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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Style Savvy: Trendsetters

Do you ever lose competitions well if you do theres a easy way to win by saving your game before you go to the competition and then if you dont get in first place go home and close the game and open it back up again and then you can start over agian but it might not be the same category hope this helped :3 !!!

Your assistant
If you dress your assistant in a specific taste of clothing from head to toe, usually a customer will comliment on it and request an outfit in that taste. The same applies to your character as well. Switch outfits and assistants often. Its a fun way to use your favorite taste of clothing.

When a customer buys the outfit your mannequin wearing, almost always another customer will buy the next outfit you put on it. Put the most expensive pieces on your mannequin if you want to make more money. Change your mannequins outfits often and switch from the man and the woman mannequins.

Birthday present
If the date on your 3DS is the day you submitted as your birthday in your Profile option, you will get a special birthday gift from Michaela.

A wider selection of clothes
If you're getting bored with the selection of clothes at the Buyer's Center then change to a different season of the year. Just save your game and then change the date in the Settings option on your 3DS. Depending on what kind of clothes you want to get depends on the season you pick. When you get tired of the season you pick just change the date again. Make sure to save your game each time so your clothes stay in your inventory.

Season changing
Have you been wanting to change your season but dont know how? Well its quite simple. Here, ill show you in steps: 1. go to system settings 2. click on more settings 3. click on date and time 4. change the month to 5 or 6 *change date if necessary* 5. click on the game and your done! Hope it was useful!:)

Earn the Tiara
When you finally get to the Elite contest Mc Mode and Avery will come to your shop and they will give you a tiara because it happened to me. SO WORK HARD!

Compatibility with assistants
To earn compatibility with your assistants is quite simple.you have to keep them at the desk. There is a faster way, though. change their clothes. It takes 2-4 weeks to earn a compatibility star by keeping them at the desk.It takes 1-3 weeks to earn a compatibility star by changing your assistants outfit. I hope my advice helped you!

How to get everything
Going online can get money. Try to give it your all. Do the best as you can as if their was no tomorrow. Do the contests. All of them. The last one (#4) gives $5,000. If you change your birthday, everyday, you will get prizes faster.

The truth to earn the tiara
I know that someone posted a cheat about the tiara but it wasn't when you complete the elite contest! so here is the truth on how to earn it, after you complete the first ever international contest and strike first place, the next day Mc-Mode and Avery will come to your boutique and reward you with that sparkling one of a kind tiara for all of the hard work you have done to make it to the top of the fashion dynasty!!! hope this helped you guys learn the truth behind that dazzling tiara, have fun earning it :)

How to earn the wedding dress
Im am going to tell you how to get the wedding dress so here is how, around your last premier competition Michaela and Avery face will appear in a circle pointing to the premier competition telling you to do that competition so you can make it to first place and earn the exclusive one of a kind wedding dress they have displayed!!! btw i earn the wedding dress a little early because i moved into the elite competition before completing the premier competition this may happen to you but there is no way it will happen in the beginners contests!!! so have fun earning that luxurious one of a kind dress :)

How to get a boyfriend and get married
Okay, so, you've got your eye on a boy in style savvy: trendsetters, huh? Okay. Here is how you get him. You can also date him. Okay. Here is how.

1. Pick a guy
2. Go to the buyers center
3. Go to Castellan (if it's open)
4. Buy items that look like something a guy at a wedding would wear
5. Next time you see him, no matter what he wants, give him this outfit
6. If you did it right, he will invite you to dinner
7. Before the date, make sure you're wearing all the wedding attire you get from the contests
8. Go to the date
9. He will propose
10. You now have a husband YAAAY

No serious commitments? Okay, here is how to just date him:
1. Wear something girly, but wear the Teatro Amare tiara from the international contest thingy
2. Coordinate an outfit for the guy you want, make sure he has an outer layer from Aeronef. If this isn't the guy, then don't give him an Aeronef outer layer while you have on a girly outfit and tiara.
3. He will ask you if you want to go to the carnival with him tomorrow
4. Go to your apartment
5. Change to day
6. Get dressed in something pop
7. Put on that goddamn tiara
8. Go to the freaking Carnival
9. He will ask you out
10. Yay you now have a boyfriend

An Easy Way To Win Every Contest
So you want to win every contest, but can't get the theme right on your first try? Well, right before you go to the contests save your game. Then if you loose just turn off your DS. Well I hoped this helped all of you guys.

