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Xbox One Cheats - Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A New Hero (10 GP) --- View any of the endings using a custom character.
A Special Gift (10 GP) --- Receive a weapon or item as a gift for the first time.
Age of Beauty (10 GP) --- Have at least three officers declare their love for you in a single lifetime.
Aim For The Back (10 GP) --- Perform a betrayal for the first time.
Appointed Marshal (10 GP) --- Be appointed as a Marshal for the first time.
Appointed Strategist (10 GP) --- Be appointed as a Strategist for the first time.
Architect (10 GP) --- Build a facility for the first time.
Battle Ready (35 GP) --- Obtain at least 30 items.
Battlefield Controller (10 GP) --- Capture 10 or more bases during a single battle.
Beginnings of Ambition (10 GP) --- Raise the banner of your own Kingdom for the first time.
Beyond Invincible (35 GP) --- Use any custom character to defeat all of the famous officers.
Blossoming Love (10 GP) --- Profess your love for someone or have someone confess their love for you for the first time.
Brave and Bold (10 GP) --- Fight your way into enemy territory alone and defeat an officer.
Building Trust (10 GP) --- Complete a Quest and deepen your friendship with your Ruler.
Completionist (90 GP) --- Accomplish all of the achievements in the game.
Construction Enthusiast (10 GP) --- Build at least six of the same facility.
Crushing Victory (10 GP) --- Win a battle with more than 90% of your total forces remaining.
Decorated Veteran (80 GP) --- Achieve all titles.
Doesn't Play Well With Others (10 GP) --- Have a subordinate officer abandon you for the first time.
First Mission (10 GP) --- Complete your first mission.
Goal Orientated Leader (10 GP) --- Complete four Battle Objectives in a single battle.
Husk of Evil (10 GP) --- Obtain virtue of "Pure Evil."
Intellectual Victory (35 GP) --- Defeat more than 10,000 enemies using just Stratagems.
Jumping Ahead (10 GP) --- Get recruited as a Marshal or Strategist from being a Free Officer.
King of Chaos (70 GP) --- Clear any scenario on the "Chaos" difficulty.
Many Ways To Live (70 GP) --- Complete all lifestyles.
Master of Strategy (35 GP) --- Execute all Strategy Commands at least once.
Nepotism Rules (10 GP) --- Create a Kingdom comprised entirely of your sworn siblings, spouses and children.
Oath Beneath Peach Trees (10 GP) --- Swear a sworn sibling oath for the first time.
Paragon of Good (10 GP) --- Obtain virtue of "Saint."
Prove Your Quality (10 GP) --- Became a Ruler for the first time.
Rebel (10 GP) --- Rise in rebellion and become Ruler.
Sizable Kingdom (10 GP) --- Obtain 20 officers in your own Kingdom.
Start of a Long Road (10 GP) --- Complete a Strategy Objective for the first time.
Strategy Stopper (10 GP) --- Stop a Large Scale Stratagem being prepared by the enemy.
Successor (10 GP) --- Succeed your superior's position for the first time.
The Elite Few (10 GP) --- Win a battle with significantly less allied forces than enemy ones.
The Sound of Tiny Feet (35 GP) --- Have a total of at least 5 children.
Till Death Do Us Part (10 GP) --- Get married for the first time.
Ultimate Nation (35 GP) --- Make all famous officers into your subordinate officers.
Unrivaled Strategist (10 GP) --- Use at least 100 Stratagems.
Weapons Locker (35 GP) --- Obtain at least 100 weapons.

Secret Achievements
Complete one of the following Secret achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Collected Works (20 GP) --- In Edit Mode, create at least one officer, banner, warhorse and soldier.
Many Crossroads (35 GP) --- View all of the events that can be watched in the Gallery.
The Next Generation (20 GP) --- Have a child for the first time.
Weather Master (20 GP) --- Use a Stratagem to change the weather.
Well Seasoned (20 GP) --- Fight and win a stage in spring, summer, fall and winter.
Winds of Victory (20 GP) --- Take part in "Battle of Chibi - Allied Forces" & have Zhuge Liang's "Southeast Wind" strategy work.

