Saturday, May 7, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - The Deer God

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
1 Upper (50 GP) --- Haven't found 10 deer heads yet.
All Grown Up (25 GP) --- Haven't become an adult yet.
Blessed Soul (50 GP) --- Haven't gotten a full light karma bar yet.
Choose Elder (50 GP) --- Haven't finished the game yet and become an Elder.
Choose Human (50 GP) --- Haven't finished the game and become a human yet.
Cow Tipper (25 GP) --- Haven't killed 10 cows yet.
Deer Boss (50 GP) --- Haven't beaten all bosses yet.
Eagle Eye (25 GP) --- Haven't killed the eagle yet.
Egg Collector (25 GP) --- Haven't collected 25 eggs yet.
Falconer (25 GP) --- Haven't hatched 3 falcons yet.
Family Man (25 GP) --- Haven't raised 5 babies yet.
Farmer Joe (50 GP) --- Haven't found 10 turnips yet.
Foodie (25 GP) --- Haven't eaten 25 mushrooms yet.
Fox Fire (25 GP) --- Haven't killed 5 foxes with fire yet.
Goody Two Shoes (25 GP) --- Killed creatures within 15 days.
Hungry Jack (25 GP) --- Haven't eaten 100 plants yet
Jack of all Trades (25 GP) --- Haven't used 3 items at the same time yet.
Long John Silver (50 GP) --- Haven't run 50,000 meters yet.
Powers that Be (50 GP) --- Haven't acquired all powers yet.
Psychopath (25 GP) --- Haven't killed 10 deer yet.
Put em on Ice (25 GP) --- Haven't frozen 5 hunters yet.
Reincarnationist (50 GP) --- Haven't become 3 different animals yet.
Serial Killer (50 GP) --- Haven't gotten full dark karma bar yet.
Statuesque (25 GP) --- Haven't collected all relics yet.
Stinky Feet (25 GP) --- Haven't collected 10 skunk cabbages yet.
Survivalist (50 GP) --- Haven't survived for 50 days yet.
Tortoise Master (25 GP) --- Haven't ridden on a tortoise through spikes yet.
Train Rider (25 GP) --- Haven't ridden on a train

Treasure Hunter (25 GP) --- Haven't found 10 treasure boxes yet.

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