Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nintendo Wii U Cheats - LEGO Jurassic World

Cheat Mode
Enter one of the following codes:
Code: --- Result:
RAVKRT --- Unlock dennis nedry (Hawaiian costume)
8XL359 --- Unlock ingen hunter 1
3FE78R --- Unlocks Jurassic Park Driver

Red Brick Codes
Enter one of the following codes:
Code: --- Result:
JYJAFX --- "Minikit Detector" Red Brick
5MZ73E --- "Studs Score Multiplier x 2" Red Brick

Character Codes
Enter one of the following codes:
Code: --- Result:
AU25GR --- ACU Trooper (Female)
28SPSR --- ACU Trooper (Male)
VK3TP3 --- Carlos
9GESXP --- Carter
5BETZ5 --- Cooper
RAVKRT --- Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica) with his Hawaiian shirt
EKCKLC --- Dieter Stark
YQ6S7Z --- Dino Handler Vic or Bob
AV9DTJ --- Ellie Degler
9NGZZQ --- Gyrosphere Operator Josh
A3HC7E --- Henry Wu (Jurassic World)
QKBCWT --- InGen Guard Jerry
38YWVR --- InGen Hunter
RMVVB8 --- InGen Mechanic AKA InGen Hunter 3
VZRSD3 --- InGen Mercenary AKA InGen Contractor
8XL359 --- InGen Scout AKA InGen Hunter 1
6MKHSG --- Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
PR2R6Y --- John Hammond (Lost World)
XTH9A3 --- Juanito Rostagno
3FE78R --- Jurassic Park Driver AKA Jeep Driver (unlocks Jurassic Park Responder Vehicle at the same time)
8WY3FV --- Jurassic Park Warden (Female)
XJS7UY --- Jurassic Park Warden (Male)
BX9Z6R --- Jurassic World Paddock Worker
GW9TGH --- Jurassic World Ranger
L5AU6Y --- Jurassic World Worker AKA Jurassic World Ranger (Female)
BRLNWC --- Nash (Runway)
SXZ7CC --- Raptor Handler Jenny
62539J --- S.S. Venture Crewman
XVXGXF --- Scientist (Female)
SKKLWC --- Scientist (Male)
PFEBS6 --- Udesky (Alt)
7VNLJT --- Young Raptor Handler from Jurassic World

Dinosaurs Codes
Enter one of the following codes:
Code: --- Result:
PAAADT --- Ankylosaurus
KAAAWV --- Compsognathus
HAAAVW --- Dilophosaurus
GAAAAC --- Indominus Rex
IAAADT --- Pachycephalosaurus
MAAARF --- Spinosaurus
FAAAVT --- Stegosaurus
AAAADC --- Triceratops
CAAADT --- Tyrannosaurus Rex
DDDFAC --- Velociraptor

Vehicle and Character Codes
Enter one of the following codes:
Code: --- Result:
3FE78R --- Jurassic Park Responder Vehicle (unlocks Jurassic Park Driver at the same time)

Red Brick cheats
Find the corresponding Red Brick, then go to the Visitor Center at Isla Nublar or the Innovation Center at Isla Sorna and pay the indicated number of studs to activate it.
Cheat --- Cost --- Effect
8-Bit Music --- 100,000 --- Retro music
Amber Brick Detector --- 200,000 --- Follow the arrow to Amber Bricks
Attract Studs --- 100,000 --- Collects studs from farther away
Collect Ghost Studs --- 100,000 --- Collects light blue studs
Compy Mode --- 100,000 --- Smaller characters
Destroy on Contact --- 100,000 --- Walk into objects to break them
Fast Build --- 100,000 --- Faster construction
Fast Interact --- 100,000 --- Speed up all control panels
Gold Brick Detector --- 200,000 --- Follow the arrow to nearest Gold Brick
Helium Voices --- 100,000 --- High-pitched voices
Hybrid Disguises --- 100,000 --- Characters dress like dinosaurs
Invincibility --- 5,000,000 --- Self-explanatory
Minikit Detector --- 200,000 --- Follow arrow to the Minikit
Nedry Disguises --- 100,000 --- All characters wear Hawaiian shirts
Red Brick Detector --- 200,000 --- Locates Red Bricks
Score 10X --- 5,000,000 --- Collect ten times the Lego studs

Score 8X --- 4,000,000 --- Collect eight times the Lego studs

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