There seventeen events that can be unlocked by completing the indicated tasks. Note: Events that require the completion of Chain Requests must have completion of low-level requests first before progressing to high-level requests.
- Ambition: Start as a free officer.
- Bandit Chief: You need to complete at least 5 missions from each of Robbery, Thieving, and Assassination request type missions.
- Confession: Have an "S" rank with an officer of the opposite gender. Then, confess to the officer and he or she will confess back.
- Declaration of the Final Battle: Start a battle which can win the game.
- Escape: Fail in a rebellion or hand over a territory to an enemy faction as the governor.
- Founding a Country: Form an army then using it to raise a kingdom.
- Marriage: You will get an option to get married after a successful confession.
- Oath Brothers: Have an "S" rank with an officer.
- Pinnacle of Might: Complete the final mission of the Hunt Request Chain, which requires killing a vagabond army with one of the following officers under your command: Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Pang De, Yu Jin, Gan Ning, Taishi Ci, Lu Meng, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Xiahou Ba, Wen Yang, Lu Bu, Meng Huo, or Lu Lingqi.
- Reliable Guardian: Complete the final mission of the Protection Request Chain, which requires defending a Marshal.
- Successful Revolution: Complete a successful revolution.
- Successor: Have the current ruler quit and choose your character as a successor. A relationship of "A" or better may make this easier.
- The Capitalist: Have a nation with an Evilness of 1 and 99,999 gold.
- The Looter of Chaos: Complete the final mission of the Thief Request Chain, which requires stealing from the National Treasury.
- The Skillful Assassin: Complete the final mission of the Assassination Request Chain, which requires killing a Marshal.
- The Strongest Mercenaries: Complete the final mission of the Rescue Request Chain, which requires rescuing a city.
- Wealthy Country: Have a certain number of cities in your faction. Alternately, build six blacksmiths and item shops.

