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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Super Mario 3D Land

Unlock Luigi
Complete Special World 1 to unlock Luigi.

Unlock Special World
Complete World 8 to unlock Special World.

Jumping Luigi
At world four shake your 3DS System when you see the picture. At the background behind the castle wall you will see Luigi jumping.

Microphone Tips
Use your Microphone and blow in it to move dandelions, collecting hidden coins, remove ink from the black piranha plants.

Practice moves on test mode
Stay active at the title screen until a level model starts. Continue to remain idle, to start the test level, where you learn moves and play in a 3D puzzle.

Unlock Golden Tanooki Suit
If you lose a level many times you will see a golden Tanooki leaf item box. Now open this box for a Tanooki suit.

Grey Tanooki leaves statue
For this you have to find in "Special World" a grey Tanooki leaf. You will get a bandanna around you neck (red or green colored) now do a Ground Pound to change yourself in a statue.

Mario looking-up tip
Be alert when mario looks up, when he does, look in that direction to find coins easy.

Star Medal levels
W1-4: Collect 3 Star Medals
W3-5: Collect 15 Star Medals
W4-3: Collect 30 Star Medals
W5-3: Collect 40 Star Medals
W5-Bowser: Collect 50 Star Medals
W6-5: Collect 60 Star Medals
W7-3: Collect 70 Star Medals
W8-3: Collect 80 Star Medals
W8-Bowser 1: Collect 90 Star Medals
W8-Bowser 2: Collect 100 Star Medals
S1-Bowser: Collect 110 Star Medals
S2-Airship: Collect 120 Star Medals
S3-Airship: Collect 140 Star Medals
S4-Airship: Collect 160 Star Medals
S5-Bowser: Collect 180 Star Medals
S6-Airship: Collect 200 Star Medals
S7-Bowser: Collect 220 Star Medals
S8-1: Collect 230 Star Medals
S8-2: Collect 240 Star Medals
S8-3: Collect 250 Star Medals
S8-4: Collect 260 Star Medals
S8-5: Collect 270 Star Medals
S8-Bowser: Collect 290 Star Medals

Hidden Photo's
Complete the worlds below to view the photo's (note you have to be on Blue Mushroom house in World 3 to view those pictures)
View Photo 2: Finish World 1.
View Photo 3: Finish World 2.
View Photo 4: Finish World 3.
View Photo 5: Finish World 4.
View Photo 6: Finish World 5.
View Photo 7: Finish World 6.
View Photo 8: Finish World 7.
View Photo 9: Finish the game as Mario.
View Photo 10: Finish the game as Luigi.
View Photo 11: Unlock Special World.
View Photo 12: Finish Special World, then complete the game.

Star icons
By winning levels, collecting flags and stars you receive stars for you saved game files.
Unlock 1 star: Beat Bowser in last level world 8.
Unlock 2 stars: Finish all levels as Mario.
Unlock 3 stars: Finish all levels as Luigi.
Unlock 4 stars: Find the gold flag on all levels.
Unlock 5 stars: Find all star coins.

Secret pipe to World 2
Go to World 1-2 and at the end of the cave you'll see a non-lit torch. Look up and you see an opening! This is 3D remember? So you can dash and jump on to it from any angle! I had a Tanooki suit and went through the opening. When you get on it, go to the left side to get a 1-UP, or go the right side to see the orange pipe to World 2 You're on your way!

Get lives in Boss Battles
You have to battle a turtle thing with a boomerang. When it curls in its shell, make sure you have a golden Tanooki Suit and stomp on her. Now dont move. She keeps on going up and down, but stay on. With every bounce you should get a 1 up.

Pom-pom is sneaky
When you enter a stage with pom-pom as the boss, jump on her wait until she is in her shell, then start jumping on her and the 1-up will start going crazy. Careful though, cause when she pops back out you'll take damage. So get off of her before that happens.

Do a barrelroll
This move can help you destroy those bricks in the wall.First crouch then charge up then hit Y. This will make Mario or Luigi do a barrelroll.

Easy way to defeat bowser
If you start a boss battle with bowser and have tontokki mario, use the tail abilty to fly around bowserand dash for the button. However dont run to far ahead you'll take damage from bowser landing on you.

Toads have coins
To find certain coinstars you need to get on green viewer zoom in on the toad or toads an they will throw out starcoins or other prizes.

Secret crown stage
Once you beat every level with both mario and luigi (including special world levels) with every star coin and reach the top of every goal there will be a flag at the bigining of special world 8. It ganges music you can't miss it.

Infinite lives
On world 2-4 in the beginning there's an empty block but don't break it just jump on top of and jump again to get a 1-up and here is another one keep going until you see a box with bowsers face on it and there should be goombas coming out of it and you need a tanooki in order to get 1-up's by jumping oh I almost forgot and make sure theres only one because once you jump on it another will come out one by one ,position yourself right where the goomba will land and jump at the right timing press the B button and stay at the same place Where the goomba lands you should be able to slowly fall down and another goomba will come out and you keep staying at the same position and you'll hit another.

How to get the secret 1-up
In s1-3, before you go to the final cannon, look to the left and you will see a 1-up. Fire at it but DONT jump on the flag! jump down and go around it and go in the castle for a 1-up.

Infinite lives
In world 1-2, right past the checkpoint flag. There are 3 koopa's, if you go on the ? block (the one on the ground) jump on the koopa, if timed right you will have tons of lives.

