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Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Enemy and Music Museum Exhibition Room
To unlock the Enemy Museum Exhibition Room and Music Museum Exhibition Room, complete the following tasks:
- Enemy Museum Exhibition Room: Find totally 96 battle stickers.
- Music Museum Exhibition Room: Find totally 64 thing stickers.

Super Flag achievements
Accomplish all the mentioned goals in order to un-lock the related achievement. Notice: Finish World 1-6 and obtain the 1st Royal Sticker to enable you to start to see the 8 Super Flags inside the Sticker Fest section of Decalburg. You can examine them to view your progress in unlocking the next few achievements.
- Collect every HP-Up Hearts.
- Find every sticker types in the world.
- Make all of the secret doors appear.
- Find every Comet Pieces.
- Spend at least 10,000 Coins at shops.
- Get a Perfect Bonus in at least 500 battles.
- Perform 1,000 or more "Excellent" Action Commands in battle.
- Get three symbols matched on the Battle Spinner slots fifty times.

All Luigi locations
Lookup for the stated background places to locate Luigi in the background. Peel him off by Paperizing from all of the 5 locations in order to release him within the credits. Every time you peel off Luigi, you can read an associated newspaper article within the leftmost house in Decalburg's Residential Area.
- Location World 1-6: Search on the bridge leading to the central tower.
- Location World 2-5: Search on the fourth floor of the tower - in a window at the far right end of the second outdoor walkway.
- Location World 3-12: Search on a rock formation sticking out of the ocean - only visible from the pier.
- Location World 4-5: Close to the end of the chairlift after the enemies stop coming - appears only briefly.
- Location World 5-5: In the background to the left of the hot springs.

Wiggler diary entries
In World 3, subdue a Wiggler segment and take it to the indicated location to unlock a corresponding diary entry. Note: You need all 5 of them before returning the fourth segment to Wiggler or they will no longer be able to be found.
- World 3-6: Overlook to the left of the shop.
- World 3-8: Poisoned hot springs
- World 3-2: Through the dandelion in the area before the Comet Piece so that it scatters.
- World 3-10: Replay the game show while the segment watches; the bonus round can be skipped.
- Surfshine Harbor: Obtained automatically.

Replenishable thingys
You will come across "thingys" during the game. Once you turn them into stickers, you can use them in battle. Next to the place where thingys turn into stickers, there is a counter with a block above it. There, a guy will sell you all of the "thingys" you used up, so you don't need to be so frugal with using them.

Locations of all Megaflash Stickers
Here are all the locations for the Megaflash Stickers:
- Megaflash Baahammer: In World 5-4, third floor, go through the hidden warp pipe to the right of the moving platforms in the main room.
- Megaflash Burnhammer: In World 5-5, first area, enter the secret room behind the rock near the entrance to the second area.
- Megaflash Chillhammer: In World 4-6, look on the platform in the second minecart area. Paperize the rail to reach it.
- Megaflash Clone Jump: In World 5-6, third floor, pound the stake furthest to the right.
- Megaflash Eekhammer: In World 5-4, release the raft at the start of the level by hitting the stake with the hammer, then ride it to the right.
- Megaflash Hammer: In World 2-2, look behind a secret panel below the balcony in the room with the Hammer Bros.
- Megaflash Hopslipper: In World 5-4, in the room with the Megaflash Baahammer or Megaflash Hurlhammer.
- Megaflash Hurlhammer: In World 5-1, behind the Hammer Bro. in the area with the second red flower; or in the same room as the Megaflash Baahammer.
- Megaflash Infinijump: In World 5-3, in the secret area to the right of the pillars in the room with the Comet Piece that can be reached from the "loop" in the river.
- Megaflash Iron Jump: In World 5-5, in the fifth area, under the "X" at the top of the hill. Stand on it until you see a shadow, then move out of the way.
- Megaflash Jump: In World 6-2, through the secret door in the ship's cabin.
- Megaflash Line Jump: In World 4-6, on the ledge below and to the right of where you fight the Boss (after getting the Royal Sticker).
- Megaflash Slaphammer: In World 5-5, in the fourth area, under the "X" on the ground closest to the entrance. Stand on it until you see a shadow, then move out of the way.

