Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sega Master System Cheats - Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap

Ending sequence:
Enter MJWH WC5TY3B XJR as a password.

Super password:
Enter WE5T ONE 0000 000 as a password to start in the village with all items, ninety-nine stones, and almost one million gold pieces. Enter3YGU PYZ ZY7K NRR as a password to start will all armor, shield, and weapon items as the Hu-Man. Note: If you change to Lizard-Man form in the town you will not be able to transform back to Hu-Man.

Level Passwords
Level --- Password
Mouse-Man --- G1X4 C17 EG43 LDF
Piranha-Man --- G1G4 W6P EGEZ 515
Lion-Man --- CLO5 5KF AHFA 87H
Hawk-Man --- KDGC PT7 EJAN

Other passwords:
Status --- Password
Start as Hawk-Man with four hearts --- OPEN THE GREN DOR
Start as Hawk-Man with all items --- 3YGU PYW 7Y7K KCC
Start as Hu-Man with all items --- 3YGU PYW 7Y7K NFR
Start as Lion-Man with all items --- 3YGU PYW 7Y7K JC8
Start as Lizard-Man with all items --- 3YGU PYW 7Y7K PFW
Start as Mouse-Man with all items --- 3YGU PYW 7Y7K LC0
Start as Piranha-Man with all items --- 3YGU PYW 7Y7K MC4
End with lots of gold --- MJWH WC1 TY3B 5GR
After first castle --- W1F5 810 600B F88

Transform anywhere:

In the North American version, equip the Tasmanian sword and jump into the air. While in mid-air, hold 1 on controller two + 2 on controller one, and release. You will transform when you land.

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