Saturday, April 9, 2016

Nintendo Wii U Cheats - Super Mario 3D World

Unlock Rosalina
In order to unlock Rosalina you have to beat Star World 2 once.

Luigi Bros. mini-game
Complete Worlds 1 through 8, then tap the Luigi icon in all-time low left edge on the GamePad. Another way is to use a saved game file from Super Luigi U.

Crown World
Get all the stamps, Green Stars, and make all Checkpoint Flags Gold from World 1 to World Flower.

Mushroom World and Star World
Beat the Star World to unlock Mushroom World and Beat the main game to unlock Star World.

Saved file icons
Complete this job to unlock the matching star icon beside that saved game. Furthermore, the star icons will flash if they are earned without utilizing an Invincibility Leaf.
- Star icon 1: Beat the final level in World 8 (Bowser).
- Star icon 2: Find all Green Stars in Worlds 1 through 11.
- Star icon 3: Find all Stamps in Worlds 1 through 9.
- Star icon 4: Get all Golden Flags in Worlds 1 through 11
- Star icon 5: Get all Stars, Stamps, and Golden Flags in World 12 (Crown); and complete all levels in all worlds with all characters for the final Stamps.

Unlockable Character Stamps
To get the last 5 character stamps, you need to beat all the levels with every character. This consists of Blockades and Mystery Houses however does not consist of Captain Toad levels. In multiplayer, the character needs to touch the flag for it to count. After accessing to World Crown, you will have the ability to see exactly what characters you have actually beaten a level with with the various other collectibles.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Luigi StampBeat all levels with Luigi
Mario StampBeat all levels with Mario
Peach StampBeat all levels with Peach
Rosalina StampBeat all levels with Rosalina
Toad StampBeat all levels with Toad

Unlimited Lives
When playing world 1-2 and you enter the pipeline at the start of the level you will have to climb wall, and there will certainly be 1 turtle and a power up block. Now on the ground there will certainly be 2 purple blocks smash through that with a butt stomp, and there's an additional turtle down there, however exactly what you wish to do is stomp on him without attacking the shell. Later on you wish to stroll off from the left onto the shell, and if you do it right it will certainly break the blocks and recover and 4th offering you as lots of lives as you desire.

World 1-2: Warp to World 2
Discover the hidden room found above the above the stamp room near completion of World 1-2. Use the cat suit to reach the orange pipeline, then utilize it to warp to World 2.

World 4-2: Warp to World 5

Re-enter the outside area after the underground area of World 4-2. Use the cat suit and climb up the wall behind the item roulette block. Follow the course and enter the pipeline to warp to World 5.

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