Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Just Dance: Disney Party 2

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
¡Junto al mio! (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Hoy Somos Más" in Standard Scoring!
10,000! (30 GP) --- Score 10,000 points in any song.
43 muscles to use (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Twist Your Frown Upside Down" in Standard Scoring!
Ahora sabes que (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "En Mi Mundo" in Standard Scoring!
Boom da boom boom (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Can You Feel It?" in Standard Scoring!
Can't hold on any longer (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Falling For Ya" in Standard Scoring!
Choose your flow! (10 GP) --- Create and dance to your own playlist.
Dust out! (10 GP) --- Get 1 perfect on the dust transitions in "Rotten To The Core."
Hang on it's a crazy ride (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Time of Our Lives" in Standard Scoring!
I am perfect like I am (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "What A Girl Is" in Standard Scoring!
I'm doing the impossible (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Keep It Undercover" in Standard Scoring!
I've got some pages to turn (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Take On The World" in Standard Scoring!
Imagine the possibilities (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Right Where I Wanna Be" in Standard Scoring!
Just get up and dance (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "You, Me and the Beat" in Standard Scoring!
Ma chere mademoiselle (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Be Our Guest" in Standard Scoring!
March to the beat (30 GP) --- Perform all the "march to the beat" moves in "Gotta Be Me."
Me and you! (10 GP) --- Play any duet song with another dancer.
Mistress of the universe (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Evil Like Me" in Standard Scoring!
My kingdom for just one kiss (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Did I Mention?" in Standard Scoring!
Oh Tanner! (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "That's How We Do" in Standard Scoring!
Overload the internet (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "A Billion Hits" in Standard Scoring!
Party animal (50 GP) --- Earn 20,000 points for all the songs in the game in Team Scoring.
Passion (40 GP) --- Dance the same song 30 times.
Play it by heart (50 GP) --- Earn 4 stars in a dance without showing next move icons in Standard Scoring!
R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. (50 GP) --- Get a perfect on the R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. moves in "Did I Mention?"
Say cheese (10 GP) --- Have 1 photo of 2 or more players taken while dancing.
Set it off! (10 GP) --- Complete your first song.
Show us what you got! (10 GP) --- Dance to 1 original dance made in Just Create mode.
Shuffle up! (10 GP) --- Try the Shuffle option.
SO! (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Had Me @ Hello" in Standard Scoring!
Spread eagle (20 GP) --- Get perfect on the Split Jump in "Can You Feel It?" and the Leg Kicks in "Keep it Undercover."
Stuck on you (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Me and You" in Standard Scoring!
Team player (50 GP) --- Dance in Team Scoring 30 times with 2 players
The beat get hot, drop it (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Too Much" in Standard Scoring!
The kingdom's ours (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Set It Off" in Standard Scoring!
Together again (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Chasin' The Beat of My Heart" in Standard Scoring!
Ultimate Disney dancer (50 GP) --- Get 4 stars in every song in Standard Scoring!
Warming up (10 GP) --- Get 3 stars on any 5 different songs in Standard Scoring!
Welcome to my wicked world (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Rotten To The Core" in Standard Scoring!
Won't stop! (30 GP) --- Dance ALL songs.
Yeah! (10 GP) --- Get a "Yeah" on a signature move in any song.
You better move those feet (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Gotta Be Me" in Standard Scoring!
You better run, run, run (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Cruisin' For A Bruisin' " in Standard Scoring!
You, me and the beat! (10 GP) --- Finish a song with a friend in Team Scoring mode!

You, the other half of me (20 GP) --- Get 4 stars in "Better In Stereo" in Standard Scoring!

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