Friday, May 12, 2017

SNK Neo Geo Cheats - Samurai Shodown 4 (Also Known as “Samurai Showdown 4”)

Unlock Zankuro:
Available only in 2-player mode. Hold D and press A at the character select screen and Zankuro will be your current fighter.

Press Left, Right, Down + Start while you're in a match.

Fight as Minazuki:
In 2 player, player 1 should highlight Haomaru and hold D, and press A. For player 2 to get this to work, instead highlight Genjuro and hold D and press A.

Drop Weapon Ingame:
Hit Start 3 times in game

Samurai Shodown IV Blood Code [AES]:
To enable the censored blood, at the main screen, hold down Start, highlight Options, and press A to enter the Options menu. Highlight Exit and press A + B + C + D simultaneously, and release Start.


Blood mode:
Hold Start, highlight the "Options" selection at the title screen, then press A to enter the options screen. While continuing to hold Start, highlight the "Exit" selection and press A + B + C + D.


Press Left, Right, Down + Start during a match.

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