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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Super Pokemon Scramble

Special toys codes (US only)
Contact Munna in Easterly Town. Now beat them and add them to your collection, those Pokemon will have special moves or abilities.
Code: --- Result:
2364-4610 --- Articuno (in 4-1 Frozen Tundra)
0176-1458 --- Audino (in 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank)
3402-6485 --- Dialga (in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain)
2159-4650 --- Eelektross (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope)
5662-7748 --- Emboar (in 1-3 Echo Valley)
3535-6928 --- Gallade (in 4-2 Everspring Valley)
1959-4010 --- Garchomp (in 3-1 Rugged Flats)
9625-7845 --- Gliscor (in 4-3 Sunny Seashore)
0681-1611 --- Groudon (in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain)
0442-4822 --- Lugia (in 2-4 Shimmering Lake)
8714-7361 --- Moltres (in 4-3 Sunny Seashore)
7403-2240 --- Oshawott (in 2-4 Shimmering Lake)
7746-3878 --- Pikachu (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope)
2452-2129 --- Samurott (in 1-2 Seabreeze Trail)
7111-4427 --- Serperior (in 1-1 Trailhead Field )
0835-7338 --- Snivy (in 2-3 Soothing Shore)
6482-3610 --- Stunfisk (in 2-3 Soothing Shore)
2061-8332 --- Tepig (in 2-2 Misty Edgewater)
8819-8699 --- Thundurus (in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain)
0250-7321 --- Tornadus (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope)
4713-9936 --- Unfezant (in 2-2 Misty Edgewater)
6699-8898 --- Victini (in 1-2 Sun Dappled Bank)
1675-4459 --- Zapdos (in 4-2 Everspring Valley)

Special toys codes (JP only)
Contact Munna in Easterly Town. Now beat them and add them to your collection, those Pokemon will have special moves or abilities.
Code: --- Result:
7322-0927 --- Articuno (in 4-1 Frozen Tundra)
1975-5256 --- Audino (in 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank)
9752-8353 --- Dialga (in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain)
1562-5492 --- Eelektross (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope)
9616-8485 --- Gallade (in 4-2 Everspring Valley)
6067-1831 --- Garchomp (in 3-1 Rugged Flats)
7442-3671 --- Gliscor (in 4-3 Sunny Seashore)
7415-3319 --- Groudon (in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain)
8902-7356 --- Heat Stamp Emboar (in 1-3 Echo Valley)
6079-2900 --- Lugia (in 2-4 Shimmering Lake)
6301-6557 --- Moltres (in 4-3 Sunny Seashore)
1432-2751 --- Oshawatt (in 4-2 Shimmering Lake)
6715-6555 --- Pikachu (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope)
9418-1517 --- Samurott (in 1-2 Seabreeze Trail)
3791-0580 --- Serperior (in 1-1 Trailhead Field)
8590-9413 --- Snivy (in 2-3 Soothing Shore)
4000-2108 --- Stunfisk (in 2-3 Soothing Shore)
1906-5834 --- Tepig (in 2-2 Misty Edgewater)
2751-4887 --- Thundurus (in 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain)
5155-4087 --- Tornadus (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope)
3654-9185 --- Unfezant (in 2-2 Misty Edgewater)
7267-3443 --- Victini (in 1-2 Sun Dappled Bank)
3060-1785 --- Zapdos (in 4-2 Everspring Valley)
0120-8652 --- Zoroark (in 4-1 Frozen Tundra)

Special toys codes (EU only)
Contact Munna in Easterly Town. Now beat them and add them to your collection, those Pokemon will have special moves or abilities.
Code: --- Result:
2704-0204 --- Articuno
7462-8687 --- Audino
3681-9208 --- Dialga
6491-6130 --- Eelektross
6306-9222 --- Emboar
4291-0125 --- Gallade
1027-9741 --- Garchomp
7182-4825 --- Gliscor
7132-9643 --- Groudon
3467-3843 --- Lugia (in 2-4 Shimmering Lake)
6284-2344 --- Moltres
8084-8937 --- Oshawatt
7580-5216 --- Pikachu (in 3-2 Volcanic Slope)
3791-9675 --- Samurott
047-7639 --- Serperior
4941-6440 --- Snivy (in 2-3 Soothing Shore)
4074-7455 --- Stunfisk
5487-0833 --- Tepig (in 2-2 Misty Edgewater)
1189-0516 --- Thundurus
9816-6460 --- Tornadus
0632-6305 --- Unfezant
9082-7838 --- Victini (in 1-2 Sun Dappled Bank)
1566-6140 --- Zapdos
6150-1893 --- Zoroark

Groudon code european
7132-9643 this is the super pokemon rumble code for groudon i tested it myself on my 3ds game.