Ways of Life titles
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title. They will make new strategies and stratagems available in Empires mode and also determines how that character acts when controlled by the CPU. There are 35 tiers of titles. Only one Way of Life per tier can be earned per saved game file. You cannot earn a Ways of Life less than your current tier. Additionally, if your opinion must be adopted during a war council to earn a title, you must not be the ruler, but a servant of them and request a new tactic.
Tier --- Title --- Requirement
0 --- Ordinary Man --- Starting title for Custom Officers
1 --- Calm Traitor --- Win 1 assassination quest
1 --- General Amid Chaos --- Win 1 infiltration quest
1 --- Loyal Warrior --- Win 1 extermination quest
1 --- Many Faceted General --- Win 1 raid quest
2 --- Raging Comander --- Win 1 invasion
3 --- Precise Intellect --- Win 1 defensive battle
4 --- Pinnacle of Splender --- Have over 99,999 gold
5 --- Humble Retainer --- Be a free officer for 3 years and use Rest 5 times
6 --- Loyal General --- Win 5 defensive battles
7 --- Wandering Warrior --- Transfer kingdoms 3 times
8 --- Rising Star --- Get a large promotion as a free officer
9 --- Heroic Unifier --- Have 15 territories and over 99,999 troops
10 --- Unprincipled Thug --- Have -1000 or less karma and use Slander once
11 --- Lord's Right Hand --- Negotiate a treaty with another kingdom and have your opinion adoptedat a War Council
12 --- Elite Warrior --- Have 10 territories and 3 happy regions
13 --- General of the Land --- Have 15 territories and do not lose territory for 2 years
14 --- Devil May Care Warrior --- Increase karma by 1000 in a year, decrease karma by 1000 in a year,reach both 3000 and -3000 karma
15 --- Undefeated Veteren --- Win 5 defensive battles and 3 escort quests
15 --- High Spirited Commander --- Win 5 invasions and have 10 officers with high friendship ratings
16 --- Trustworthy Hero --- Win 1 escort and have 10 officers with high friendship ratings
17 --- Honest and Handsome --- Be asked to join a group/kingdom 3 times and get 3 confessions from women
17 --- Fair Flower --- Be asked to join a group/kingdom 3 times and get 3 confessions from men
18 --- Stormy Life --- Lose a rebellion/betrayal, spend 5 years as a free officer, get a promotionas a free officer, and successfully rebel as a strategist or marshal
18 --- Diamond in the rough --- Have 15 territories and 10 years pass
19 --- Keen Eyed General --- Have 8 happy territories and recruit 5 officers
20 --- Immortal --- Rest 10 times, spend 5 years as a free officer and 10 years pass
21 --- Life of Ups and Downs --- Fail a rebellion, have 50,000 troops, have 50,000 gold, and spend 1 yearas a free officer
22 --- Unmatched Under Heaven --- Win 10 invasions and 3 exterminations
23 --- Close Adviser --- Be asked to join a group/kingdom 3 times and have your opinion adoptedduring a war council 3 times
24 --- Unpredictable Schemer --- Transfer kingdoms 5 times, start 1 rumor, and win a battle at a 5,000troop disadvantage
25 --- Wiley Tactician --- Perform a rebellion as a Marshal/Strategist and make 5 treaties
25 --- Unmatched Intellect --- Do not lose a territory for 5 years and make 5 treaties
26 --- Ruler of the Midlands --- Conquer 5 territories in 1 year and spend 1 year as a free officer
27 --- Outstanding Talent --- Do not lose a territory for 5 years, recruit five officers, and make1 diplomatic treaty
28 --- Tyrant of Chaos --- Have -3000 karma, 3 regions that are unhappy, accept 1 bribe, andexecute 1 person
28 --- Benevolent Ruler --- Have 3000 karma, 10 officers with high friendship ratings, 3 regionsthat are happy, and donate 5 times
29 --- Seductive Beauty --- Transfer kingdoms 5 times, complete 5 infiltration missions, have both3000 and -3000 karma, 3 confessions from men, and be asked to join a group/ki
29 --- Tall and Handsome --- Win 5 invasions, 5 escorts, have 10 friendly officers, 3 confessionsfrom women, and be asked to join a group/kingdom 5 times
30 --- God of War --- Win a battle at a 20,000 troop disadvantage, win 10 defensive battles,5 escort quests, and be asked to join groups/kingdoms 5 times
31 --- Bold and Brave --- Win a battle at a 20,000 troop disadvantage, 10 invasions, 5 exterminations,and have 10 officers with high friendship
32 --- Flying General --- Win a battle at a 20,000 troop disadvantage, 10 invasions, 5 raid missions,and have 20 officers with low friendship
33 --- Tyrannical King --- 3 parties, -3000 karma, 20 unfriendly officers, 3 bribes, 5 officers leave 8 unhappy regions, 15 executions, 99999 gold
33 --- The Little Conquerer --- Win 5 invasions, do not lose territory for 2 years, take 5 territoriesin 1 year, fight with 2 kingdoms at once, have 3 happy regions, and 3 years free
33 --- Unparalleled Strategist --- Have your opinion adopted 5 times during a war council, scout 3 officers,start three rumors, and rebel as a strategist/marshal
33 --- Unrecognized Genious --- Do not lose a territory for 5 years, negotiate 10 treaties, spend 5 yearsas a free officer, and get a large promotion from being a free officer
33 --- Aide to Kings --- Do not lose a territory for 2 years, negotiate 10 treaties, have youropinion adopted 5 times during a war council, and make 5 alliances
33 --- Hero of Chaos --- 15 territories, 5 regions in 1 year, fight two enemies at once, fiverecruits, 3000 and -3000 karma, 99999 troops
33 --- King of Hanzhong --- 15 territories, 5 recruitments, 3000 karma, 20 friendly officers,8 happy regions, 15 donations, 99999 materials
33 --- Duplicitous Joker --- Win a battle at a 10,000 troop disadvantage, win 5 assassinations, start3 rumors, and transfer kingdoms 5 times
34 --- Great Authority --- 10 treaties, opinion adopted 5 times, scout 3 times, 3 rumors, 5 recruits,5 alliances, 5 invites, alienate 3 times, rebel as Strategist/marshal
34 --- Fiendish Beast --- 10 invasions, 5 assassinations, 3 rumors, 3 parties, 20 enemies, 3 bribes,8 unhappy areas, 15 executions, -9999 karma
34 --- Virtuous Saint --- 10 defend, 5 escort, 5 alliances, 20 friends, 8 happy regions, 9999 karma,15 donations
34 --- Mighty Warriors --- Win a 20,000 troop disadvantage, 5 defenses, 5 regions in 1 year, no lossesfor 5 years, 5 infiltrate and assassinate, 5 raid and exterm, 30 invasions

35 --- All Encompassing --- 5 assassinate, infiltrate, raid, exterminate, 30 invasion, 20 defense,10 treaties, 9999 and -9999 karma, 5 transfers, 5 year free officer, 30 years

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