 15, 2015. Go to the eShop and make sure your game is v1.1. Enter your house and talk to the housekeeper. Select the "Downloadable Content" option. Select the "Gift Area" option at the menu and download the free Starter Pack. The items that you will receive include six Super Mushrooms, which are required for the costumes. Complete the first two quests from the Caraveneer.

If needed, deploy Ace Palico from the Palico board in your house. Obtain three Large Barrels, which can be purchased from the Street Market. You also need to have 1300z. You are now ready to forge either the Mario or Luigi costume. Talk to the Smithy (The Man) and select the "Forge Palico Gear" option. For "Weapon," forge the "Invincible Hammer". For "Head," forge either the "Mario Cap" or the "Luigi Cap". For "Chest," forge either the "Mario Overalls" or the "Luigi Overalls".

Melee weapon attacks
The following attacks are available with the corresponding weapons.
Attack --- Command

Downward Slashes or Charge when held --- Press or hold X
Upward Slash --- Press X + A
Side/Spin Slashes --- Press A
Block --- Press R

Sword and Shield
Basic Attack --- Press X
Side Attack or Shield Bash --- Press A
Forward Slash --- Press X + A
Block or Defensive Stance --- Press R

Basic Attack --- Press X
Thrust --- Press A
Fade Slash --- Press X + A
Spirit Blade --- Press R

Dual Blades
Basic Attack --- Press X
Roundslash --- Press A
Demon Mode --- Press R
Thrust Attack or Demon Combo --- Press X + A

Ground Smash --- Press X
Side Smash --- Press A
Charge --- Press R

Hunting Horn
Note 1 Attack --- Press X
Note 2 Attack --- Press A
Note 3 Attack --- Press X + A
Perform (twice for encore) --- Press R

Mid Thrust --- Press X
High Thrust --- Press A
Block --- Press R
Backstep --- Press B
Sidestep --- Press Left or Right + B
Sweep --- Press X + A
Counter-thrust --- Hold R and press A
Dash Attack --- Hold R and press X + A
Block-advance --- Hold R and press Up + X

Thrust/Overhead Smash --- Press X + X + X
Fire Shell --- Press A
Block --- Press R
Backstep --- Press B
Reload after Backstep --- Press B + A
Reload --- Hold R and press A
Burst Fire --- Press X + X + X + A
Wyvern's Fire --- Hold R and press X + A

Switch Axe
Overhead Slash --- Press X
Side Slash --- Press A
Swap Weapons --- Press R
Element Discharge --- Press X + A (Sword mode)

Charge Blade
Normal Attack --- Press X
Special Attack/Element Discharge --- Press A
Block --- Press R
Switch to Axe/Sword --- Press R + X
Store Phials --- Press R + A

Insect Glaive
Basic Attack --- Press X
Strong/Advancing Attack --- Press A
Mark Monster --- Press R
Deploy Kinsect --- Press R + X
Return Kinsect --- Press R + A
Vaulting --- Press R + B

Ranged weapon attacks
The following attacks are available with the corresponding weapons.
Attack --- Command

Normal Shot --- Press R
Charge Shots --- Hold R then release
Aim --- Press X
Select Coating --- Press L + X or B
Equip Coating --- Press X + A
Arc/Power Shot --- Press A

Light Bowgun
Reload --- Press X
Fire --- Press A
Scope View/Quick-aim --- Press R
Maneuver Scope --- Use Circle-pad
Select Ammo --- Press L + X or B

Heavy Bowgun
Reload --- Press X
Fire --- Press A
Scope View/Quick-aim Mode/Aim --- Press R
Select Ammo --- Press L + X or B
Reload --- Press X
Crouching Fire --- Press X + A

Earth Crystals
Earth Crystals are required for weapon abrasives. They can be farmed at the Underground Cave. Doing so requires both of your cats, and a Gathering Set. This will give you the Gather Master (Gathering +3), Divine Whim, and Speed Gathering stats to increase your farming efficiency. To create a Gathering Set, obtain a three slotted weapon with three Blessing Jewels, a Leather S Mail chest armor with one Blessing Jewel, three Gathering Jewels in your Charm, and the remaining equipment with Torso Ups. A few quality Pickaxes and a Farcaster is also required.

Once at the Underground Cave you will find a mixture of random and fixed location crystals that can be mined. As you progress, you have to be more careful as you will get attacked occasionally. As soon as you enter the eighth area inside the Underground Cave, you will find two fixed mining points on each side. Ignore the mining locaiton on the right-hand side, and instead move to the one on the sharp incline on the left-hand side. The ninth area features two fixed crystal locations; the one on the right-hand has a large amount of enemies near it. To get them both, immediately go to the left, mine that crystal, then move forward and mine the second crystal before quickly using the Farcaster to escape. The entire process should require about three minutes to complete. Repeat the process as many times as desired.

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