Legacy mode
Finish the game once and hold L + R + Left and then press A at the title screen. Release the buttons after a sound is played. In this mode, all areas will revert to their state before the game was completed. This will let you collect low power Pokemon again.

Legendary Pokemons
You can unlock new Legendary Pokemon by meeting people with the game on Street Pass:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Azelf [Shimmering Lake: Lake Area] --- Meet 10 People
Celebi [Everspring Valley: Forest Area] --- Meet 60 People
Jirachi [Firebreathing Mountain: Tower Area] --- Meet 40 People
Manaphy [Rugged Flats: Beach Area] --- Meet 20 People
Mesprit [Soothing Shore: Lake Area] --- Meet 5 People
Mew [Sunny Seashore: Factory Area] --- Meet 80 People
Phione [Rugged Flats: Beach Area] --- Meet 20 People
Shaymin (Land Forme) [World Axle Underground 2F: Ice Area] --- Meet 100 People
Shaymin (Sky Forme) [World Axle Underground 1F: Forest Area] --- Meet 120 People
Uxie [Sun-Dappled Bank: Lake Area] --- Meet 2 People
Victini [World Axle Underground 2F: Tower Area] --- Meet 150 People

Ex battles (team and royale)
After you beat the game, you may go to the upper floor of axel town to participate in intense ex battles. Your prizes are money in increasing amounts, and if you beat ex 6 royale, you get mewtwo and the heroes key, and if you beat team battle ex6, you get arceus *Note that you actually have to go to areas to get them*

How to Get All Legendaries
These are the ways to get all of the legendaries! (Remember to beat the game before attempting to get one) (Remember that only 5% of the time you'll get the yellow shiny catapult at the end of the level that leads you into a legendary battle) (It's suggested that you use a speedy, speedy+, or speedy++ pokemon for faster results)
- Regice: 4-1 Glacier, after the third red catapult.
- Regirock: 4-3 Canyon, after the third red ctapult.
- Registeel: 4-3 Factory, after the third red catapult.
- Raikou: B1F Meadow, after the third red catapult.
- Entei: B2F Cave, after the third red catapult.
- Suicine: B2F Lake, after the third red catapult.
- Articuno: B2F Glacier, after the third red catapult.
- Zapdos: B2F Factory, after the third red catapult.
- Moltres: B1F Lava, after the third red catapult.
- Latias/Latios: Any Meadow, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Deoxys (All Forms): Any Factory, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Mewtwo: Any Factory, after completion of Battle Royale EX-6, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Cressela: Any Treetops, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Darkrai/Giratina (All Forms): Any Hauntyard, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Palkia: Any Lake, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Regigigas: Any Desert, find a shiny, yellow catapult
- Heatran/Groudon: Any Lava, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Kyogre/Lugia: Any Beach, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Rayquaza: Any Tower, find a shiny yellow catapult.
- Arceus (All Forms): Any Tower, after completion of Team Battle EX-6, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Ho-oh: 3-2/3-3 Autumnwood, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Dialga/Reshiram/Zekrom: Any Cave, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Tornadus: 3-2 Autumnwood, find a shiny, yellow catapult, requires 3 encounters before battle.
- Thunderous: 3-3 Autumnwood, find a shiny, yellow catapult, requires 3 encounters before battle.
- Landorus: 3-2 Autumnwood find a shiny, yellow catapult, must defeat Thunderous and Tornadus before battle.
- Virizion: Any Forest, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Terrakion: Any Canyon, find a shiny, yellow catapult.
- Cobalion: Any Cave, find a shiny, yellow catapult, must defeat Virizion and Terrakion before battle. You get a free Rusty Cobalion after you defeat both Virizion and Terrakion.

The next legendaries are for getting a certain amount of customers in the toy shop. (Customers are the people you meet on Streetpass who also have Pokemon Rumble Blast) (All legendaries will show up after the final red catapult)
- Uxie: 2-1 Lake, get 2 customers first before battle.
- Mesprit: 2-3 Lake, get 5 customers first before battle.
- Azelf: 2-4 Lake, get 10 customers first before battle.
- Phione/Manaphy: 3-1 Beach, get 20 customers first before battle.
- Jirachi: 3-3 Tower, get 40 customers first before battle.
- Celebi: 4-2 Forest, get 60 customers first before battle.
- Mew: 4-3 Factory, get 80 customers first before battle.
- Shaymin (Land Form): B2F Glacier, get 100 customers first before battle.
- Shaymin (Sky Form): B1F Forest, get 120 customers before battle.
- Victini: B2F Tower, get 150 customers before battle.

Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect weren't put in Pokemon Rumble Blast but with Action Replay 3DS (If they make it) maybe they can. Here are where they might be. (There might be a code for them or you could get them immediately with action replay)
Keldeo: B1F Beach, get a shiny, yellow catapult.
Meloetta (Both Forms): B2F Tower, get a shiny, yellow catapult.
Genesect (All Blaster Types) B2F Factory, get a shiny, yellow catapult.

I heard Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 were coming out, and there was going to be a Black Kyurem and a White Kyurem in the game. It might be possible (With an Action Replay 3DS) that it can be in Pokemon Rumble Blast as well.
Kyurem (Black and White Form) B2F Glacier, find a shiny, yellow catapult.

Even though it's not a Pokemon, there might be a code, and/or used with an Action Replay 3DS that lets you play as Dark Rust.
Dark Rust: B3F (Deepest Level), type in code, then find Dark Rust in the area.

How to get the regi's
Regigiggas is in all deserts if you find a shiny catapult, regice is at 4-1 Frozen Tundra, registeel is at 4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory, and Regirock is at 4-3 Sunny Seashore Canyon. Unlike Regigigas, the regi trio is after the third red catapult. Hope this is helpful for the people who like regi's!

How to find Rotom and Unknown (all forms)
Rotom and Unknown are in two seprate locations. Rotom is at a hideout at 3-3 firebreathing mountain. Unknown is at a hideout in 4-2 Eversorind Valley. After you go to the hideouts, they close for about 2 to 3 days until opening again. The levels of Rotom and Unknown increase with world rank, but there are only 12 pokemon in each hideout.

How to get pokemon by releasing pokemon
Ever wondered how to evolve pokemon in super pokemon rumble? Well as we already know you can't level-up or evolve pokemon in super pokemon rumble (no, i'm NOT talking about pokemon rumble blast, i dont know what it is, never played it) but we can in other versions of pokemon, you know what i'm talking about, ruby, saphire, leafgreen, firered,emerald, (i have ruby and saphire but they are probably only for game boy advance as of leafgreen, firered and emerald) gold, silver, diamond blah blah blah. So even though we all can't do so in spr, (super pokemon rumble) by releasing 7 of the same pokemon at once (you can release different pokemon with the seven and it will still work but it will only work like this example: 7 munchlax (or other of the same 7 pokemon) or 7 munchlax and let's say 5 pichu or maybe 3 snivy and a servine. When released they will give you money and because you put the 7 munchlax in, a snorlax will be droped after the coin. And i'm calling this how to evolve pokemon because snorlax is the evolved form of munchlax right? So it's like evolving it right? But this won't work if it's like: 5 munchlax and 2 oshawott (or it can be another combination that isn't 7 of the same pokemon) or it also won't work if the 7 of the same pokemon don't have an evolved form or it is already evolved to the last evolution form like 7 mienshao but if it's 7 of the same pokemon that are in the second evolved form then you will get the third evolved form. So that's all you need to know and all i do know for now. You get my point of how to do it? Do you get the point now? Do you know how to do it know? Good i hope so because it's pretty usefull and this might be some pretty usefull stuff to know! If you like it and you find this usefull, tell me, on this site by submitting it in the Q&A or whatever. bye! You have a good day now alright!

Reset game
Press and hold A + Y + B + X when you start the game. And release the buttons at the title screen.

How to get Kyogre and Rayquaza
After you have beaten the game, go to any beach and find a shiny catapult and you will battle Kyogre or Lugia. Go to any Tower and find a shiny catapult and you will battle Rayquaza.

Ninjask/Virzion runs
To get Virzion, you'll need Ninjask first! (Note : Ninjask is not a NEED, but it will be very useful/helpful on you're quest for Virizion.) After you've beaten the game, Go to 2-2 Forest. Then, capture either 7 Nincadas or one Ninjask. If you captured 7 Nincadas release them, you will get a Speedy, Speedy+ or Speedy++ Ninjask FOR SURE! ( 92% Chance...) If you captured Ninjask , I recommend either teaching it Agility , Double Team or just attempting to get speedy trait. (Note) You must go to the ! pad even after you've captured Nijask/7 Nincadas , as you may get a shiny one! After Ninjask (Speedy , Speedy+ , Speedy++ ) , use him on 2-2 Forest Repatidily (do not battle the pokemon) Then, after a while you'll get Virizion! Hope this helps.

