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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog And New Friends

Reach the indicated amount of trainer points to unlock the corresponding breed.
Beagle: 3,600
Boxer: 3,600
Bull terrier: 600
Cocker: 2,100
Corgi: 2,100
Dachshund: 600
Golden Retriever: 9,800
Great Dane: 7,400
Jack Russell: 7,400
Labrador: 5,800
Maltese: 3,600
Mini Pinscher: 2,100
Miniature Poodle: 9,800
Pomeranian: 5,800
Pug: 7,400
Schnauzer: 5,800
Shiba Inu: 9,800
Shi-tzu: 600

Unlock Robopup
In order to unlock Robopup you'll need 11,000 Owner Points. After that, trade 5 metal, 7 wood, 7 rubber, 7 leather, 7 plastic and three stardust to get a Voucher from Mr. Recycle to obtain the robotic dog!

When you find cones on the road during a walk, slalom through them without touching any of them.

Change puppy's voice
This is a fun cheat that includes the keyboard. you can get it at the Secondhand (Mr.recycle). When your using it, to make it's voice higher, hold the last key on the right. If you want it's to go low, hold the first key on the left. (it's voice is only temporary) have fun!

Get robopup and 8000 trainer points!
You have to get two black labradors and breed them, it does not work with any other breed or different colour labrador. After you got 8000 training points and you have unlocked robopups, i got one and named him Bender from Futurama! lol! he wins every compatition without being trained. he is sooo much faster then any other breed! and you can unlock more breeds and items!

Best way to earn good money on Nintendogs without doing Comps
Instead of doing Comps and Walking you can go into the Pedometer mode and earn stuff while walk! If you can't be bothered walking just shake your 3DS and you will earn items! Heres a guide to what items you can get:
- 10-100= Biscuits(every 10 steps equals 1 biscuit)(just sell them to Mr.R...adds up quick)
- 100-1000= Mostly just 1 biscuit per 100 steps, so I reccomend that you just do 1-100 steps...earns money quicker...
- 1000= Don't even do it...after getting to 1000 steps you only get something ridiculous like a shoe or a balloon...don't even bother.
- 9999 steps and up=Gold Bar...takes a lot of hard work though...
Hope this will help you! :)

Secret Path
Ok go on a walk on the mountains or seaside for a better chance. DONT go to other areas ex. cafe, parks ect... look for a sign with a lady walking a dog. It will say Take the secret path? click yes. they are a lot of cones and presents there good luck!

Presents in grass
Ok i found this out on the second day i walked my dog. DONT PULL THEM AWAY THE GRASS! When they are sniffing around the grass they MIGHT pull a present out of the grass!

Overweight Dog? Use Diet Food!
Some dogs may have their physique as "ideal/optimal", "skinny", "plump", or "overfed". The first three are fine, but if you have an overfed dog, please don't feed it dry food or any other variation of food. If you have only that overfed dog in your house, and have enough Trainer Points for Diet Food (850 Points for all games), then go to the BARC shop in the "Go Out" menu and get the Diet Food. Feed your dog only the Diet Food and Water so that it will go back down for Plump or Ideal/Optimal physique.

How to tell if your dog matured
If you ever seen a puppy before? If you give it a bellyrub you may notice that it has a pink belly. A mature dog has a brown or grey stomach. That's the same in Nintendogs + Cats work! When you get a new dog the belly is pink. Over time it gets a grey or brown stomach. So it grows a bit. That is proof they grow but only a tiny bit. Pay close attention to a new dog you get, alright?

Pedometor treats
On the pedometer, you can shake you 3Ds, and it'll count you walking! Instead of biscuits, when you reach at least 100 steps, you'll earn other than biscuits! You'll earn dog chewies, fish cookies or surprise treats! I, myself got 300 and something and earned a surprise treats...

Food glitch
Feed your dog or cat when it is hungry, THEN close your 3Ds for a minute or 2. and open ur 3Ds and u will see that ur dog or cat is not hungry.

Unlock breeds and get more money
Go on n+cs then save after saving go to system settings then change the time to 23:59 go on n+c then save come of n+c then wait till 00:00 then save then you can do another comp if you keep doing this about 31 times in a row you would of unlocked all the breeds and all of the bark shop supplies and accessories and Mr recycle it is a really good cheat I got it of YouTube. I Hope This Helped

White Accessories
On Nintendogs plus cats select a dog/cats to wear the chain necklace, then put on either the fancy bow, black top hat, oragami hat, or the black striped bow. You will notice that the item chosen will turn white. NOTE: This glitch doesn't work right away, it may take some tries.

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