Thursday, August 25, 2016

3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - FIFA Soccer

Simply pause the game and enter these codes.  If done right, there will be a tone and confirmation message at the top of the screen. Enter the code again to turn it off.

Hot Potato: C R A B B R L A B A B B R
Invisible Walls: A B B A C A B A B B A
Laser Ball: L A C R B A L L
Giant Player: B A B A R B A B B A R
Big Ball: B C B A L L A B A L L
Metallic Men: B A R C L B A B B A
Beefcake: R A L B A C L A B A
Radical curve: C A R C A B R A B B L
Brute mode: R A B B A C L L B A C L

Crazy bounce: L A B A R R A C C A

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