Creepy ghost in world 4-4
At the end of 4-4 (the ghost house) instead of jumping on the goal poal you should jump on the fence (not right on the fence say on the purple platform in front of the fence) and go over to the right of the plat form. Keep standing on the platform for about a minute and pay attention closely to the background. After a little while a strange and creepy ghost will appear and after about 4 seconds it will open it's mouth wide, flash, and dissipear.

Bowser fights
In bowser fights if you go near the edge of the platform bowser will jump in front of you and will make some space beside him and if you go in the space you are free.

Creepy ghost in world 4-3 and s4-2
There is this creepy ghost in world 4-3 and s4-2 to do it once your at the flagpole there's a fence go to the right top corner wait for a minute something should appear behind the fence it will flash and disappear (be careful it could make you cry cause it did that to me)

Golden flag
First you need a Tanooki suit, then when you are at the end of a leval (most will have something that takes you to the top of the flagpole) jump and hold till you are at the notch at the top, then go to the leval select menu and, volia, in the bottom right corner you will see a gold flag! (if you dont have a tanooki suit dont do this because you will land at the bottom of the flagpole)

1-3 1-ups
At the beginning, hit the roulette box. If a Star comes out, get it and make your way down those wooden platforms, ramming into those ladybug looking things from Mario Bros. 2, as you get some lives. Or, if a Super Leaf pops out, use it to slowly fall down, only landing on those same enemies.

Piller stopper!
In any level with spike pillars as gold tanooki Mario, if a piller comes towards you, it will stop and reverse quickly as it touches you!

6-1 first hidden star medal
Have you failed in finding the first star medal in 6-1? No worries! At the start of the stage, if you turn left and jump over the rock, there it is!

Get king sizes 1 ups
When you start your profile8 (which means continue) get 999 1 up for mario (or luigi if you unlocked him) then find another 1 up then a kings crown will apear with numbers next to it

Obtaining the Barrett M78A11 experimental sniper rifle
First order of business just already have Special World 7-4 open then find the rifle case marked M78A11XR Extremely high velocity sniper rifle then put your current military service that your.character is currently serving in then put their ID # in the keypad and how many lives they currently have in the game then save the game file that is active. Enjoy shooting Bowser's Brains out of his head.

Super Mario Bros. 3 easter egg
If you lose the game 10 times and you see a Super Mario Bros. 3 - P-wing you can use it to finish that level.

Super mario bros reference
On the two levels named s1-3 and w2-3 when you finish it plays the super mario bros level complete tune.

Donkey Kong easter egg
In W8-Bowser2 ( second castle) during the final bowser fight, Bowser will throw spiked balls, fire, and BARRELS! Just like Donkey Kong!

Three Easter Eggs
Ghost On a haunted house level, instead of beating the level, go to the far right corner of the gate. A ghost will appear at approximately 30 seconds.

Unidentified Flying Object (UFOs) At the level 1-3, go to the binoculars to the side of you. At approximately 30 seconds, a UFO will appear near the yelling toad.

Star S*x: when you receive a picture card, when there is no power-up background, look closely into the background. There will be stars spelling S*X. Like Poltergeist said in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon (me) I am a (don't make fun of me) 11 year-old subliminal message hunter. Post and see for yourself, and I'm not lying. (NINTENDO, EXPLAIN!)

The Legend Of The Evil Mushroom- The Legend Of Statue Tannoki
In Special World 1-1 And Others, Hit A Item Box. You Will Have Unlocked A New Item. It Is A Poisonous Mushroom. Also, You Will See At The Ending Credits, The Tanooki Suit Is Different. It Has A Bandanna. This Is The Statue Tanooki. Its Half Statue, Half Tanooki. Use The Power Up Button To Use It Or Press L Or R To Be Rock. (It Got Deleted On My 3ds So I Kinda Forgot.)

Ghost face (4-4)
In level 4-4, at the end of the level, go past the flag pole and into the top right corner. Stand there for a moment and you'll find a ghost floating in the background. This does not affect you in any way.

2 in-game easter eggs
No.1, in level 5-2 the level is an overhead view, like a legend of zelda game, and at one point of the stage, there are 4 unlit torchesAnd a question mark box in the middle of the room that gives you 5 coins. If you light up all the torches with fire power, a door should open and play the legend of zelda secret found jingle and give you a star coin! No.2, in the final boss fight with bowser, at one point during the fight, he should start tossing giant barrels at you just like donkey kong!!!

Bowser box glitch
In 2-4 and 5-castle with a gold tanooki suit, or a Star in S1-3, with a star, if you ground pound the box, the game will lag, sometimes crash ( rarely so don't worry) , and a faint vine growing sound will play. The vine sound is not actually a vine, its mario's voice lagging. Also, most of the screen will resemble an explosion as you remain on the box. It will explode green and orange colors as this happens. The stages listed above are the only stages in which bowser boxes appear.

Unlimited lives awsome glitch
When boomerang girl comes, wait until she goes in her shell and goes up and down. when she's on the floor and in her shell, jump on her shell [ you need to play the level many times, but its worth it!!! ]

The song lag glitch

In the begining with the song and u see mario doing stuff, wait till he jumps at the end of the song. Then immediately press A. Itll take practice but its totaly worth it. It makes the toad house song and the start song play at the exact same time.

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