How to win the last elite contest theme
To win the theme far eastern fun, you have to get the craziest thing. if u don't already have it in your invotory, get the following things ASAP:

Uber cloth: white shirt, purple tights, redish scarf
Mint sprinkles: furry winter coat, furry winter boots(they might be somwhere else though)
preppy plaid skirt with red on it.

For everything on this list, you might need to have the season fall. it sounds crazy, but after 26 tries, i won with that.

How to win the lat international contest
First of all the game is a cheat as not all items they use will be available on your stock of clothes.A nd keep in mind, DO NOT COPY THEIR LOOKS as this will make you come 3rd/4th.
- Try make the patterns match. This has a strong capability.
- Same with colors. Don't do green hen all of a sudden a red bag! Colors are a strong note!
- Try do the same brand! For instance.. Marzipan Sky and Chlorae are very similar they can just miss that spot.

Good Luck !!

The Happiness Meter
In Style Savvy: Trendsetters always remember to fill up your happiness meter, and collect as much of the gold dust (happiness) as you can. This is because, as soon as it is completely filled, the next morning after the ''Late Night'' time period has finished you will unlock something ~ along the lines of these:

- More hairstyles
- A new clothing brand
- Makeup brands
- Place on map
- Contest type
- Stockroom space
- More options for your shop interior/windows
- Special and cool visitors
- Someone from the Buyer's Center will ask you to pick a brand

These are all I can think of but there are probably more :) I hope you enjoy trying to unlock them.

Date with Brad!
Ok, lets get things straight. You have a crush on one of the boys in Style Savvy Trendsetters right? So first of all you need to go to your wardrobe and dress all girly in red,white and blue -Navy blue or Royal Blue or Light Blue- make sure it is ALL girly.Stick on the tiara from the Elite contest. Now, order ANYTHING from the Exhibition Hall (The shop if your new). Brad will come to your door and he will start acting nervous. Go straight to your Boutique and make sure the theme is rather: Elegant,Girly or Simple, otherwise Brad isn't interested in Lively and Rock stuff.Get a full moon that following night and he will come the next day.He will say he wants a nice outfit (This is your chance, get him a wedding suit!) if you did this, he will ask you out and maybe he will propose!

Date With The Delivery Guy Brad
So you might know Brad right? Well brad will ask you on a 4th of July date so to Get Brad go to Settings and change the date to 7/1 and he will come to your shop but he is not wearing his delivery guy suit, Just so you know he wears contemporary but if it works then good luck for you.

Elite Contest Glitch
On the 3rd Elite Contest, dress your model in edgy, bold clothes no matter what the theme is. You will be guaranteed to win, and you will get a special gift from Avery! This works every time. Also, make sure that the hairstyle is a shade of brown. Good luck!

Have People Laugh Whenever
This worked for me: When you win a contest, you're invited to an After Party. Talk to Avery. After, close my 3-DS. Not hard. Not soft. Let the top part drop down. When you poen it up, the happy/laughing voices should follow where ever you go! Except: Make sure to close it RIGHT when you're done talking to Avery. It will work if you did it right. Have fun!

Date with brad fireworks
If you really want to go on a date with Brad go to the system settings change the date 7/1and whatever that date is and the next day he will come to your shop and she will ask you to go to the firework show it really works this happened to me I'm not lying trust me this is me and I'm really excited about tonight so make sure you do this and um..you'll get to going to get

Win every contest
When you enter the contest enter like you would normally. Than when your model says the theme in bold you can click a button on the bottom of your DS. This will tell you the leading brand for the theme. Example- Bold- stage drive. Good luck

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