Friday, May 13, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Swapnote

Unlock Special Note
For this you have make and save hunderd notes at one time.

Rewards List
Below a list of all rewards that you unlock by sending notes.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Buy stationary --- Send 15 Notes
Cycle between notes with L and R buttons --- Send 25 Notes
Download photos and voice clips --- Send 10 notes
Edit the date stamp on notes --- Send 20 Notes
Send photos --- Send 3 notes
Use 3D Pop-up text --- Send 4 notes
Use stationary --- Send 5 notes
Use voice recordings --- Send 6 notes

A century of swapnotes
After 100 notes, nikki sends you a 'congratulations' note, towards your hundredth note (replies not included). This note just simply tells you how to check however many notes you have by pressing the 'delete note' button, the one with a little garbage bin. There's not much to this note; but I'm just saying this so that once you're at your 80th note, you're not getting all stressed-out becuase you haven't received any special notes in AGES. Hopefully I helped.

Run Out of Ink in Swapnote
In this glitch, all you have to do is pick any kind of pen(3D or regular), scribble all over the card,(you can't fill it up) and wait until you here a loud, fast beep. You have now run out of ink somehow! Look at the bar between the eraser and the pen. It's emty. That's tour ink bar. Now go to the next page.You have the same pen. What happened to all your other pens? Did someone rob them? Who knows...

How to open future-date swapnote

You go to system settings, then touch other settings, date & time, then the date of the swapnote, then a warning pops up, touch Ok, and go back to swapnote and the note is unlocked. It's that simple...

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