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Playstation Vita Cheats - Chain Chronicle V

Abilities and Attack enemies
- Tip 1: Your heroes fundamental attacks can just hit one enemy at a time. When used properly their special capabilities can cause damage on several lanes of enemies.
- Tip 2: Use the soldier's dashboard capability to run past an unsafe enemy and box it between 2 heroes. They can then use special capabilities to hit the enemies in their own lanes together with the boxed-in enemy.
- Tip 3: Establish your frontline to have knights and soldiers. Keep the back row without other units so you can place your archer to the leading, middle, and bottom rows as required.
- Tip 4: You can place your soldiers and knights off the grid to attack enemies on the left section of the screen. Will generally move them out of recovery variety. Use this technique to engage harder targets and permit time for your archer to chip their health down.

Multiple battle bonuses
You can win numerous bonuses at the end of a battle. There are bonuses for a quick triumph, keeping all your units alive, and completing the battle with a special capability. You will certainly also have a 100 % bonus to your gold reward if get all 3 bonuses.

To obtain the time bonus, send your melee units after enemies. You can not send your units to place themselves in the enemy section of the field of battle, nevertheless you can send them out briefly to engage any noticeable enemy. Do this preemptively to get rid of enemies as quick as possible.

To obtain the special capability finish bonus, you should act rapidly as it can be hard to figure out which enemy will certainly be the last unit, particularly there is not a Boss. Select the most likely last enemy unit, wait briefly to inspect if other enemies are appearing, then drop them down to low health and use a special capability to complete them.

Allies Classes
Each of your allies fall under the following classes.
- Soldier (Red): Excellent offending capabilities, typical defense, however susceptible to varied attacks.
- Knight (Blue): Great protective capabilities, typical offense. Their guards permit them to take decreased damage from varied magic and arrows.
- Archer (Yellow): Can fire arrows from any range at enemies in the very same row.
- Cleric (Green): No offensive capability, however can recover neighboring allies.
- Wizard (Purple): Shoots varied magic from any range at enemies in the very same row.

Abilities, Fusing and arcana cards
You can fuse additional arcana cards with the cards you wish to keep in order to level them much faster. There are also "enhancer" cards that act likewise to regular unit arcana, however have a class sign. They will certainly make bonus experience from the combination if you fuse the enhancer with a unit that matches the class. Constantly to analyze enhancer cards prior to fusing.
Weapon arcana

Some arcana cards that have weapons on them. Each weapon represents among the classes, for instance, Blade Crafter and soldiers. When you fuse these cards with the proper class, you can completely upgrade that unit's weapon, which will certainly offer them enhanced attack power and a greater crucial possibility. The blend is not constantly effective. Depending upon the number of cards you use, the success rate differs from 50 % to 100 %. You can inspect the rate prior to you carry out the blend. The more cards used, the greater the success rate.

When you fulfill the requirements, each unit has an individual mission line that can be completed. You will certainly unlock the passive capability for that unit once you complete the mission.

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