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Nintendo Wii U Cheats - LEGO City Undercover

Password Mode
Try one of the following passwords while in "Extras"
Password: --- Result:
ycmwkp --- Baseball Player
cncnrh --- drag queen
xkgzvj --- Gorilla Suit Guy
hvgtpg --- Natalia Kowalski
mhhrhm --- Race Car Driver
rjyzhc --- Samurai Warrior
syfmwj --- soccer player
N7NN4F9 --- Unlocks High Speed Chase Missions/Vehicles
dwjvct --- Vehicle: Drakonas
vzhhdm --- Vehicle: Relocator
Gystqp --- Werewolf unlock

Unlock Mission Cars
Go to the police headquarters, you'll discover a terminal placed near 2 garages. The garage doors are closed, however you can get in when enter code 3D74QF9 into the terminal and those doors will open to expose added missions. You can finish those objectives to utilize the Justice vehicle or the Spirit sports automobile. When you total those goals, you'll unlock the cars that were offered.

Unlimited blue studs
If you manage to get 400 gold bricks, you will achieve a giant statue of Chase McCain in the middle of the park in front of the court house in Kings Court shooting out tons of unlimited blue studs. This can help things go faster with the amount of studs. I think this unlockable is really secret and would actually be fair since 400 gold bricks is hard to archive.

Swim under Lego city
To swim under Lego city get into the vehicle called pumpkin and use the stunt ramp provided but hold down ZL or A and charge at the building straight ahead. After a few tries you should go through the wall and into the water. The water should be black and to get out you must go the foot of Auburn Bay Bridge.

Get inside the train called Emerald Night
What you have to do is get into the emergency vehicle called Chaser and get on to the train track and once there you can run head-on at Emerald Night. You should be getting pushed by the train. Wait a minute and you should fall to where the steam would come out. You cannot see yourself but what you can do is switch to a Robber or a Astronaut and use your laser or colour gun and you can identify where you are(Note: to get out you must run towards the first carriage and you will be run over like normal).

Moon jump bike ride no hacks
To go super high go to bluebell national park on the bike called Sweetie. then go behind sheriff huckleberry's police station to find a super jump. then go over it but shake your game pad just before you go over it and after a few tries you will go incredibly high!

Stuck in the ground with hands in the air
This glitch depends on another glitch found here as "swim under lego city". When you complete that glitch, you will then wait until it says "hold 'A' to return to land."and follow what it says. When it's done you will find yourself stuck in the ground with your hands in the air. Also if you wait long enough, your mini figure will turn into a unanimated one like the ones in real life. I believe it's is a really funny kind of glitch and I really think you should try it.

The mechanic has the force
In order to do this glitch you first need the mini figure "Mechanic". First you need to bring your mechanic to a broken fuse box (I used the one to turn on the pirate ship in Paradice Sands) and click on it with the mechanic. Then you will find the mechanic just Standing there and the fuse box just fixes it self I believe this is also a funny glitch and it reminds me of Star Wars.

Screw locked doors
- First you have to complete the vehicle robbery challenge in Bright lights plaza.
- Once you are done with that, go back to that garage and jet pack onto the tree that they have in there.
- Once you are in there jet pack once again and you will find yourself inside the ceiling.
- Once you are in the ceiling, quickly fly into the shop next to it where you will be in a room with a staircase.
- In order to get out, just walk through the wall with no windows (either one.

Abandon helicopter
One of the features in Lego City Undercover is that you can't just jump out of helicopters. But in order to do so you need to bring your helicopter to another vehicle on the road. You will have the option to steal the vehicle which will let you do so and will make your helicopter disappear. I believe this glitch can actually be helpful to players.

Following horse
First off you need to go to the farm in fort medows. Next you want to get on the horse and jump into the flaming barrel in front of the barn house until it repeatedly kills you with out you touching anything. Once your done that quickly jump off the horse and if you are dying when you are off the horse even though the horse is in the fire, then move around and the horse will follow your every control even though you are off it. If you don't die with the horse try again because it's not supposed to work the first time.I believe this is a really funny glitch and could help with role players with stuff like the horse running away and the mini figure chasing it.

Warning when the glitch works, if your horse dies(falls In water, jumps into fire, gets hit by a train, etc.) you will die with it. To end the glitch, just return to the police station or end the game.

Wash Wagon Confusion

To get to the location of this glitch, head over to the building in Uptown that contains all ten color swappers. Then, use the free run (blue and white ) bricks to get to the color swappers. In this room, proceed through the door in the background. Once through, jump up the glass panels to get to the roof, and run up the sloped roof to get to the flat, uppermost section of the roof. From there, use the Instant Vehicles extra to call in the wash wagon and hop in. Ride down the slope for your vehicle to jerk backwards randomly and then speed up. Shout out to packattack for showing me this glitch; his video is on this website and is called Wash Wagon Thrills and Spills. Bye!

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