Saturday, April 16, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Child Of Light

New Game+
By triumphing this game, you will unlock a New Video game+ Mode. In this, your items (disallowing Quests), Oculi, and Confessions will be reached the next new video game you play, as will your levels and abilities once the characters can be re-recruited. Keep in mind that your Coffers require to be re-obtained, and that enemies are now more powerful with more EXP.

In-Game achievement/trophy guide
- Bolmus Bond: In Chapter 6, meet Robert then complete his "Plight" side quest.
- Capilli Catch: Finn will meet you in Chapter 4. Complete his side-quest, "Finn's Plight".
- Comedy: Naturally occurs during the storyline, when Rubella joins Aurora's party.
- Kategida Kindred: At the start of Chapter 8, you will meet Oengus. Then, complete the "Plight" side quest.
- Piscean Promise: At the start of Chapter 9, you will reach Piscean Village. An NPC will ask you to find her parents. Move straight and get inside the tower to solve a puzzle. Defeat the Boss to get the "Gen's Plight" side quest. Return to Piscean Village and speak with Gen.
- Sweet Sister: Naturally occurs during the storyline, when Norah joins Aurora's party in Chapter 5.

- Tragedy: At the start of Chapter 7, fly up from the large open area to reach a narrow space. You will get to Tristis at the top of the cliff. Speak with him and reunite him with his sister to complete the "Rubella's Plight" side quest.

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