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Playstation 4 Cheats - Terraria

Rock Bottom - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Get within five blocks of the very bottom of the map. To do this, reach the Underworld then find a deep-reaching Underworld tower. Dig through the floor into the ash until you reach the bottom while avoiding pools of lava. To make this easy, try to have the following.
- Golden Armor or better
- Nightmare Pickaxe or better (for mining through Obsidian)
- Obsidian Skull (for protection from Hellstone)
- Obsidian Skin Potion or Lava Charm (for protection against Lava)

Pretty in Pink - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Pinky is a rare slime that appears in the Forest. It is the smallest of the slimes, and has more health, defense and knockback than almost all of other pre-hardmode slimes. However, it also has very low damage value.

Into Orbit - Achievement / Trophy Guide
You must reach the upper boundary, where the sky meets space. If you do not have the Wings, Jetpack, or any other means of flight, build a very tall single block tower with regular wooden platforms sticking out of it to use as jumping points. Jump up until you reach the maximum height.

Lucky Break - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Start a new character with 100 health. Build a tower that is 24 blocks in height and walk off the top. Note: Do not jump. This should result in exactly 50 points of falling damage. Wait until your health regenerates to 51 or 52, then fall off that tower again.

Like a Boss - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The easiest Boss summoning item you can obtain is the Suspicious Looking Eye. It is crafted at a Demon Crimson Altar with six Lenses or can be found in chests in the Cavern.

It Can Talk?! - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Truffle is an NPC that sells Mushroom-related items such as Mushroom Spear, Hammush, and Autohammer. Get a surface Mushroom Biome with over 100 blocks of Mushroom Grass, Plants, Trees, and a house suitable for NPCs. Truffle will appear very soon afterwards.

Hold on Tight! - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Place any grappling hook into the grappling hook slot in the "Equipment menu". When selected, it will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

Gelatin World Tour - Achievement / Trophy Guide
There are 29 different slimes in total, however only 24 of them need to be killed. The other five slimes are from Christmas and Halloween events. The slimes can be found as follows.

Pre-Hardmode slimes
- Green Slime: Found in the Forest during the day.
- Blue Slime: Found in Forest and Underground, or summoned with a slime statue.
- Red Slime: Found spawning in the Underground.
- Purple Slime: Spawns on surface uncommonly in the outer thirds of the world.
- Yellow Slime: Found in the Underground layer.
- Black Slime: Spawn in the Cavern layer, and are hard to see.
- Mother Slime: Second largest ordinary slimes. They spawn in Cavern layers.
- Baby Slime: A few Baby Slimes will spawn after killing Mother Slime.
- Pinky: Very rare slime that can appear in the Forest biome. It is the smallest of the slimes.
- Jungle Slime: Common enemy in the Jungle biome.
- Spiked Jungle Slime: Can be found in both Jungle and Underground Jungle Biomes.
- Lava Slime: Spawn only in the Underworld. They have fiery glow and emit some light.
- Dungeon Slime: Found in the Dungeon and have a Golden Key inside.
- Ice Slime: Common enemy in a Snow Biome and also appear in the Underground Snow Biome.
- Spiked Ice Slime: Commonly found in the Underground Snow Biome.
- Umbrella Slime: Found during rain on the surface. They are larger than Blue and Green Slimes and hold an umbrella.
- King Slime: Summoned with Slime Crown as well as by very rare random spawns when a player is in the two outer thirds of the map (far left or far right), the depth is above zero, and there is standard, green grass as a potential spawn point. Note: Goblin Scouts will spawn in the same locations as King Slime, indicating the proper location has been found.

Hardmode slimes
- Corrupt Slime: Can spawn in both The Corruption and Underground Corruption Biomes. Similar to Mother Slimes but stronger. It is a Corruption counterpart to a Crimslime.
- Slimeling: Three Slimelings will spawn after defeating a Corrupt Slime.
- Crimslime: Found in the Crimson biome in different sizes. It is a Crimson counterpart to a Corrupt Slime.
- Illuminant Slime: Spawn in the Underground Hallow Biome, replacing normal cave slimes. They emit a small amount of light.
- Rainbow Slime: Rare spawn near The Hallow during rain or blizzard. They will spawn outside of The Hallow Biome while a player is physically inside. It does not spawn directly on the hallowed blocks, but on non-hallow blocks such as grass or snow.
- Slimer: Spawn in The Corruption and Underground Corruption Biomes. It begins as a flying Slime with wings but will lose them and fight you on ground.
- Toxic Sludge: Spawns in the Underground in place of ordinary slimes.

Funkytown - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Surface Glowing Mushroom Biomes do appear naturally and must be player created. To do this, get Mushroom Grass Seeds that are dropped from Glowing Mushrooms in the Underground Glowing Mushroom Biome. Then, go on to surface (above depth 0) and plant seeds in Mud, and not Dirt. Plant the seeds at every second or third block. Allow it to grow as Grass, and Mushrooms will spread by themselves. After reaching 100 blocks wide, the Glowing Mushroom Biome will become a permanent biome in your world.

Bloodbath - Achievement / Trophy Guide
The Blood Moon is random event that happens during an entire night. The chance of it triggering is 11.11% if at least one player has over 120 health points on a night with the moon present. When it begins, the message "The Blood Moon is rising..." will appear in the lower left corner. Multiple Blood Moons in a row can occur. During a Blood Moon, the enemy spawn rate increases (even near your home and NPCs), zombies can open doors, small animals such Bunnies, Penguins, and Goldfish will transform into enemies, and the sky, moon, water, and rain will appear red.

There are Some Who Call Him - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Tim is skeleton mage that has 200 hp. He's not that hard to kill, but be aware, he teleports and has spectral projectiles, so he can shoot you through tiles. You can find him randomly digging underground.

Still Hungry - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Wall of Flesh is a boss with 8000 hp and is one of the first difficult ones. He has three eyes each having a different attack and he will try to reach out to you with his minion-like biting tentacles. Best way to kill him is to build a really long bridge in the hell area, try to make it as straight as possible so you can only press one button to run one way and focus on attacking him with ranged weapon. You can spawn him by defeating demon with Guide voodoo doll (you can easily see the demon carrying it) and then throwing the voodoo doll in the lava. If you aren't prepared for the fight, avoid killing the demons with voodoo dolls, unless there is a solid surface underneath so the doll wouldn't fall in lava.

Boned - Achievement / Trophy Guide
Somewhere on your map on surface you will find dungeon entrance with old man in front of it. At night, ask the old man about the curse and Skeletron will spawn.

Fish Out of Water - Achievement / Trophy Guide
In underground mushroom biome, search for truffle worm crawling on the ground and catch it with your bug net. Now go fishing to the sea and you will face fishron right after pulling the pole out. For the boss you can build arena of some sort. I did it after defeating the moon pillars, with Stardust dragon staff ( +spooky armor and all possible minion accessories) and solar eruption sword while going circles around him with my UFO mount.

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