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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

Gift Passwords (JP)
At your Pokemon Paradise menu enter one of the following passwords:
Password: --- Result:
5SFPHSF5 --- All Strength Stone
HK3JHWW9 --- Axew
MS2NT2N5 --- Blue Key
54M765Y6 --- Calcium
P3N9FNSK --- Co-Operation Scarf
NP529KP5 --- Dark Gift
P5HK562S --- Dragon Gift
4JYYK242 --- Electric Gift
T8WJYJK3 --- Fighting Gift
JQ3Q3T29 --- Fire Gift
8TSMFYP6 --- Ghost Gift
Q2TWS8M9 --- Gold Ribbon
W4KRK4XH --- Gold Seed
6NW2R75W --- Grass Gift
H37Y9K5N --- Green Key
XH4233YF --- Ground Gift
RMS2MHMW --- Happy Ribbon
9PRJ7WQX --- Healthy Orb
R2YC2RQH --- Ice Gift
4S9PJQP2 --- Iron
6WK2WT36 --- Joy Seed
SQJX25FR --- Life Seed
4CHS8MN4 --- Lottery Ticket
RQRPM92J --- Normal Gift
STS6YCW5 --- Oran Berry
JTN34N92 --- Oshawot - North America
2HN9KXHF --- Oshawott
C646T5CK --- Pikachu
2C3YJ43F --- Pikachu - North America
4MJ7XP8K --- Power Secret
Y978TS4Y --- PP Secret
62S6Q4YN --- Protein
8S3M4JHK --- Psychic Gift
W68NKMFQ --- Recover Ribbon
S3TH8HM8 --- Red Key
P483K4XN --- Revival Seed
K7969XM8 --- Rock Gift
85RH84P4 --- Silver Lottery
WFK2W6NJ --- Sitrus Berry
XF8TX5HS --- Slumber Orb
SP38XJ35 --- Snivy
P326J5WX --- Snivy - North America
6W9XNM9N --- Steel Gift
CQP342QH --- Tepig
MFN89K9X --- Tepig - North America
8RC84HYC --- TM - Return
863Y3SQC --- Violent Seed
WS2M275T --- Zinc

Gift Passwords (NA)
Enter these North America Passwords via the Wonder Mail option in the main menu to get items.
Password: --- Result:
2C3YJ43F --- All Protect Orb
W3KCMQMP --- Fire Gift
7F3CJ9FP --- Gold Ribbon
KQM4W3H2 --- Gold Scope
5PMHM339 --- Golden Seed
P326J5WX --- Joy Ribbon
JTN34N92 --- Joy Seed
MFN89K9X --- Reviver Seeds
XN83N4W6 --- Reviver Seeds
KQ5ST45X --- Reviver Seeds
NT6MYXRQ --- Sitrus Berry

Gift Passwords (NA)
At your Pokemon Paradise menu enter one of the following passwords:
Password: --- Result:
2C3YJ43F --- All Protect Orb
NPWRWH8Q --- Blue Key
TY2XTMNP --- Dragon Gift
JMK5MFKS --- Fighting Gift
W3KCMQMP --- Fire Gift
7F3CJ9FP --- Gold Ribbon
KQM4W3H2 --- Gold Scope
5PMHM339 --- Golden Seed
8W7TNK36 --- Iron
P326J5WX --- Joy Ribbon
8P868TP7 --- Joy Seed
JTN34N92 --- Joy Seed
3CMS47R2 --- Oran Berry (x5)
6SM86QY3 --- PP Manual
K93YR926 --- Protein
M676YKQN --- Psychic Gift
KQ5ST45X --- Reviver Seeds
XN83N4W6 --- Reviver Seeds
MFN89K9X --- Reviver Seeds
NT6MYXRQ --- Sitrus Berry

Resetting Gyroscope in Sunken Treasure Minigame
In Sunken Treasure Game/Shop, by pressing the "A" button, the game recalibrates the gyroscope, so whatever position the 3DS is in at the time will be level. This helps when the game gets interrupted by pressing the home button especially.

Level 100 Cheat
I had an Emboar Lvl 82 and a Samurott Lvl 80 and then with a certain trick, BAM!, they are both Lvl 100. What you have to do is get loads of treasure boxes then deposit them. Now, after one day (game time), withdraw them and give them to Rampordos. BUT NOT IN COMPANION MODE. Then you will have loads of Joy Seeds. But you must have at least 15. Good Luck!

Rare Pokemons
Did you ever wanted a Rufflet or a Wingull? well, I know how to get 3 RARE Pokemon in the game you need devolve orbs and their gift and here's the places to find the rare Pokemon:
- Rufflet: Devolve a Braviry in the detour in Stony cave
- Wingull: Go to a place called gilded hall that appears randomly and search for a Pelliper and devolve it.
- Eevee: Find 1 of Eevee's evoultion and devolve it.

A Walk in The rocks

There is a glitch where if you go to rugged mountain and 1 of your teammates are UNDER THE LOG TO GET ACROSS this happens very rarely and I've done it in companion mode with a Rampardos here is how to do it: First defeat all enemies. Second go to the cave that says ''not that way it's time to move forward!'' Third run across the log until you have beaten your teammates to the other side and keep running until you've reached the cave and hit it. Fourth go slowly back and check if your 1 teammates is under the log and if others are frozen and unable to move.This is a ''just for fun'' glitch it doesn't do anything special. It's just funny.

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