Friday, May 20, 2016

Playstation Vita Cheats - Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

To unlock the following PSVita Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Brimming with enthusiasm (Bronze) --- Collect 10 Hats
Diarist (Gold) --- Collect every the Diary Pages
Flying Doctor (Silver) --- Finish the game in 300 minutes
Hat's off to you (Silver) --- Collect 20 Hats
Head scratcher (Bronze) --- Collect 5 Hats
High IQ (Silver) --- Finish the game on puzzle hard
Long story (Silver) --- Collect 20 Diary pages
Mad Hatter (Gold) --- Collect every the Hats
Paper trail (Bronze) --- Collect 5 Diary pages
Puzzler (Bronze) --- Finish the game on puzzle medium difficulty
Short story (Bronze) --- Collect 10 Diary pages
Smooth Operator (Bronze) --- Press 10 TARDIS console buttons
Thorough (Bronze) --- Scan 10 objects
Time Lord (Platinum) --- Collect every Trophies
Universal Destruction Avoided (Silver) --- Finish the game

Secret Trophies
To unlock the following PSVita - Secret Trophies, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Plumb Job (Bronze) --- Re-route the gas pipe plans in Victorian London
A steal (Bronze) --- Defeat the Silence and steal their time capsule
Beg for Mercy (Silver) --- Power-shoot 5 Daleks
Clear Vision (Bronze) --- Finish Mind Map puzzle on Medium or Hard in 60 seconds
Clever clogs (Bronze) --- Finish Data Link puzzle in 60 seconds
Crate work (Bronze) --- Use the gold bullion crate to smash your way out of the Bank of England
Deleted (Silver) --- Finish the Cyberfactory in 20 minutes
Elementary (Silver) --- Finish return to Victorian London in 15 minutes
Exterminated (Silver) --- Finish time-locked London in 20 minutes
Fast on your feet (Bronze) --- Beat the Cybermen to the Underground refugee camp
Geronimo! (Bronze) --- Defeat the Emperor of the Daleks
Goodbye Blue Boy (Bronze) --- Outwit the Strategist Dalek
Hack Job (Bronze) --- Open the security door in the office block
Hello Sexy (Bronze) --- Locate the TARDIS in the Dalek time lock
Hello Sweetie (Bronze) --- Wake up River in the tomb
No time to hang around (Bronze) --- Collect the Stasis Field Generator in the Silence Base
On the right tracks (Bronze) --- Defeat the Cybermen in the Underground refugee camp
One in the eye for the good guy (Bronze) --- Shoot the Emperor Dalek in the eyestalk
Pucker Up (Silver) --- Kiss 6 Stormcage Guards
Quick Getaway (Silver) --- Escape Stormcage in 8 minutes
Sent packing (Bronze) --- Send the Dalek Supreme to Antarctica
Silently Silencing the Silence (Bronze) --- Outwit the Silence without being checkpointed
Smart Cookie (Bronze) --- Finish Re-router puzzle in 60 seconds
Soundly Beaten (Bronze) --- Sonic disarm 5 Silurians
Stunning work (Bronze) --- Stun 5 Cybermen
Tested to Destruction (Bronze) --- Re-route the thermionic consoles in the Cyberfactory
The Eyes have it (Bronze) --- Quick-shoot 5 Daleks
The Open Road (Bronze) --- Lower the drawbridge on Old London Bridge
The Stormcage Redemption (Silver) --- Escape the Stormcage without being detected
Timey Wimey (Silver) --- Finish a Time Corridor in 2 minutes
Toxic Relationship (Bronze) --- Defeat Vekkis
Winch Way Next (Bronze) --- Activate the crane winch in Old St. Pauls

Ye Doctor (Bronze) --- Discover the statue in the Elizabethan quadrangle

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