Unlock Kyurem
For all of you people who play Pokemon Rumble Blast: Kyurem IS available to get. While browsing through other Unlockables on here, I saw that no one knew precisely how to get Kyurem. After looking it up on YouTube, and doing a couple runthroughs of the place myself, just to verify it, I found him.

I'm not completely sure if you can find him in all Glaciers, but here is how to find him:

Kyurem; 4-1 Glacier: get a shiny boss catapult

During my run, I also managed to both find AND recruit four Regice. This is without cheats; I don't have an AR 3DS (if there even is one).

But have a happy hunt, everybody!

Darkrust's barrier
In the final arena the last battle is against darkrust. To beat him kill the pokemon around him and cobalion will sacrifice himself to break the barrier then kill darkrust.

How to get palkia and mesprit
Go to all lakes after you beat the game, and you can find mesprit after you meet 5 people in the shop. He can only be found at the 2-1 lake.

How to get dialga and reshiram and zekrom and cobalion
Dialga, reshiram, and zekrom can all be found in the cave levels after you beat the game, and cobalion can be found in the cave after you get terakkion and virizion.

How to get arceus and rayquaza
Rayquaza can be found in all towers after you beat the game, and after you beat team battle ex6, you can go the and get arceus.

How to get mewtwo and deoxys
Go to the factories after you beat the game to get deoxys, and beat ex6 battle royale and go to the factory.

How to get terrakion an virizion
To get terrakion, go to any canyon level, and to get virizion, go to any forest level.

How to get groudon and heatran
To get both groudon and heatran, go to any magma area after you beat the game.

How to get kyogre and lugia
Go to any beach level after you beat the game.

How to get darkrai and giratina (origin and altered form)
Darkrai and giratina (Both forms) can be found at the hauntyard after beating the game.

Plated arceus forms
Arceus can be found as any type in the tower area as well as his normal form, but it is completely random what type he is. Not only will he be a different type, but iemd he knows judgment, the move will be the same type as him.

How to get latios or latias
Go to any meadow area after you beat the game.

Simple way to beat Darkrust
All you need to do is this. on B2F go to the tower until you get a scrafty that knows drain punch. if you use this Scrafty, it will help you win very easily, beacause you can absorb life at a constant rate while attacking enemys. hope this helps for people who are stuck.

How to predict Rumpus rooms
Rumpus rooms are always anoying, and can make you lose a life if you arn't prepared for it. Catapults to rumpus rooms are always pointing in a diffrent direction than normal catapults are. this is how you tell Rumpus rooms are coming up. hope this helps!

How to find sparkling catapults faster
I use this trick myself! all you do is find a speedy, speedy+, or speedy++ pokemon and run through the stage until you reach the boss catapult. if its not shiny, go back to the town and try the level again. you'll eveantualy find the shiny catapult! hope this helped!

How to get legendaries easier
Some legendaries are difficult to get. First to get one,you must finish the game. If you have not finished the game you will not be able to get to a shiny pad. Second you must have a speedy pokemon. Here is what you have to do with a speedy pokemon; Speed up the stage. When you find the boss pad (!) see if it is shiny. If it is not, try again! Note;Do NOT try to make the boss pad shine!It does not work. Hope this helped!&D

How to get a legendary pokemon for beginners
First, you must beat the game by defeating dark rust. After that, you can go to any area and there is a 5% chance of the boss pad being sparkly. If it is sparkly, then you can get a legendary pokemon. Legendary pokemon have specific areas, and some have special requirements.

Foe attack locations
Foe attack locations. So what I mean by that is when the foe attacks well, it's like the range so i'm going to put it like that. The range. Do you see lights on the ground when foes are about to attack? Well when the foe attacks the attack is where the lights were. So when you see the lights move out of them becouse you know thats where it's going to attack right?

Easy way to get shinny, yellow launch pads!
I found out how to get shinny yellow launch pads! All you do is a switch-a-ro. Example: I started with a speedy pokemon the each time I got to the next launch pad, I changed it with a tough pokemon! This trick got me a shinny yellow launch pad in just the first try every time!! Hopes this helps all you gamers out there! PEACE :)

How to open the 2 hideouts
Here is how to open the hideouts 1 after another. So the Rotom Hideout is in 3-3 right? So If you defeat anything in 4-2, the Rotom Hideout will open, and if you're lucky, the Unown Hideout will open. Sometimes it won't open straight away. So then you'd have to defeat anything in 3-3 to open the Unown hideout. So that's that conquered.

Pokemon Mystery
When you go to 3-3 factory in the boss stage go to the top right corner and attack. Then there's a mystery sound. Try to figure it out.

