Monday, April 11, 2016

Nintendo Wii U Cheats - Super Smash Bros.

New charecters nintendo have proven!
Sonic series:Sonic-returning tails-newcomer eggman(acording to nintendo im 76% sure)-newcomer
Animal crossing series: villiger-(comfirmed)newcomer tomnook-newcomer tommy/timmy(like ice climbers there paired)- newcomer
Mario series: All that are already in bowserJR/shadow mario(he can transform) - newcomer
Waluigi - newcomer baby mario bros(paired) - newcomer

wiifit trainer - comfirmed
mega man - comfirmed
balloon fighter - newcomer
solid snake - dropped
pac-man - comfirmed(i mean it)
guy from dig-dug - newcomer

The newcomers not comfirmed may be dropped with a 33% chance of "Ged,ouda,'ere"

Unlockable Characters
Complete the shown job to unlock the matching character. Keep in mind that some characters can be unlocked with more than one technique. When unlocking with Smash matches you will certainly also need to beat that character when she or he appears to unlock them.
- Dark Pit - Complete All-Star mode on Intensity 4 or higher. Play 40 Smash matches.
- Dr. Mario - Defeat one Master Order under the Hard difficulty. Play 50 Smash matches.
- Duck Hunt - Get a KO in Cruel Smash mode.
- Falco - Complete Classic mode. Play 10 Smash matches.
- Lucina - Complete Classic Mode on Intensity 5.5 or higher. Play 30 Smash matches.
- Mr. Game & Watch - Complete Classic mode with five characters.
- R.O.B. - Defeat Crazy Hand after completing ten matches in Crazy Orders. Play 60 Smash matches.
- Wario - Complete 100-Man Smash, Play 20 Smash matches.

Extra 2,000,000G
For this you need to challenge all 140 difficulties on the challenge board situated in Challenges and you will certainly be rewarded with extra 2,000,000 G.

Unlockable Masterpieces
Complete the shown task to unlock the matching Masterpieces.
- Dr. Mario: Complete Solo 10-Man Smash mode without taking any damage as Dr. Mario.
- Earthbound: Hit the sandbag a minimum of 1,968 ft. in Home-Run Contest.
- Kirby's Adventure: Complete Solo Classic mode under Strength 5.5 or greater as Kirby.
- Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream: Complete the "No Mere Sparring Match" occasion under the normal or greater difficulty.
- Yoshi: Complete Solo Classic mode as Yoshi.

Unlockable Golden Hammers
Complete the shown task to unlock the matching Golden Hammer.
- Golden Hammer Number 1: Complete all Solo Events.
- Golden Hammer Number 2: Complete 100-Man Smash.
- Golden Hammer Number 3: Complete Timeless mode under Strength 2.0 or greater with a minimum of 5 characters.
- Golden Hammer Number 4: Complete Crazy Orders as Villager.
- Golden Hammer Number 5: Complete All-Star mode.

Unlockable Flat Zone X Stage
Flat Zone X: Play alone as Mr. Game & Watch and destroy 100 blocks in Trophy Smash.

Dig-dug guy is comfirmed!!!
The guy from dig-dug is the next 3rd-party player, his moves so far are:
Special: shoot his pump
Special up: blow him self up with a pump knocking over others
Special left/right: power drill
Special down: he will drill through the ground.
Note: his drill is always of unless hes attacking
Final smash:he turns 8-bit and can drill though the level freely

In-Game Stages
Complete the suggested job to unlock the matching stage.
- Duck Hunt: Unlock the Duck Hunt character.
- Kongo Jungle 64: Complete the very first occasion in Occasion mode.
- Pac-Land: Play all 3 map sizes in Smash Trip mode.
- Pokemon Stadium 2: Complete the "When Lightning Strikes" occasion.
- Smashville: Complete the "Playing Tricks" occasion.

Play as Hidden Characters
Select Bowser Jr. and press L or R to play as the Koopalings. Select Olimar and press L or R until Alph appears. Select Wario and press L once or press R until his old "Mario" fatigues show up. NOTE: You can only get their primary trophies.

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