Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Sonic Generations

5 lives in Water Palace Act 2
If you go around the first loop of the level where you go upside down, don't go all the way around it. Land on the top of the first loop and jump and boost to the left. You have to try to get as far as you can. Then you will land on the top of the walkway that's at the first of the level. There will be 5 life containers there every time you restart the level.

Extra Lives Tips
- A good way to continually have an extra Life is as simple as Finishing Green Hill Act 2 (the Stage in which you play as "Modern Sonic") under "Play Game" in the Main Menu.
- Simply finish that level without dying and you will have the ability to gain 1 Extra Life up any time you effectively finish that stage.

- But always try using the Higher Ground for the reason that Level, in addition to while using "Sonic Boom" (Y - Button) to complete the Level Rapidly, and you ought to have the ability to collect enough Rings not less than 1 Life up any time you finish that stage.

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