Monday, February 22, 2016

Xbox One Cheats - Aritana And The Harpy's Feather

Complete one of the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Anhum's Gift (60 GP) --- Make 100% of the game and watch the extended ending.
Back From The Grave (10 GP) --- Get hit by a Spirit right after it's respawn.
Balance of Nature (50 GP) --- Make 3 different combos without hitting the ground or getting hit.
Brave Chieftain (30 GP) --- Find all combos.
Can't Swim? (10 GP) --- Fall 3 times into the water during the same level.
Can't Touch This (10 GP) --- Lose 3 health points trying to attack a Red Spirit.
Cave Amulets (30 GP) --- Get all the cave Muiraquitãs.
Chieftain's Spirit (40 GP) --- Survive the second encounter without letting any rock hit the ground.
Climb! (10 GP) --- Win the cave battle against Mapinguari.
Energy Drink (40 GP) --- Get 1.904 guaranás.
Fire Combo (40 GP) --- Make a combo using only Red Spirits.
Fire Staff (40 GP) --- Conquer the Fire Staff.
Force of Nature (90 GP) --- Make 7 different combos without hitting the ground or getting hit.
Forest Amulets (30 GP) --- Get all the forest Muiraquitãs.
Harpy's Flight (50 GP) --- Stay in the air for one minute without hitting the ground or getting hit.
It's Easier (20 GP) --- Make a combo using the Strenght Boost.
Jump! (10 GP) --- Win the mountain battle against Mapinguari.
Mountain Amulets (30 GP) --- Get all the mountain Muiraquitãs.
Muiraquitã's Collector (40 GP) --- Get all Muiraquitãs.
Only Cats Can Get 9 Lives (30 GP) --- Reach maximum health.
Ritualist Wiseman (20 GP) --- Complete all the bonus stages.
Run! (10 GP) --- Win the forest battle against Mapinguari.
The Last Ritual (60 GP) --- Find the Last Ritual.
The Offering Ritual (20 GP) --- Offer 5 Muiraquitãs at the end of any level.
The Warrior Awakens (60 GP) --- Finish the game in the Hard Mode.
Tupã's Spirit (40 GP) --- Survive the third encounter without using the Defense Ability.
Urucum and Açaí (30 GP) --- Reach 99 lives.
Vendetta (30 GP) --- Kill one Red Spirit without using the Fire Staff.
Weird Symbols (20 GP) --- Find 3 combos throughout the game.
Wiseman's Spirit (40 GP) --- Survive the first encounter without losing health.

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