Monday, August 8, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Inside My Radio

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Arachnaphobiac (30 GP) --- Squash 10 spiders in the same run
Barry People (50 GP) --- Finish all disco levels
Beat Machine (20 GP) --- Pulse 20 times in one run
Cap'n Taek (90 GP) --- Finish all electro levels
Cool Runnings (80 GP) --- Beat the dub boss
Dancing Queen (60 GP) --- Beat the disco boss
Everybody sing now! (10 GP) --- Turn on each character of the sequencer
Get Tricky (100 GP) --- Win the final battle
Get Up, Stand Up (10 GP) --- Jumpstart the heart of the boombox
It's over 9000! (50 GP) --- Get a score of over 500 000 000 in Time Attack mode
Keepie-uppie (20 GP) --- Bounce 5 times on the same bumper
Make a wish (40 GP) --- Find the secret area in the second electro level
Mixmaster (30 GP) --- Interact with all of the buttons of the mixing table
Monster Combo (30 GP) --- Get the maximum score in Time Attack mode
Muzak Lover (20 GP) --- Change the ambiant music 20 times in the same run
Pitch Perfect (30 GP) --- Perform a perfect at the piano mini game
Rhythm in your soul (20 GP) --- Finish a level without rhytmic help
Rhythm is a dancer (30 GP) --- Try the 9 rhythmic combinations in the first level
Road Runner (100 GP) --- Finish all Time Attack levels
Root Scratch (70 GP) --- Finish all dub levels
Turbo (30 GP) --- Finish one Time Attack level
Ups-and-downs (30 GP) --- Collect all elevator sounds in the third electro level
Very Important Player (30 GP) --- Open the three VIP doors

What don't you get? (20 GP) --- Miss 5 actions in a row

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