Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - One Piece: Unlimited World Red

Unlockable Characters
To unlock the following, complete the following tasks:
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Akainu --- Defeated 90 strong enemies, performed 6 link attacks, and defeated Akainu with Ace 1 time
Black Leg Sanji --- Be promoted to B league
Brook --- Win 2 fights with Sanji and any female character
Buggy --- Clear 1 Boss Rush and Clear 3 Battle Royales with Luffy
Chopper --- Place 1st in C league
Crocodile --- Pull off 15 dodges with Hancock and trigger 5 item word effects
Dolflamingo --- Finish the Battle Coliseum
Fire-fist Ace --- Clear 5 Battle Royales and perform 1 link attack
Franky --- Pull off 6 counters with Zoro
Fujitora --- Cleared 3 scrambles with Doflamingo, defeated 25 bosses with Akainu, and performed 12 special attacks with Akainu
Hancock --- Clear 3 scrambles
Jimbei --- Perform 8 special attacks with Ace, Pull off 110 dodges with Ace, and perform 2 link attacks with Luffy and Ace
Monkey D. Luffy --- Beginning
Nami --- Clear 2 duels
Robin --- Clear 2 battles with Nami
Roronoa Zoro --- Be promoted to B league
Shanks --- Defeated 20 bosses with Buggy, performed 2 link attacks with Buggy, and pulled off 25 dodges with Buggy
Trafalgar Law --- Beginning
Usopp --- Place 1st in C league

Whitebeard --- Defeat 600 enemies with Shanks, Win 3 battles with Ace and Jimbei, and beat the battle coliseum

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