Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - The Sims 3

Money Cheat
Save before doing this! First go to store shopping bag, then buy the most expensive thing you can afford (i put flat screen tvs) then keep clicking buy andbsetmit innyour else now when you have 0 money it will keep buying glitch.. if you click anything else other than the buy button you will mess up the cheat. Then after you belive you have enough of that item, sell all of that item and you will have more than you first had this cheat will become harder when you have alot of money.

Few basic hints

Ensure to please all your Sim's requirements prior to she or he goes off to work, even if the particular demands have not yet appeared in the bottom tab. Go to town every couple of days to stop your Sim sensation insane or lonesome. Abilities can be made through bookshelves, chess boards, mirrors and so forth.

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