Saturday, April 16, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Skylanders Spyro's Adventure

Destroy hektore at end of game on last mission after rescued all 5 seekers
Run away from hektores lightning strike and then keep on trying until you get to the dark mirror then he laughs all the seekers use there powers all together including wendel then they destroy the dark mirror and then hektore get really big a & goes whats happenning noooooooooo finally he goes kaboom maybe you are a true portal master if you manage to do that.

List of Daily Bonuses
- Find two elemental Symbols Lit up in the ring Wendel is standing in.
- Skylanders of those elements will get radiance bonuses when they complete a level.
- The Symbols Are, Going right in the index, magic (the star,element of dark spyro),water(a drop of water, element of slam bam), air(the spiral,element of whirlwind), undead (the skull,element of hex), tech(a gear,element of trigger happy),fire(the blaze,element of ignitor), earth(the mountain, element of bash) and life.(the leaf cluster, stealth elf's(elves?)
- Element.) Wendel will also tell you when you come in to the game with something like "Welcome! To earn today's Daily Bonus, summon your (tech gear) Tech and (fire blaze) Fire Skylanders like (tech gear) Drill Sergeant or (fire blaze) Ignitor."

Weakness for the big guys

When you are faced with heavy hitters on the final lvl (not with hector) use spyro or dark spyro to take out the big nights and trees rex. If you are in the magical forest use trigger happy for all enemies (also have a stealth elf with you if you need to run. She not strong) and for ice land use ignitor for all enemies.

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