How to get the Regis
(Remember, don't attempt to do this before you have beaten Dark Rust. It won't work.) To get Regice go to the 4-1 Glacier to get him. It will take you about 5 times to encounter him after the third red catapult. Then to get Regirock go to the 4-3 Canyon and you will encounter him after the third red catapult. If you don't see him try again. To get Registeel go to the 4-3 Factory to bfriend him after the third red catapult. Now this is VERY important. To get Regigigas go to any Desert and find a shiny yellow catapult and he might be the Legenary Boss.

How to get Arceus and Mewtwo (All Types)
*IMPORTANT* Do not attempt to get Arceus and Mewtwo before you have beaten Dark Rust and finished the game. It will not work.

After you have beaten the game, you will unlock the EX Area avalible in Axle Town. Go to the EX Area with some really strong toy Pokemon powered about 2,200-2,400. Then go to the EX Battle Royales'. Beat them all one-by-one until you have beaten Battle Royale EX-6. After that you would have beaten them all. This will unlock Mewtwo. You can now get him at any Tower. Then move on to the EX Team Battles'. Again, beat them all one-by-one until you have beaten Team Battle EX-6. Now that you have beaten all of the Team Battles, you can get Arceus (All types) at any tower. Now you can get 2 AWESOME legendaries! Hope I helped and have fun with your 2 newest recruits to your team!

How to get ninjask (speedy trait)
To do that, you have to get 7 Nincadas in 2-2 forest, Then release all of them at the release point, they will leave you some coins, and then the second message will say "On top of that, they introduced you to Ninjask!" it will be speedy for sure. if you want more powerful one, check if the nincadas are powerful enough. hope this helped.

Cobalion, virsion and terrakion locations
To get virsion look in a forest terrakion canyon and when you say have terrakion and then you just get virsion you will get a rusty cobalion toy and you will now be able to find a cobalion in a cave if its a shiny boss launch pad!

How get Kyurem
To get kyurem go to northerly town then go to 4-1 go to the glacier. Kyurem's sergth will be 2371 it will have glaciate, and fly has the moves i hope this works for you gamers.

How to get cressla
After you beat the game go to axel town and go to the tree tops and you will find cressila.

Double money EASY
Step1, get to boss. then, use a powerful pokemon to ALMOST kill the boss. Finnaly, switch to a pokemon that has a lucky status and kill it for TONS OF MONEY!!! Hope this works.

Unused type advantages
Here's a little tip. When coming back for a legendary after beating the game, you may figure out the legendary's weakness. But! Don't use the weakness, that's what the makers want you to do! I used a grass type against a fire type Arceus, it worked fine! Arceus only used a normal type attack! It worked for me, so I hope it'll work for you!

How to get a legendary very easy
When u go in an area, yell at the game while u proceed through the area. for example, i went to a cave and yelled,"reshiram! i challenge u to a battle!" when i got to the end of the level, i found a shiny launch pad which led me to a fight with reshiram!!! hope this helps.

How to see rumpus room pads
Ok, I know you all hate when you get rumpus rooms unexpectedly... Here's a solution! If you find a sideways pad, thats a rumpus room pad. I hope this helped!

