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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Super Monkey Ball

Monkey Race Cars
Enter time trial mode and beat the given record for that track. If you beat it faster than that record, you will unlock one car per level.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Dragon --- Finish the record in track 1 of Monkey Park
Great Skull --- Finish the record in track 3 of Monkey Park
Kitana --- Finish the record in track 3 of Sky-Way
Magic Engine --- Finish the record in track 2 of Monkey Park
Mini Shooter --- Finish the record in track 2 of Sky-Way
Robotron --- Finish the record in track 1 of Sky-Way
Unlock Flying Carpet --- Beat the record in track 2 of Mt. Tyrano
Unlock G Catepillar --- Beat the record in track 1 of Mt. Tyrano
Unlock Super Tops --- Beat the record in track 3 of Mt. Tyrano

Monkey Race characters
Complete the indicated task in Grand Prix mode to unlock the corresponding character.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A-Baby --- Finish second in Sky-Way.
B-Jet --- Finish first in Mt. Tyrano.
C-AiAi --- Complete 1st in Monkey Park
F-GonGon --- Finish third in Mt. Tyrano.
N-Jam --- Finish first in Sky-Way.
P-YanYan --- Finish second in Mt. Tyrano.
R-Doctor --- Complete 3rd in Sky-Way
R-Doctor --- Finish third in Sky-Way.

Monkey Ball medals
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Banana Medal --- Find all bananas in a world without using a continue.
C-Medal --- Complete a world and the bonus stage by using the Circle Pad.
M-Medal --- Complete a world and bonus stage by using the Motion Sensor.

B-Jet Fight mode
Play as Aiai in White Cliffs against MeeMee, Baby, and YanYan and get first place.

Mr. Magic
Spend 20 Play Coins in vehicle select screen. Note: You can collect Play Coins by leaving the 3DS in sleep mode and by taking it outside.

Monkey Fight Characters
To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A-Baby --- Beat Countdown series
B-Jet --- Win on all three stages in quick match
C-AiAI --- Spend 20 Play Coins on the character selection screen.
F-GonGon --- Beat Hidden series
N-Jam --- Win Mashup series
P-YanYan --- Beat Super Fight series
R-Doctor --- Win Bomb Rush series
W-MeeMee --- Beat Basic series

Collectibles in Monkey Ball
Half of the Collectibles are special bananas found in stages while the other half consists of hidden tasks you need to perform in order to unlock them.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Arabian Banana --- Found in World 2-4
Banana-phile --- Earn Banana Medals for Worlds 1 to 7.
Banana-phobe --- Finish a stage without collecting a single banana.
Buzzer Beater --- Finish a stage with 00:00 time remaining.
Cliffhanger --- Finish a stage after wasting approximatively 25 seconds hanging close to an edge.
Giga Banana --- Found in World 8-4
Haunted Banana --- Found in World 4-2
Holy Banana --- Found in World 6-4
Jungle Banana --- Found in World 1-8
Red Hot Banana --- Found in World 5-10
Space Banana --- Found in World 7-3
Sticky Banana --- Found in World 3-7
Timekeeper --- Finish a world in which each stages were completed with the same amount of seconds remaining on the timer (decimals don't count).
Untouchable --- Finish a world without making a single shocking crash against a wall.
World Challenger --- Play Worlds 1 to 7.

World Master --- Earn C-Medals and M-Medals for Worlds 1 to 7.

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