Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever And New Friends

Reach the indicated amount of trainer points to unlock the corresponding breed.
Breed: Basset hound: 9,800
Breed: Boxer: 5,800
Breed: Bull terrier: 3,600
Breed: Cavalier King Charles: 5,800
Breed: Chihuahua: 600
Breed: Corgi: 7,400
Breed: Dalmatian: 3,600
Breed: French Bulldog: 9,800
Breed: German Shepherd: 2,100
Breed: Husky: 5,800
Breed: Jack Russell: 600
Breed: Labrador: 3,600
Breed: Miniature poodle: 9,800
Breed: Pomeranian: 2,200
Breed: Schnauzer: 2,100
Breed: Shetland: 600
Breed: Shi-tzu: 7,400
Breed: Yorkshire: 7,400

Holiday bonuses
Set the system date as indicated to unlock the corresponding bonus.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
St. Patrick's Day (March 17) --- Pet your puppy or kitten & clover shapes will appear.

How unlock the RoboPup
For this you need to exchange to get the seven wood, five metal, seven rubber, seven leather, seven plastic & three stardust for a Voucher - Mr. Recycle. Collect 11 thousand Owner-point to unlonk this pup.

Unlock Dogs by Gameplay Time
5 days gameplay for Jack Russel Terrier
5 days gameplay for Chihuahua
5 days gameplay for Sheltie
11 days gameplay for German Shepherd
11 days gameplay for Miniature Schnauzer
11 days gameplay for Pomeranian
15 days gameplay for Bull Terrier
15 days gameplay for Dalmatian
15 days gameplay for Labrador Retriever
21 days gameplay for Siberian Husky
21 days gameplay for Boxer
21 days gameplay for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
25 days gameplay for Shih Tzu
25 days gameplay for Pembroke Welsh Corgi
25 days gameplay for Yorkshire Terrier
31 days gameplay for Toy Poodle
31 days gameplay for Basset Hound
31 days gameplay for French Bulldog

Unlocking the Robopup WITHOUT 11,000 owner points
To unlock the Robopup without 11,000 owner points, you have to wait until the voucher is available at mr. recycle and exchange so many recyclable items to get the voucher. then go to the kennel and recieve your Robopup!

When you find cones on the road during a walk, slalom through them without touching any of them.

Sneezing dog
Call your puppy to you, then blow into the mic.

How to get a good time in a master cup competition
In the master cup, There are hurdles. but, triple hurdles are tricky to have your dog jump over. What I have learned is that when your lure goes into the white area in front of the triple hurdle, always make sure the Lure is no more than halfway through the white space. I would also recommend a lot of pratice at the gym and use a Pro Lure like i do. my dog Bella passed the Master cup and got first place on our first try because we practiced at the gym a bought a Lure at the BARC supply store that fit the Level of the cup we were participating in. Now, Pro Lures cost about $30 in Nintendogs + cats, so save up. a good time that your dog should finish at would be between 37-42 seconds. And, Make sure your dog has an ideal physique because it will do its best and your dog will do its best when it is Full and Quenched when you enter. this tip/cheat will help you be able to train for the Legendary Nintendogs cup, and that is what i am working on now. Maybe soon i will have a Tip/ Cheat for the Nintendogs cup!

Victory crown price
This item is unlocked when compete in the Nintendo dogs cup disc competition and can be sold for $1,500 cash.

How to get your dogs to have puppies!

You can get your dog to have a puppy! First, get a male and female dog of the same kind, but different colors and personalities. Feed then milk and dry food, but THATS IT. NOTHING ELSE!!! don't take the female for walks, but you can taxe the male for short walks if you want to. You can give the male baths if he is dirty. DO NOT play music or give them toys! That will cause them to fight. After awhile, they will be cuddling! The female will get fatter and fatter, and in a few weeks to a month, during the night when your 3DS is off, the female will have puppies (I don't know how many, though)!

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