Thursday, April 28, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - Darius Burst: Chronicle Saviours

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Absolute Defender (Silver Trophy) --- Complete a Defender rule stage on CS Mode with your gauge at 100%.
All Nothing (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat all bosses and their variants.
Ancient Barrage (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Ancient Barrage.
Azure Nightmare (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Azure Nightmare.
Bird of Legend (Gold Trophy) --- Complete the QUZ route in Original EX mode without taking damage.
Bravest Pilot (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat GTB by making it self-destruct.
Brightly Stare (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Brightly Stare.
Captain Neo (Silver Trophy) --- Complete the QUZ route in Original EX mode without dying.
Chronicle Saviours (Platinum Trophy) --- Earn all Trophies in DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours. Great work!
Dark Helios (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Dark Helios.
EX Mode Complete! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete Original EX Mode.
Eye of the Hawk (Gold Trophy) --- Defeat all bosses and their variants using Burst Counters.
Gigantic Bite (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Gigantic Bite.
Great Thing (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Great Thing.
Hungry Gluttons (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Hungry Gluttons.
Hyper Jaw (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Hyper Jaw.
Iron Fossil (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Iron Fossil.
Lightning Flamberge (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Lightning Flamberge.
Massive Whip (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Massive Whip.
Mirage Castle (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Mirage Castle.
Mud Wheel (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Mud Wheel.
Original Mode Complete! (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete original mode.
Perfect Saviour (Gold Trophy) --- Complete all areas in CS Mode.
Piece Destroyer (Silver Trophy) --- Defeat a Castle type boss after destroying all of its parts.
Planet Saviours (Silver Trophy) --- Watch the ending in CS Mode.
Proco (Silver Trophy) --- Score more than 250,000,000 points on any mode.
Rushing into Next Zone (Silver Trophy) --- Complete a Scramble rule stage on CS Mode with a time under 4 minutes.
Silverhawk Collector (Gold Trophy) --- Purchase all ships in CS Mode.
Solid Claw (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Solid Claw.
Thousand Knives (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Thousand Knives.
Tiat (Gold Trophy) --- Score more than 350,000,000 points in any mode.

Violent Ruler (Bronze Trophy) --- Defeat Violent Ruler.

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