Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - The Sims 3: Pets

How to woohoo
First, there must be a boy and girl sim. They must be atleast friends to woohoo. Make sure they are not sleepy. Then, get them both to relax on a double bed. When they are relaxing, select the bed or the other sim. Select cuddle. They should start cuddling. After that, select the bed and select woohoo. Boonza!

How to make money fast
First u go on the 3ds menu then collect (by shaking ur ds)10 play coins then go to the next day on the ds system and shake to collect another 10 keep doing that and use the holy simoleons perk. U can do this for as long as u want.

3 Way's to get coin's to make you're sim rich
The first way

1: shake you're 3DS.
2: Walk with it on but closed.
3: If you still walk to school you can keep you're 3DS on but in you're backpack and that way you'll earn coin's much faster.

(What to do when you get ten coin's and can't get more)... if you read you manual it would've told you, you can only earn 10 coin's each day but you wan't more(right?) Well you can get more in one day by going to the tool icon on you're home page click it then click the icon in you're bottem right then were it say's date (it say's something else on it too so don't worrie) Ok so click it then make the date go a day forward.

For the sakes of promotion
Ok well you need to have a job first of all. U guys know the button when u view ur jobs right the one with the person sitting in a desk well click that and on that page you will see a button with stars on it in the right corner click on that and chose daily than you will get an opportunity for ur job every day u may chage that if you like but thats what make this work. Make sure u save ur game before u go to work every day if you dont successfully complete on what u where looking for click the start button and select quit then it will take u back to the main menu and then you should be able to redo that days of work and try again on ur job opportunity u can repeat this process intill u find what your hitting for in ur job note: it won't always be promotions but at least you can try for positive things like increase in skills that go with ur job for example for the medical carrer you will increase in handiness and later on u can improve logical skills but make sure u always save before u go to work. one more thing this really helps when you have an opportunity that u fail and get fired for.just saying!!! hope this helped have a awesome day

Want Simoleons Quick!
1. Have a Sim
2. Collect play coins by shaking, or walking
3. Go on your Sim and click the small blue wand button next to the big yellow button in the bottom left corner.
4. Scroll all the way down and click "Holy Simoleons"
5. (If you don't have at least 5 play coins, go back to #2) Collect all the money bags around your property (They can be in, and outside your house)
6. Repeat for lots, and lots of Simoleons!!!
I Hope This Helped You Financially In The Sims 3: Pets 3DS Version :)

Money glitch
This glitch involves a bookshelf just to be clear with that. first things first im gonna put this in to steps so u can under stand it better:
- 1: click on your bookshelf and select any book
- 2: than simply cross out ur sims action to read the book than ur sim will put it on the floor
- 3: then repeat in till all books of any category are completely out of ur bookshelf
- 4: than sell all of the books ur sim took out of the bookshelf make sure you have no books in ur shelf
- 5: than sell ur bookshelf and quickly push the redo button and ur bookshelf will land up back in ur house
Than repeat in till u have enough money for what u where saving for! note: this may take awhile but its worth it.

Money glitch updated
Ok you guys know ho i posted the first money glitch... well this one still involves a bookshelf and is way easygoing!!! then later im gonna teach you how to do it with a refrigerator!!!

step 1: buy the most cheapest bookshelf there is if you dont have one
step 2: click on the bookshelf and click on browse
step 3: only sell one of the books then go to buy mode
step 4: click upon ur bookshelf and sell it then click the redo button and then click on the button to go on to family mode and then click back on buy mode then repeat! this should put more books in ur shelf
step 5: repeat step 4 intill u are happy with amount of books in ur bookshelf
step 6: click browse and sell all the books you worked hard for

Now For The Refrigerator
step 1: do the same thing you did with ur bookshelf

Hoped this helped make it easier then the first money glitch i posted!!! have fun make money

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