All legendary locations
This is how you get them. Sometimes they don't appear. Some can be obtained by password. AGC stands for After Game Completion. Pokemon with All something have 5% chance coming out. How you know is that the boss room launch pad is shiny.
- Legendary Articuno: World Axle B2F Glacier AGC, Password 2364-4610
- Legendary Zapdos: World Axle B2F Factory AGC, Password 1675-4459
- Legendary Moltres: World Axle B1F Magma AGC, Password 8714-7361
- Legendary Mewtwo: All Factories After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6
- Legendary Mew: 4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory After meeting 80 people
- Legendary Raikou: World Axle B1F Meadow AGC
- Legendary Entei: World Axle B2F Cave
- Legendary Suicune: World Axle B2F Lake AGC
- Legendary Lugia: All Beaches AGC, Password 0442-4822
- Legendary Ho-oh: All Autumnwood AGC
- Legendary Celebi: 4-2 Everspring Valley Forest After meeting 60 people
- Legendary Regirock: 4-3 Sunny Seashore Cannon AGC
- Legendary Regice: 4-1 Frozen Tundra Glacier AGC
- Legendary Registeel: 4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory AGC
- Legendary Latias: All Meadows AGC
- Legendary Latios: All Meadows AGC
- Legendary Kyogre: All Beachs AGC
- Legendary Groudon: All Magmas AGC, 0681-1611
- Legendary Rayquaza: All Towers AGC
- Legendary Jirachi: 3-3 Firebreathing Mountain Tower After meeting 40 people
- Legendary Deoxys: All Factories Each Form AGC
- Legendary Rotom: 3-3 Fire Breathing Mountain Rotom's Hidden Room All forms available
- Legendary Uxie: 2-1 Sun-Dappled Bank Lake After meeting 2 people
- Legendary Mesprit: 2-3 Soothing Shore Lake After meeting 5 people
- Legendary Azelf: 2-4 Shimmering Lake Lake After meeting 10 people
- Legendary Dialga: All Caves AGC, Password 3402-6485
- Legendary Palkia: All Lakes AGC
- Legendary Heatran: All Magmas AGC
- Legendary Regigigas: All Deserts AGC
- Legendary Giratina: All Horrors AGC
- Legendary Cresselia: All Treetops AGC
- Legendary Phione: 3-1 Desolated Ruins Beach After meeting 20 people
- Legendary Manaphy: 3-1 Desolated Ruins Beach After meeting 20 people
- Legendary Darkrai: All Horrors AGC
- Legendary Shaymin Land: World Axle B2F Glacier After meeting 100 people
- Legendary Shaymin Sky: World Axle B1F Forest After meeting 120 people
- Legendary Arceus: All Towers After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6
- Legendary Victini: World Axle B2F After meeting 150 people, Password 6699-8898
- Legendary Cobalion: All Caves After defeating Terrakion and Virizion AGC
- Legendary Terrakion: All Canyons AGC
- Legendary Virizion: All Forests AGC
- Legendary Tornadus: 3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood Requires 3 encounters before battle, Password 0250-7321
- Legendary Thunderus: 3-3 Fire Breathing Mountain Autumnwood Requires 3 encounters before battle, Password 8819-8699
- Legendary Reshiram: All Caves AGC
- Legendary Zekrom: All Caves AGC
- Legendary Landorus: 3-2 Volcanic Slope Autumnwood Requires beat both Tornadus and Landorus AGC
- Legendary Kyurem: All Glaciers AGC

How to defeat battle royale ex-6 easily
You have to have the Girantinas to do this and know shadow force and protect.

I used a:
1st snappy girantina 3271
2nd girantina 3241
3rd girantina 3115

First you start of with the snappy or any girantina(i used a snappy girantina becuse it's moves go faster). Use protect every time you start attacking the opponents. Next when you see the four deoxys, attack the forms in order. First attack,speed,normal than defense. When mewtwo arrives your girantina gets defeated use another one but when mewtwo attacks,go behind mewtwo and let it defeat the other pokemon. When it's just you and mewtwo use shadow force and when it is starting to attack, use shadow force and go behind it. Mewtwo can only attack the front. When it stops attacking attack mewtwo and do the same stratergy and hopefully you will defeat mewtwo. I hope this worked.

Pokemon money givers
In 3-3 desert there is a sand whirlpool and if you attack the middle money will pop out at you after like 5 times a pokemon will pop out... this will happen in more maps but i don't know which ones

Location of some secret Coin Areas
- 4 Lake Two spots: Just before the boss, check at the far east and west parts.
- 3-1 Desert: Attack in the middle of the quicksand pit.
- Lava: Attack on one of the dead-ended bridges.

Get strong legendaries easily
All you have to do, is, get a lengendary pokemon that you want a strong pokemon of, (don't worry if it's weak) and then, raise up the world rank a couple times, then release that pokemon. Go back and do the area that the legendary is in, and within 5 tries that legendary will appear.

How to tell if a pokemon has a special trait or not
If the pokemon has a faint sparkle around it, it has a special trait. But if it doesn't have a sparkle surronding it, it is a normal pokemon. P.S. i play lots of different things. Watch out for me. :)

How to defeat Mewtwo in Battle Royale
All you have to do is get three Heatrans with thier A button power. Then you have to make sure all of them have the B power Crunch. Use crunch on all phsycic pokemon until thier defense is down. When thier defense is down press A until they die. Only use A on all other pokemon except the ones that appear. Bye and good luck and I hope this works cause it did for me. P.S.( You can find Heatran in volcanos.) Sincerely Pokemon Rumble Blast expert Omar Cuevas winner if all EX battles.

Getting Celibi in less than 30 min's
To do this u need to save and exit the game then set the date a day forward and u will get a customer in your toy shop. U can do this as much as u like as this glitch is infinite.