Bowser (Final Boss Spoilers)
You're stuck on Bowser. What do you do? Well, just use any ultra powerful stickers! For the first phase, the scissors and the talior shears are very helpful. For the second phase, there's a whomp . Use a Infijump to kill it or use the scissors. The third phase is when podaboos start attacking you. Use the shaved ice to freeze them so bowser won't throw them at you. The fourth phase, bowser throws a chomp at you. Use the tail to block it at him a make him go off the cliff. He will grow big. For the final phase, (MAJOR SPOILERS) Kersti will make you have 5 slots for attacking if you use her as a sticker. Using thing stickers such as the high heels, car battery, goat, or anything else of your choosing will work. Megaflash Hopslipper and Megaflash Clone jump also work very well. Stock up on a lot of stickers for this. Credits if you find Luigi five times he will lead the parade in the credits.

Double leaf
This happened to me by accident so it might not work but during the fight in rumble volcano I hit the spinner got three coins used two shiny leaves and a big shiny hammer and when I used the hammer it did 50 damage but normally it dose much lower damage even if its excellent on the boss and it was my first Move so he was not vulnerable.

Lots of Megaflash Hammers
Having trouble with weak hammers? Don't worry about it after you've read this trick! Even though it's a normal Hammer, it's a Megaflash Hammer! Go to World 2-2 (Yoshi Sphinx) and enter the left side of the sphinx (not the Secret Door). You'll be in a room with two Hammer Bros and a Dry Bones. Ignore or fight them (I suggest fighting them so they won't get in the way. Dry Bones will always be in the way) and hammer part of the eastern wall. You will be in a dead end with another Hammer Bro. He's guarding the Megaflash Hammer. Fight him and peel the Megaflash off the wall (it will take a while to fully peel off). Note: Even better, you can get more Megaflash Hammers in the same place by going to the World Map and starting the level again.

Surfshine harbor
To light up the basement, go to yoshi sphinx and look for the light bulb. When you go by the fires look out for the bulb. If you see it go under it and keep jumping.

The Boom Hammer
The BOOMADON Mallet (A.K.A. Boom Hammer) Can BLOW UP BOWSER! Here's how to get it:
- Get all Megaflash Hammers
- Complete the game
- Meet Colorful Toad
- Collect All Stickers without using any
- Get a 3-star ranking on the title screen
- Meet Paper People of the following:Toad, Peach, Wario, Waluigi, Gold Goomba (nice;sells you Powerful Gold, Silver, And Bronze Stickers)
Thats all! Or Save it to beat secret-level SSLOTDU 11-6 (S 11-6) BONE BOWSER of the DEAD + BONE BOWSER JR.!

Flashy fire flower sticker
On level 1-1, after the bit you eliminate bowser jr, then you see a brown podium thing. Press y button and put a sticker down. Smash the block and out comes a fantastic sticker! Eg shiny fire flower to flashy fire flower!

Surfshine Terror
OK, Now you got the ships wheel... TIME 2 CUT THE ROPE! go around the crates... and go up to the front of the boat. paperize and put a scissors sticker. it will cut the rope. as you take off.. A BIG CHEEP CHEEP WILL APPEAR!!! Stickers you need...
- Fish hook (in outlook point, Paste a secret door, go down the steps to the left)
- Fan/Vacuum (Fan in boquet gardens, Vacuum in Surfshine harbor)
- Thumbtack (Paste the secret door in 1-1, collect the tack)
- Use the fan or vacuum, he will go in the ocean.
- Use the hook (make sure mario has 37 or more HP)
- He will Grow big. Pop him with the thumbtacks. OFF SAIL!!! Look a snow fort. A SNOW FORT?

Hidden song after credits
First beat the game and watch the credits , the screen will change towards the book from the beginning from the game. The book closes and also the light turns off. At this time, just wait around three minutes. A hidden unlockable lullaby song will begin to play, and can still play before you hit a control button.

Naked Princess Peach

If you Play as Rock Wario, And Beat Bowser With him, you'll see NAKED PRINCESS PEACH

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