Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nintendo 3DS Cheats - Rage Of The Gladiator

By meeting arbitrary conditions during gameplay, you will achieve these achievements.
Unlockable: --- How to Unlock:
Absolute Domination --- Perform comboes 100 times
Aggression Apprentice --- Invest 15 skill points in offense
Alien Sushi --- Defeat Ixthid
Bad Timing --- Have your attacks get blocked 100 times
Bully Stomper --- Defeat Horlan the Crusher
Can't Always Win --- Lose 10 battles
Determination --- Stand up 100 times after being knocked down
Elder Corpse --- Defeat Master Yee
Face Smasher --- Smash your opponent with a weapon 5,000 times
First Blood --- Hit an opponent for the first time
Flawless Victory --- Defeat Creatos
Gladiator's Edge --- Get a two-star rank five times
Gladiator's Experience --- Get a three-star rank five times
Gladiator's Perfection --- Get the perfect star rank five times
Go to the Devil --- Defeat the Archdevil Malzor
Guts Wrecker --- Kick your opponent 5,000 times
Heavy Drinker --- Drink 100 potions
Jumping Jacks --- Jump over 100 enemy attacks
Master of Aggression --- Unlock the Meteor skill
Master of Passivity --- Unlock the Crystalline Prison skill
Master of Wizardry --- Unlock the Rage of the Colossus skill
Ninja Goner --- Defeat Nagano
Not Novice Any More --- Finish the Novice difficulty
Not So Charming --- Defeat Amit the Charmer
Not So Fast! --- Dodge 1,000 enemy attacks
Orc Destroyer --- Defeat Tagon
Passivity Apprentice --- Invest 15 skill points in defense
Professional Dog Trainer --- Defeat Gargadan
Relentless --- Fight an opponent for 15 minutes in a single fight
Sucker Punch --- Counterattack successfully 1,000 times
The Rich Get Richer --- Earn 25,000 gold coins total
The Winner Is --- Win 50 battles
True Gladiator --- Play the game for 24 cumulative hours
True Warrior --- Finish the Warrior difficulty
Try Harder! --- Block 1,000 enemy attacks
Unstoppable RAGE! --- Finish the Gladiator difficulty
Vensor Dispenser --- Defeat Lord Vensor the 3rd
What... Just... Happened? --- Get stunned for the first time
Winning Streak --- Win five consecutive battles
With the Fish --- Defeat the Sea Witch
With the Speed of Light --- Get knocked down in 5 seconds

Wizardry Apprentice --- Invest 15 skill points in magic

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