Saturday, April 30, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - Dead Nation

To unlock the following PS3 Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Trip Downtown (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 2 (Any Difficulty Level).
Aim For The Head (Silver) --- Perform 500 Headshots.
And So It Begins... (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 1 (Any Difficulty Level).
Blown To Bits (Bronze) --- Blow Up 1 000 Zombies.
Car Killer (Bronze) --- Destroy 500 Vehicles.
Contributor (Bronze) --- Help Your Country To Clear The Virus Infection.
Double the Action (Gold) --- Complete Campaign Mode in Co-Op Mode.
Easy Does It (Bronze) --- Complete Campaign Mode on 'Braindead'.
Genocidiary (Gold) --- Kill 53 596 Zombies.
Gravedigger (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 7 (Any Difficulty Level).
Hospital Bill Through the Roof (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 6 (Any Difficulty Level).
King Of Looters (Gold) --- Find all The Loot In Every Mission.
Looter (Silver) --- Find all The Loot In Any Mission.
Mediocrity (Silver) --- Complete Campaign Mode On 'Normal'.
Morbid Curiosity (Gold) --- Complete Campaign Mode On 'Morbid'.
On top of the World (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 4 (Any Difficulty Level).
Out of the City (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 5 (Any Difficulty Level).
Pyromaniac (Bronze) --- Burn 1 000 Zombies.
Romero Would Be Proud (Platinum) --- Find all Trophies.
Skilled (Silver) --- Complete A Mission Without Receiving Any Damage.
Sleeping with the Fishes (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 9 (Any Difficulty Level).
Suit Up (Bronze) --- Collect An Armor Piece.
Survivor (Bronze) --- Complete A Mission Without Dying.
Teamwork (Bronze) --- Complete A Mission in Co-Op Mode (Any Difficulty Level).
Took the Highway (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 10 (Any Difficulty Level).
Top Gear (Gold) --- Find all Armor Pieces.
Tough Enough (Silver) --- Complete Campaign Mode On 'Grim'.
Train to Nowhere (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 8 (Any Difficulty Level).
Up Close & Personal (Bronze) --- Perform 500 Melee Kills.
Upgrader (Bronze) --- Fully Upgrade A Single Slot Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode.
Very Dead (Silver) --- Complete A Mission On 'Undead'.
Walk in the Park (Bronze) --- Complete Mission 3 (Any Difficulty Level).
Weapons Specialist (Silver) --- Fully Upgrade All Slots Of Any Weapon In Campaign Mode.
Zombie Hunter (Silver) --- Kill 10 000 Zombies.
Zombie Killer (Bronze) --- Kill 1 000 Zombies.

DLC Trophies
To unlock the following DLC Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Combo Master (Silver) --- Get the Apocalypse Combo Kill Bonus (150 Kills).
Dynamic Duo (Bronze) --- Complete a Round in Co-Op Without Either Player Taking Damage.
Found 'Em (Bronze) --- Find all the Egogate emblems.
Keep It Up (Silver) --- Complete a Round with a Kills-per-minute ratio of 100 or more.
Never Give Up (Gold) --- Survive to Round 10.

Still In the Game (Bronze) --- Survive to Round 5.

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