Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Draw A Stickman: EPIC

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
A Good Start (5 GP) --- Collect your first puzzle piece
Anti-Hypnotist (20 GP) --- Defeat Grave Decisions without hypnotizing any zombies
Back Door (15 GP) --- Create a back door into the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break
Be Creative (50 GP) --- Find every letter on the secret puzzle level
Bee Lad (50 GP) --- Find the Lad of Los in The Bee's Knees
Blast-Off! (15 GP) --- Fire your stickman out of a cannon
Bucket List (20 GP) --- Defeat Buckets n' Bunnies without drawing any rain clouds
Color Buddy (20 GP) --- Find all of the color buddies hidden throughout Epic!
Customs Inspector (20 GP) --- Open every container on Pirate's Plunder
Epic Stickman (40 GP) --- Unlock every level
Every Day (25 GP) --- Defeat the dragon and unlock the chest on the puzzle level
Firebug (10 GP) --- Draw 100 fires
Friend of Frith (10 GP) --- Complete Cuddle Bunny Peak without killing any bunnies
Hungry Lil' Critter (20 GP) --- Get a bunny to grow to its maximum size
Hypnotist (15 GP) --- Defeat Grave Decisions with all zombies hypnotized
King Penguin (15 GP) --- Unleash king penguin to destroy the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break
Lava Lad (50 GP) --- Find the Lad of Los in Volcanic Valley
Lumberjack (10 GP) --- Chop down 50 trees
Monster Slayer (20 GP) --- Slay your first Armakillo
Paul Bunyan (30 GP) --- Chop down 500 trees
Pencil Master (10 GP) --- Draw with every pencil
Pirate Lad (50 GP) --- Find the Lad of Los on Pirate's Plunder
Pumpkin Master (20 GP) --- Defeat Grave Decisions with all jack-o'-lanterns lit
Puzzle Master (30 GP) --- Collect all of the puzzle pieces
Pyromaniac (40 GP) --- Draw 1000 fires
Quick Draw Vengeance (75 GP) --- Defeat Zarp
Rainy Day (15 GP) --- Rain on every flower in Stickenstein's Monster
Sconce Boss (20 GP) --- Light every torch in Zarp's Fortress
Stick-Adventurer (20 GP) --- Unlock 6 levels
Stick-Avenger (20 GP) --- Slay all the armakillos in The Battle of Stickopolis
Stick-Daredevil (20 GP) --- Take damage without dying 100 times
Stick-Explorer (10 GP) --- Unlock 3 levels
Stick-Pacifist (20 GP) --- Disable the tentacles without slaying the armakillo
Stick-Voyager (30 GP) --- Unlock 9 levels
Stormy Night (5 GP) --- Draw your first lightning cloud
Thorough (15 GP) --- Open 100 containers
Treasure Hunter (20 GP) --- Discover the secret chest in Volcanic Valley
Troll Wrangler (20 GP) --- Get the spiders to web up the troll
Very Thorough (35 GP) --- Open 500 containers
Where are My Dragons (15 GP) --- Hatch all of the dragons in Dragon Omelet

Winter Lad (50 GP) --- Find the Lad of Los on Penguin Prison Break

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