Monday, August 22, 2016

3DO Interactive Multiplayer Cheats - Dragon's Lair

Unlimited lives:
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, P at the title screen.

View FMV sequences:
Start a game and allow Dirk to lose all five lives. Press Right(2), Left(2), Down(2), Up(2), P at the continue screen. The game will restart and show all losing and winning scenes.


View FMV sequences:
Hold [Esc] + R + / + L + N + 7 and press Fire.

Last scene:
Press [Esc] during the first scene, when the snakes appear.


Infinite Lives
Enter U D L R U D L R at the title screen and press Start.

Here are the keypresses for each scene in Dragon's Lair.  These are the standard appearace of each scene...some will flip left/right (mirror) occasionally.  The rough timing should become obvious (ie, whenever Dirk's in danger), but the exact timing is up to you to find out. Bracketed [] items are grouped together because they relate to the same danger.

entry bridge: B U
three doors: R
tentacle room: B R D L U
striped snake room: B B R
"round" room [vague]: L U R U L U B U
floor trapdoor room: B R U B U
staircase that turns to ramp: L B L L
furnace room: B B B L B
two turning paddles: U B D U
chest & bed room: U
ceiling trapdoor room: R D U L L
mechanical horse: [R L R L] L
huge knight tiled room: [R L U L R L R] [B B]
corridor with 6 doors: U B U B L B
wooden bridge & bats: U U D B R R
spiral staircase & big bat: B L L [B L]
frog king: L [R R R R R] U B [L R D B]
drink me: R
small tiled room: D U L
throne room: [R U R] R
caverns with ooze: [U U U U] [R L R L] R
lava room: B [U x7]
skeleton room: L L R R
colored balls: [D x6] U
yellow liquid & pot room:  U B B R
fire/ice exits room:  U U L

treasure room: U L L D [D D L] U D R B B L B

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