How to get legendary pokemon
Pick a speedy pokemon. It should be either a legendary pokemon or a flying type. I think it is okay if your pokemon uses the move agility, but it is best if they have the speedy trait, speedy+, or speedy++. Once you have your selected pokemon, enter the stage you want and race through it as fast as you possibly can. Rumpus rooms may mess up your speedy streak, so it may take at least 10 or more tries to get a glimmery (shiny, sparkly) yellow boss launch pad. I used Moltres, with the move agility, and it worked for me. This trick takes a while, but it is worth it!

How to to tell if a pokemon will attack
Sometimes, when enemy pokemon are preparing to attack, you may see them leaning back and the ground before them shimmering. This means that they will attack there. When they are leaning back, it is important that you know that some moves take a while to be used. I hope this helps for all you pokemon rumble blastfans out there!

Easy money
If you go to 3-3 factory you can get a lot of money bye going to the fourth level and hitting the side hope this helps ps a galvantula will come out when you get 3 or 4 coins

Earlier Shiny Catapult
To get a shiny catapult, you must use a Speedy, Speedy+, or Speedy++ Ninjask for one also when you switch to another pokemon, you will not get one it just increases the chances

The Ways of Legends
1. Just plain old speeding. A Speedy+ at least on anything that isn't usually fast. Speedy+ Jirachi is very fast so, save up those play coins to buy visitors.

2. I call this the Nid Trick due to the person I first saw mention its username. You enter the area you are searching, then if the guide is on the right talk to them but right as you hit A you also start holding R. As soon as they guide is done talking hold down L button for the rest of the level. If the launch pad isn't shiny try again until it is.

3. 15 Minute Method. You go to the end of the level WITHOUT going to the boss, and wait there for 15 minutes then switch to a legendary. This has not really worked for me but give it try.

Easy legendaries
Use a Speedy, Speedy+, or Speedy++ Ninjask or Cresselia (Speedy+ Cresselia is the best) then go to any place (Forest is the best) then you'll see a shiny catapult that leads to a legendary (Virizion appears the most).

Money Grinding Trick
Get a Pokemon that has Lucky,Lucky+,Lucky++,Gorgeous, or Gorgeous+, and make them learn a move that makes foes drop extra money, i.e. Bug bite,thief,covet., and go to places like towers that have lots of Pokemon that appear. If the pokemon has Lucky++ or Gorgeous+ and a move that drops extra money then you will get six coins instead of 3! Hope you use my trick :D And I know you will get rich from it :D.

How to get money fast and easy
Money is hard to get yes so what is the best way to get them ? well get a lucky ++ pokemon and teach them a money dropping move (preferably not fling) and run through all the levels with that pokemon.

Annoying Rumble rooms
Hey, do you ever notice that the pad your about to go on is pointed a different direction? like really far left and really far right? thats how you can predict that the rumpus room is about to appear, and I dont know why, but I never change my weak pokemon before I enter... that was a heck of a bad @$$ mistake. Hope this helps! :)

Healing bottle thing
When you beat dark rust, and you go through the credits, go to toy town and a pokemon will greet you and give you a bottle that heals you after you beat a level (warning: it doesn't heal you if you select 'go back to town')!

How to get kyurem
You go to the glaicer in northly town and then turn in to a speedy pokemon. once you do that you speed through the course until you get a shiny catapult. then you turn in to your most powerful sword of justice wich does more damage to him.

How To Know if you got a Pokemon with a High Power or Trait
The Pokemon you kill will usually fly down slowly, there might be a trait. If there is no trait, then it is a high power pokemon.

Escape Easily in Annoying areas
Have a Pokemon that knows dig or protect or fly.
- Dig: Use dig to an open area, not an area with lots of Pokemon.
- Fly: Use fly to go over pokemon's heads and try to land in an area with no Pokemon.
- Protect: Use protect and run into an open area. Use it again and again when it wears off.

Easy Money with a high power pokemon
Go back to any battle royale (best is shrine of keys) and keep finishing it fast. Shrine of keys gives you 4,000P after you win. Use a high power pokemon. In the same area, rechallenge cobalion's Fort and use high power pokemon.

How to get cobalion
First you need a virision and terrakion, terrakion can be found at any canyon AFG and virision can be found in any forest AFG. After your battle with virision and terrakion a rusty cobalion will fall the cobalion needs to be heeled first so the rusty go away then it will be mighty and have sacred sword and hone claws. hope this help threw out your journey:)

Hidden coins and pokemon in 3-3 factory
Go to the factory in 3-3 and after the third cataplut, go to the bottom right corner and use a move. After you got all the coins, attack again. A Galvantula will pop out. You can get it. Hoped this worked!

