Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Playstation 4 Cheats - Don Bradman Cricket 14

To unlock the following Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Good Start (Bronze Trophy) --- Win a career match.
All Comers (Bronze Trophy) --- Win 3 Ranked online games.
An Innings And... (Silver Trophy) --- Beat a team by an innings. (Minimum match type: 120 deliveries, 10 wickets)
Better Together (Bronze Trophy) --- Play an online match with a friend.
Bowlers Game (Bronze Trophy) --- Limit the batting team to less than 50 runs in an innings. (Minimum match type: 120 deliveries, 10 wickets)
Captain's Knock (Silver Trophy) --- Score a double century with your captain.
Career Batsman (Silver Trophy) --- Score 2000 Runs with your career player.
Career Bowler (Silver Trophy) --- Take 100 Wickets with your career player.
Catches Win Matches (Gold Trophy) --- Take a total of 500 catches.
Centurion (Bronze Trophy) --- Score a century with a batsman.
Chairman of Selectors (Bronze Trophy) --- Create a team in the Don Bradman Academy.
Direct Hit (Bronze Trophy) --- Run out a batsman with a direct hit.
Don't Mind If I Do (Bronze Trophy) --- Play online with a team you have downloaded in the Don Bradman Academy.
Dr. Frankenstein I Presume (Bronze Trophy) --- Create a player in the Don Bradman Academy.
Early Breakthrough (Bronze Trophy) --- Take a wicket with the first ball of an innings.
Extra, Extra (Bronze Trophy) --- Bowl 120 deliveries in an innings without conceding any extras.
Five For (Bronze Trophy) --- Take 5 wickets in an innings with one bowler.
Get to Grips (Silver Trophy) --- Win a Test match on Legendary difficulty.
International Stardom (Silver Trophy) --- Be selected to play for your International team in Career Mode.
Legend Batsman (Gold Trophy) --- Score a total of 16000 runs.
Legend Bowler (Gold Trophy) --- Take a total of 800 wickets.
Look What I Did! (Bronze Trophy) --- Share a team in the Don Bradman Academy.
Mine! (Bronze Trophy) --- Take an outfield catch.
Nervous Nineties (Silver Trophy) --- Get a batsman out while they are in the 90's.
Nets Practice (Bronze Trophy) --- Get a streak of 50 in Nets Practice Mode.
Now Go Fetch It (Bronze Trophy) --- Hit a 6 with a straight drive.
Opening Stand (Silver Trophy) --- Score 300 runs in a Test match with your opening batsmen.
Popular Vote (Bronze Trophy) --- Rate 5 user generated players in the Cricket Academy.
Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze Trophy) --- Complete the spin, pace and batting tutorials in Match Practice Mode in one session.
Record 11 (Silver Trophy) --- Have your number 11 batsman score 99 or more.
Safe Hands (Silver Trophy) --- Dismiss a team with just catches. (Minimum match type: 120 deliveries, 10 wickets)
Showing Intent (Bronze Trophy) --- Hit a 6 with the first ball of an innings.
Sobering Effort (Gold Trophy) --- Hit 6 sixes in an over.
The Don (Platinum Trophy) --- Collect all Trophies.
Wicket Maiden (Bronze Trophy) --- Bowl an over with a wicket and no runs conceded.

World Tour (Bronze Trophy) --- Play a match at every ground.

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