Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Pokedex 3D Pro

Hard Quizzes Passwords
If you reach Quiz Numbers 37-39, you have the option to enter a Keyword to unlock various quizzes. Certain Keywords will unlock additional features. complete the quiz to access the reward.
Password: --- Result:
UJFPJGAD --- Hard Quizzes (40-69)

Unlock Genesect Data
If you go to the Pokemon Challenge menu, press "Delete" on one of the quizzes (your choice on which one), then enter PHSKUTDF, you'll unlock a quiz that, upon completion, will unlock the Pokedex data for Genesect.

Unlockable Pokemon Challenge bonuses
To unlock the following Pokemon Challenge bonuses, Get the indicated following numbers:
Categories: 110
Evolution: 90
Perspectives: 80
PokeDex Text: 50
Pokemon Form(s): 70
Unown 1: 100

Hand Drew AR Markers

Note: This Cheat May Be In Your Oporation Manual For Pokemon 3D Pro... Ok On To The Secret You Can Actually DRAW AR markers For The AR Viewer But You Have To look At Your Screen and copy. Hope This Hint Helps :D

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