Invisible pokemon locations
So Many of you are wondering where some of the invisible pokemon are well here are 6 in which I have found. First two are in the last section of 2-4 Lake. You know the circles on the outsides (left and right), well if you go to the middle and use your move coins will pop out. When you hit it about 5 or 6 times it will go away. Left: Panpour Right: Oshawott

Next one is in 3-1 Desert section 3. In the middle of the quicksand use your move and coins will pop out. It's a Sandile. Next is the canyon in 3-2 Last section. It's to left bit of the last dip down. It's a Dwebble. Next is in the forest in Axle B1F in Section 3. When you enter the section there is a plant behind you. Use your move again and coins will appear. It's an Oddish. Next is in Treetops in B1F Section 1. The first hook to your left and it's a Kecloen. So that's all for the moment. I also found one in a lava somewhere but I don't know where it is.

Invisible pokemon locations 2
So I'm back with 2 more Invisible Pokemon Locations. First one Is in 3-3 Factory Section 4. Turn right as the platform widens near the start. It's a Galvantuala. Next is the lava one I said didn't know where it was. It's in the Lava In 4-3 Section 2. Instead of going left go right at the start and use a move. It's a Vulpix. So thats all for now. Invisible Pokemon Locations 3 will be out as soon as I find another Invisible Pokemon.

Invisible pokemon locations 3
Didn't I say in invisible pokemon locations 2 that there'd be another? Well I found one. It's in the Cave in 3-1, 3rd section. Keep to the right and at the dead end, use your attack. It's a Drilbur. That's No. 9 out of 10?? I don't know how many there are but I'm gonna find out about it.

Will the story continue?
Once u get Cobalion back again Yanmask and that pokemon in Axle town will act like you've got him. Piplup won't stop going on about the glowdrops. The rest of the pokemon in northly town will act as if you've only just arrived. Axel and Scraggy will still want to fight u and everyone in the temple of keys will act as if Cabalions just sacrificed himself to defeat Dark Rust. The rest of the pokemon act normal and actually follow the story line.

Invisible KO Glitch
Select a pokemon with an attack that comes from the sky (Solorbeam, Thunderbolt, Brine, etc.) and go to Northerly Town. Leave town. Now go to the Battle Royale to the right BUT DON'T GO INSIDE! Hug the wall of the circular part of the building, and use your attack. It will say that you defeated a Cubchoo or Vanillite. I think I'm the first person to post this glitch online!

KO Pokemon that aren't there
Go to 4-1. Switch to a Pokemon with Brine. Hug the wall of the Battle Royale and use Brine. It will say that you defeated a Cubchoo or Vanillite.

Getting shadow lugia
These are the steps to getting shadow lugia in pokemon rumble blast. all you must do is change the time on your 3DS to midnight. next, you go to 4-2 sunny seashore. there should be a spiratual laugh in that area, then you should see a temple whith a statue of lugia getting transformed into its shadow origin. you go in, and there's a portal. go in there, and you'll be in a phantomous realm. there, you should see a whirlpool filled whith skeletons. there, you'll see shadow lugia. wake it, and your forced to battle it. well, hopes this helps!!!

The invisible KO
Go to 4-1 then go to one of the sides of Temple of keys. Attack it. (Best moves Solerbeam'thunderbolt. Either you will find a Articuno, Vanilite, cubcoo. the promble is you can't befriend in or get the p coin. hope this helps.

Getting customers faster
This cheat will get customers and money faster. First go to the home menu. Then go to system settings. Go the other settings. Then select date and time. Then select today's date. Then forward one day. Go back to pokemon rumble blast. Then you got a customer. Keep on doing this until you got enough. Hope this helps. Bye :)

Cause an earthquake
If you go to eastly town and stand to the right of the releaseing hut and walk towards the red move a majig you will see the screen shake like an earthquake. (this really works)

Money drop
If you go to northerly town and go to the temple of keys not in it go east and north wast and you use a move like blue flare with reshiram a pokemon will died and money will drop.

Arena Extra Damage
When you get to westerly town and if you attack the temple of keys it will show that you have done damage to vanillite or a cubchuu.

Hidden coins unlimited
Go to an area with hidden pokemon, once your near a hidden pokemon use a heal move over and over again and it won't stop giving coins no matter how many heal hits.

Never ending coins
Go to northerly town and go to 4-1 temple of keys in the dome at the back a random pokemon will spawn and you can kill it and you will get money some times you can catch rates or legends.

The explosion effect

If you go to the area outside towns and all other areas it does not really matter where outside those areas. But if you have a ninjask with shadow ball, walk up to a wall in that area and use shadow ball repeatedly. This should result in an exploding effect.

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