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Nintendo Wii U Cheats - Sniper Elite V2

Fish Tank - Achievement / Trophy Guide
This achievement is a very easy one and can easily be unlocked during Mission 3 : Kaiser-Friedrich Museum.

Play the mission normally : make your way to the bridge, plant the explosives, clear the museum and go up to the vantage point. At this moment, you'll have to snipe the explosives you've planted on the bridge in order to stop the Russian tanks. Instead of shooting the charges as soon as you can, wait a little bit until at least one tank is on the bridge (the best moment is when the first tank reaches the second trapped pillar). At this moment only, blow it. This will trigger a cinematic during which you'll see the bridge being blow and a tank falling in the river (as well as some Russian soldiers).

Achievement should unlock at the end of the cinematic.

Cooking Off - Achievement / Trophy Guide
For this achievement, either you are lucky/ a very very talented sniper, or, like me, you are neither of these things an should follow this trick.
In any chapter, check any dead soldier you comme across to find one with a grenade attached to his belt. Once you found one, be sure that the grenade is visible from a far spot ( if not, you can grab the body on your shoulders and put it in a good spot). You will then have all the time in the world to go far away and try to shoot that grenade.

High and Mighty - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Start mismion 8 on cadet difficulty, progress through the mission until you get to the point where you find the map (cutscene). After that, go upstairs and stand in an open area. You will find the snipers when you see them trying to shoot you. For me it was five in the first half of the ledge and three snipers when i walked to the second half. Once you kill all 8 snipers, you get the achievement.

Pass the Buck - Achievement / Trophy Guide
An easy way to get this achievement is in chapter 8, pass the moving tank, then get into the building with a big hallway. There, you have to try to line the opponents head with the vertical line of the scope (holding your breath can help). Then shoot the ground before the opponent. The first bullets will probably bounce in his body, which doesn't count, but with a bit of practice and tries, you will end up getting the headshot.

Make Every Bullet Count - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The best and easiest level where you can unlock that achievement is without a doubt the Prologue.

Before attempting anything, you'll first have to disable the Tutorial in the game options (otherwise you'll have to kill a guard with your welrod and an other one with a land mine, preventing completion of the achievement). Of course, attempting to unlock the cheevo on Cadet difficulty is strongly recommended.

With the tutorial disabled, you'll start the prologue directly with the assassination of Von Eisenberg. Easy, this will be your first victim (only four are required to complete the level). Exit the vantage point and kill the two soldiers in the courtyard (remember to control your breath in order to benefit from the time lapse). Then, crawl your way outside the garden. You'll arrive in the street with four nazis chit-chatting. Here, don't play the hero, simply crawl your way to the door in front of you (on Cadet, you are almost invisible when in prone position), then go up the stairs and kill the soldier coming in front of you. Finally, simply run to the objective without attempting to kill anyone.

Achievement should unlock on the score screen.

Note that it is not necessary to OSK all your targets in order to unlock the achievement : the only important thing is that every shot must be fired with a rifle and must hit your target, even if the said shot is not a fatal one.

Potato Masher - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Try to make every your grenade count, the more it hits, the better. Also when you have to clear an area and the enemies are coming towards your position, set all of your tripwires and land mines along the way. Make sure to put them all down, but far enough from each other, one land mine could blow up the other and start explosion chain, which would lead in all your explosive being worth one kill.

In Kaiser-Friedrich Museum (mission 3),when you get to the part where four soldiers standing in line and an officer approached them on left side,hold on and wait an officer approached closer,one of the soldiers have hooked grenade on belt,shoot the grenade and you'll make 5 for 1 with explosion. Then go restart to checkpoint and repeat several times to do achievements.

Hide and Hope - Achievement / Trophy Guide
This may sound obvious, but the best way to avoid being shot is without a doubt to avoid being detected, which is something impossible to do in the single player campaign since, no matter what, in each level, you'll have to face enemies aware of your presence (that doesn't mean it's impossible to unlock the achievement, only that it's much more difficult). The only mission that can be fully completed stealthly is the Neudorf Outpost, a DLC mission. This is where you'll have the most chances to succeed (not to mention that an other achievement requires you to complete that mission without being detected : that's what I call two birds with one stone).

Since there's no difficulty prerequisite, do not hesitate to set the challenge to Cadet. Your first objective will be to reach the middle watchtower, from where you'll be able to take out the soldiers guarding the outpost. First, clear the path to the tower, starting with the sniper on top of it. Then take out the guards outside the bunkers and then the guards inside them. Remember that you don't want to be spotted, so only fire your weapon when covered by a loud noise (or use your Welrod against soldiers in the bunkers). If you want, you can hide the bodies inside one of the bunkers so that the reinforcements don't spot them, but that's not trully necessary (I suceeded without doing so).

Once you've reached the top of the tower, your next target will be the sniper on top of the watchtower located on the other side of the outpost. This will leave you with 6 soldiers patrolling outside buildings (left entrance, left buildings, center building, near the railroad, right entrance, dam in the back) and 2 inside the bunkers located at each entrances of the outpost. Once again, once taken out, you can hide the bodies inside the bunkers, but that's not necessary (if you want to do so, do it before reaching the objective as this will trigger the arrival of reinforcements).

The hardest part is done, now you just need to take the explosives and plant them before the arrival of the reinforcements (something like 2 minutes after you have reached the first objective). Once planted, exit the outpost discreetly (avoid the way from where the truck arrives, prefer the exit that leads to the bunkers) and get to the extraction point.

Achievement should unlock on the score screen.

Kilroy was Here - Achievement / Trophy Guide
This achievement can be obtained in mission 7: "Tiergarten Flak Tower". After reaching the main building You are not allowed to alert any AI untill You make it through winch room (place where You will assassinate Mullerr).Things You need to know:
- 1. You are allowed kill the enemies with your Werlod, just make sure nobody will find the body after that.
- 2. If You get spotted You can try again from your last checkpoint (You don't need to restart whole mission). There will be 2 checkpoints before the winch room, feel free to retry anytime.
- 3. You should get your achievement in the winch room (after the short cutscene ends) before killing Mullerr.

Jungle Juice - Achievement / Trophy Guide

On most levels there will be "hidden" bottles that you collect by shooting them. They are often placed next to enemy snipers or in unusual places (high up on beams and towers). On the pause screen it will show the amount of bottles on the level you are on and how many you have collected. Once you have picked one up it gets removed from the game.

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