Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sega Saturn Cheats - Anarchy in the Nippon

Big Head Mode
After getting the four hidden characters and the last boss, use these characters to finish the game once each, then a new option will show up to allow you to play the Big Head Mode.

Hidden Characters
To play as Jacky, Sara, Bun Bun and Jeffry, set the Game Level to Normal or higher, then use each character to beat the game.

Play as the Boss
To play as the final boss, set the Game Level to Difficult, Number of Rounds to 2 or higher, then finish the 1P game.


Fight as Sara, Bun Bun, Jacky, and Jeffry:
Complete the game with each character with normal or greater difficulty.

Fight as the Boss:
Set the difficulty level to hard, number of rounds to two or more, then complete the game in single player mode.

Big head fighters:

Enable all characters, including the Boss and four bonus fighters. Use each of these characters to complete the game to access a big head mode option.

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