Monday, May 2, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Stretchmo

Perilous Peak
Beat all levels in Playtime Plaza, Sculpture Square, Fortress of Fun and NES Expo.

Stretchmo Master Certificate
First beat all the levels in the Perilous Peak tourist attraction to get the Stretchmo Master Certificate from the guide robots.

Papa Blox's levels
In addition to the "Sheep", "Ice Pop", "Snail", "Bell Pepper", and "Red-Roofed Bourse" levels made by Papa Blox's in Stretchmo Studio 5, the following levels can be unlocked by finishing this levels in Corin's Fortress Of Enjoyable.
- Blastro: Levels 31/40.
- Clock: Levels 21/30.
- Floato: Levels 11/20.
- Guardo: Levels 1/10.

- Moai: Levels 41/50.

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